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jim cathcart relationship selling image

Jim Cathcart is the author of 19 books including the international bestsellers: The Acorn Principle (St. Martin's Press) and Relationship Selling (Leading. Jim Cathcart: Tapping Into Talent, Motivation and Selling. By Meg Rentschler | 05/09/ Ep 82 Image He has previously keynoted the ICF convention and his books: Relationship Selling, The Self Motivation Handbook, and The Acorn. The Eight Competencies of Relationship Selling: How to Reach the Top One Percent in Just See Preview Image courtesy of japancarnews.info Jim Cathcart's sales philosophy is quite simple - Business should be practiced as an act of.

When Jim Cathcart wrote the book Relationship Selling it was considered revolutionary. Today it is considered standard practice. This presentation shows you what to listen for, how to be natural in your selling style, and how to connect with the underlying elements in buying psychology that most people never heard of.

New technologies require new ways of thinking.

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Every day another standard practice becomes obsolete. To continue to grow and thrive we must learn to constantly Rethink: This presentation combines stories, visuals, research and audience interaction to dramatically improve the way we think and act.

jim cathcart relationship selling image

Jim shows people how to find and grow their natural strengths so that they can always be self-motivated. Based on nine years of psychological research into personal effectiveness. A fascinating exploration of what makes us who we are, and how to use it.

Everyone knows how to provide good service; our challenge is getting them to want to. The real magic in customer service comes from discretionary efforts, when people go beyond their job description. This presentation focuses on the ways systems, strategies, standards and relationships impact service.

Jim teaches building your clientele through "Up-Serving. What do you find most rewarding, speaking or writing books?

jim cathcart relationship selling image

Both, but for different reasons. I love writing, thinking, collaborating, researching and publishing. And, I also really love speaking, training and coaching. When I reflect on my career of over 3, speeches and 16 books I find that both of them give me great satisfaction.

I want to help people succeed any way I can reach them. I want people to have more admiration for what they do — and why it matters. I want them to feel more confident in their abilities and I want them to feel motivated to become even better every day. I also want them to treasure the connections they have and can have with others. How to you prepare for your speaking engagements? I once tracked every action I took to prepare for a presentation and found that I was spending 28 unique hours of focused attention on each one or two hour speech.

The meeting planner has many more things to focus on without having to worry about their speaker.

Jim Cathcart

On the day before and the day of my speech I review ALL of my notes on this engagement. I want it in the front of my mind, not in a file in my memory.

Once I was brought into a meeting in a rodeo arena in a monster truck at full speed and then had to jump down to the stage in my suit and wingtip shoes. I gave the speech anyway and swallowed the fee and expenses. This is the greatest career I can imagine. Thank you God for this truly blessed life! Those who relate best to my message are those who wish to take charge of their own success and do what is needed to make it happen.

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That is usually entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders at all levels plus sales people. What types of audiences would most benefit from your message? People who want to succeed are my best audience; Success-Seekers is what I call them. Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

I only speak on my favorite topics so all of them appeal to me. My belief is that life can be more abundant for everyone; so all of my talks are designed to help people find more reasons to believe in themselves and to see how to take initiative to make their world better and to serve others better.

All leadership begins with self leadership. What matters most is: Without relationships there are only transactions and every day is just as hard as the one before it. With stronger sales relationships every day will be easier, more profitable and more fun!

jim cathcart relationship selling image

A business is a living system. We must continually grow as people, as an organization and in our capacity to serve our constituents. When we stop growing we start to rot. Customer loyalty is something you should Give rather than merely seek to recieve. It is best earned by staying loyal to your customers over time even when they don't seem loyal to you. Then they always feel connected with you. Have him sit in on your strategic meetings, train your people, write for your publications and coach your leaders.

You'll advance more and gain confidence as never before. Let's see just how good you could be! See your contacts as potential business assets and structure your selling accordingly. Get ALL the business not just the next transaction. It's not who you know that counts.

jim cathcart relationship selling image

It's who is Glad that they know you! This book has been translated into over a dozen languages and is taught around the world. Sales organizations hire Jim Cathcart as a part of their strategic team. He also does personal coaching and training and delivers compelling keynote speeches.

Some clients have him sit on best practices boards or committees as well. As a coach Jim can do remote training virtually or enroll people in his online courses to work on their own time.

He can also be an "Artist is Residence" of sorts, where he's brought in for a few days at a time to participate in multiple events. Customer Loyalty is something to be given, not just sought after. We must learn to be loyal to our customers first, if we expect them to become loyal to us.

jim cathcart relationship selling image

Speeches, seminars, workshops, coaching, articles, or personal advice: Jim Cathcart is your man. Learn how to bring your full influence to your presentations. Grow your confidence and know what to do when things go south.

He has held every position and received every award you can imagine. What this means to you is: Jim knows what works and has done it.

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In Jim interviewed over self made millionaires and entrepreneurs for the Voices of Experience audio series. He incorporates his discoveries in his presentations, so you too will be able to learn what Jim has learned. Jim Cathcart has been a Motivation Expert for 38 years. As a lifelong student of Applied Behavioral Science and the former co-owner of a psychological research firm he has discovered the keys to seeing what people care about and connecting it to what you want or need for them to do.

Rooted in Jim's international bestseller The Acorn Principle, this is a fascinating exploration of how to get yourself and others to Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not, and still do it well. The old saying is: