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Fountain of Randomness (TokiMemo Girl's Side 2, Conquest #1: Hariya)

Masaki: It ended up getting infected, and just thinking about it makes me feel kinda sick. Siren: Ugh.. nd: Hariya Kounoshin Teru: Not bad. Hariya Kounoshin- My second favorite, cute grin, nice dress sense but at first he Akagi Kazuyuki- His relationship with the heroine is indeed like a drama. It was sweet at the end but i did that part of the play through again just to reject him. Added Shiba Katsumi ~ Added Hariya Kounoshin ~ Added Akagi Kazuyuki ~ Edited Saeki More on how being a club master changes the ending in ³Heroine¶s Ending´ section. . If you're in the building blocks period of t he relationship.

Once Hikami warms up to the heroine a little, he becomes this. Mostly when he gets flustered. Nerds Love Tough Schoolwork: Displayed most prominently in a post-shopping event in which the heroine meets Hikami on his way back from buying a mathematics textbook.

He speaks with great satisfaction about the prospect of solving a difficult problem that he's been struggling with. If the player ends up having the accidental kiss with Hikami, he'll fluster about and ask her if she's absolutely sure she's alright.

After all, she had just lost something very precious! Since the heroine doesn't know what he's talking about, Hikami decides to drop the subject and pretend that nothing happened. On a couple of occasions, such as during the sports festival, when his eagerness leads him to ramble awkwardly. I'll shut my mouth now.

He's elected in the second year, if the heroine has had enough of a good influence on him. Following an Accidental Kiss with the heroine, on their next meeting Hikami is a little too quick to protest that he is not shaken at all, he is perfectly normal and not worried about anything because he and the heroine are just friends. He does it again during the second New Years' shrine visit, swearing that he's suggesting that they hold hands to avoid getting separated purely out of practicality and not because he has any ulterior motives.

Kounoshin Hariya Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura Click here to see him in event Kounoshin Hariya or Harry as he likes to be nicknamed is the male equivalent of Yuko Asahina from the first Tokimeki Memorial game. He's part of a rock band and is very conscientious about the latest fashion trends and styles.

He also is based on the standard of modern youths in Japan and uses a lot of "youth slang". Tropes associated with Kounoshin Hariya: His grades aside from art and home ec are atrocious. Cannot Spit It Out: He almost confesses his love to the heroine but mumbles through the end of it. Does This Remind You of Anything? He manages to do this to himself: Hariya doesn't like his first or last names, actually.

He prefers to be called 'Harry' instead of 'Hariya' and 'Kou' instead of 'Kounoshin'.

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He seems to think his given name is uncool for some reason. He likes to be referred to by his nickname, Harry. Only Known by Their Nickname: Which is exactly how he likes it. The heroine visits him at his house when he cancels a date because he says he's feeling sick. This Is Your Song: He gives one to the heroine in his ending. In contrast to Teru, Harry is more of an oranyan type. He's cheeky and a bit arrogant most of the time, but has a sappier side that shows up once he falls for the heroine - and quickly gets embarrassed after saying something sentimental and tries to cover it up by acting boastful again, with the entertaining result that he frequently first demands that the heroine stay close to him and then demands that she not get that close, or vice versa.

Christopher Weatherfield Voiced by: Daichi Kanbara Christopher is an art loving student originally from England. As such his Japanese isn't all that great. The Calendar lets you see the upcoming events such as exams and dates so you can prepare accordingly. The Clothes command allows you to view your current inventory of clothes and its combinations. You can also choose to sell your has-been choices at a reduced price. Choose the first option to do so.

If you wind up last, however… After the end of the races, a folk dance commences. The sports meet comes to an end soon after. The results of this depend greatly on your social parameter. The options are as follows: Keep your Social up, folks. Spending the vacation with a guy increases the Tokimeki state of the male character in question.

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Whether your team ends up winning or not, a teacher always comes over at the end to check on the students, and the room gets engulfed in darkness. You get a choice of hiding under the blanket, under the table, or in a cupboard.

It could be either your guy, her guy or your female friend, the result is pretty random. Either way, the other person will be blushing, which is pretty cute!

Choosing to do so allows for you to raise virtually every parameter over the week, so give it a try! Pick the first option. And behold, the Valentine Chocolate Mini-game! Finally, you can choose who to present your lovely homemade chocolate to! You have four tries to get your chocolate right. The more tries you take, the higher your stress gets. On your fourth try, your stress increases by a whopping On your birthday, the guy with highest affection will come over to your house to give you a gift.

He must be at smiling state or more to do so. If nobody gives you anything, Yuu will wish you a happy birthday instead, and you can feel sad and desperate all over again. XD Only in the 3rd year will there be a follow-up event after the party. They have special Christmas Events on the 3rd year. Refer to their individual sections for more details. Girls on Rival Mode will not be sending you cards, though.

If you choose health, your stress will fall by If you choose studies, your Intelligence will increase by Afterward, you can choose to go extend the outing by getting a fortune slip first option. There are 6 possible outcomes random!

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Occurrences after school are random! There are 8 clubs to choose from — a sport clubs and 4 non-sport clubs. Decreases Fitness and Charm. Handicraft Increases Arts, Style, and Social. You do, however, need your social to be high enough to whip up the mandatory club camp meal in the middle of the week. Key for Wakaoji-sensei and Shiba Katsumi. Here are the required number of times you have to work on your club activity successfully for the wins: First match — times Second match — times Third match — times Quarterfinals — times Semifinals — times Finals — times You can also be a club master at the end of your school term by taking part in your activity many, many, many times.

To be a club master for a non-sport club, the required number is times. Here are the required parameters you must reach in order for you to receive the emails: Decreases Intelligence and Arts. TMGS2 opens up a wider range of options than the original in terms of putting together outfits. Different guys have different clothing preferences, so dress wisely on your dates! You can now wear a yukata to the beach or a swimsuit to the movies!

There are also more categories from which you can choose your apparel of choice. The categories are in order! Under — Undershirts and shirts, mostly. Includes presents from guys. This is the perfect revenge! D Also, dress accordingly! Guys get happier when you wear the stuff they give you to dates, so try to wear the accessories often! Great way to save money! Guys compliment you when you dress exclusively in one colour they don't mind much even when it's in a style they hate.

Special dates and events eg. If you dress accordingly — a yukata to the festival and a fancy gown to the party — chances are that the guy will compliment you on your dress style! Another interesting addition is the use of a shopping card press triangle when shopping or looking at clothes. Useful when buying expensive clothes like a kimono… Clothes available in the shops change seasonally, so check back every now and then for the latest arrivals! You can also keep notified by checking your Email.

Now for the shops available: D For the most part, it involves you meeting the guy, getting his number from Yuu, then calling him up for a date at a location of your choice. To go to his house, you have to wait until his affection gets high enough and he asks you himself. Always make sure you know where the meeting point is! These include a pesky salesman, a random hobo-like guy who tries to pick you up, and a surfing dude only at the beach. When you go to certain locations and you give an answer which makes the guy really happy, you can access a command [ Followed by another miniminimini confession on the next date.

When your guy is at: Try to shuffle accordingly. For almost every place excluding special date spots like the dinosaur display at the museumyou can have 3 different scenarios for conversation, before it repeats again on your fourth date there.

D can bomb you! You walk home and meet a guy who looks peeved. Your date walks you back to your house, and you get a call form that guy. As long as you call them for a date, the bomb is defused, but I recommend you try to get them to accept the date by choosing a date spot they like, and actually go for the date and treat it seriously! Or if you hear an explosion SFX.

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In the course of the game, you can meet a maximum of 4 girl friends. They all have a specific guy who they like: By choosing the first option, the girl will back off and apologize for doubting you. If you continue to go for her guy, something interesting happens it was interesting to me, anyway She confronts you once more and accuses you of lying pah!

You can no longer interact with her in the commands menu. If you want to win, you either have to be very nice to her, or ignore her altogether.