Fusee a eau flux inverse relationship

River Notes from the Montana Flathead Reservation: An Update on the “Ecological Indian”

fusee a eau flux inverse relationship

This dilution relationship can be quantified by the rise in the height of the salt solution. flow produces “permeate” water from the salt solution, since the membrane does not The TX uses reverse osmosis technology to reduce the total level of saumâtre pour l'alimentation en eau potable, le traitement des aliments et. In both cases, proton flux is tightly regulated, either by coupling to events .. the reverse reaction will occur at a rate that is linearly related to the pK difference (Fig . and which may eventually fuse with the plasma membrane and release their a de Grotthuss CJTSur la décomposition de l'eau et des corps qu'elle. a smaller proportion than the ionic conductance falls under the same cause. en sens inverse de la conductance: elle est augmentée par la présence et dessalement, o`u ils permettraient d'augmenter le flux d'eau tout en gardant fuse layer at a solid-liquid interface can play the role of a transducer. It.

It must be fought for, against a legacy of destruction handed down by the European colonizers.

fusee a eau flux inverse relationship

Again, destruction is economic, political, social, cultural, psychological and environmental at the same time, and the process is best encapsulated by the effects of the dam building project which the four women resolve to fight: Agents of the government insisted the people had no legal right to the land. The Native view is based on a sense of community, respect, empathy and reciprocity, with a spiritual connection, while the European one is based on separation, exploitation, ruthlessness and plundering.

The symmetry in the sentence structure enhances the contrast between the two worldviews based on two ways of relating to the land. But even more than on land, these worldviews here come to clash on water.

For Europeans, the incentive is not just economic, it is also psychological: Water is the transformative element which makes healing and rebirth possible, because it never stays the same: A few significant examples drawn from the established ecocritical syllabus may suffice here.

They fear They destroy what they fear. They will poison the water […] They kill what they fear. Such separation bred frustration, which bred anger, and aggression directed back, with a vengeance, towards the object of frustration, i.


Loss of the bundle to white reservation had triggered tribal divisions and left the tribe in a state of spiritual disarray. The sacred bundle ended up in an East Coast museum of Native American artefacts whose owner, a rich white engineer, had also been involved in the building of a dam on tribal territory. The latter diverted water from tribal lands to a reservoir meant to irrigate allotments taken from the tribe and given to white settlers.

What kind of fool would want to stop it! So it was true, what his kinsmen had been telling him. It has also locked the people in dark, negative thoughts; indeed, the dam has drowned sacred grounds, which is felt to have sped up the spiritual demise of the tribe. Such desecration appears to Bull as an unthinkable yet deliberate act, aimed simultaneously at the environment and at the people whose cultural strength, precisely, was derived from a respectful and spiritual relation to the land: Against this view, the white gospel of increased production through technical and industrial exploitation is shown to encourage white settlers to plunder, ruthlessly and recklessly tearing, destroying, then walking on: The bundle was left to rot in the museum and has turned into a moth-eaten heap of dusty rags.

Fusée à eau

The well-intentioned mediators trying to build bridges between Indians and white people are defeated by a legacy of conflict and misunderstanding. Indeed, the novel repeatedly points out the failure of Indians and whites to find a common language to work together. All the primary and secondary colors are lined up with the dodeca- planes - parallel and perpedicular. The effective color coding angles - are in part also the result of the tilt angles of the tetra into the dodec - may be mostly because getting lined up- or perpendicular with the faces of the dodec is how the light rays acheive the necessary phase conjugation.

Stellating the dodec is natures only 3D way of nesting by Golden Ratio, and Golden Ratio is the only perfect way to phase conjugate - that is - to add AND multiply constructively. Dan suggests that no other principle mechanism could be doing the sorting at the fusion point other than phase conjugation Dan is hypothesizing there is some important parallel to phase conjugation as in a phase conjugate mirror optically; he believes Golden Ratio based phase conjugation IS the primary mechanism by which color is sorted by frequency.

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Also Dan believes that this sorting principle for color DOES occur outside of, as well as inside the human perception. Dan suggests this dodeca phase sorting for colors inertial symmetry is also how nature - selectively employs the photon's inertia calibrated in this way - for example in photosynthesis.

fusee a eau flux inverse relationship

Human perception of color had to utilize a perception of this phase conjugation phase sorting in order to embed and survive in nature. Dan also believes that the sorting for wavelength which is also a sorting for color bands inside a prism is a 3 dimensional toroidal vortex photon phenomenon.

Dan does not believe the sorting by wavelength in a prism can be well described as simply 2D waves. Description of Regular Pyramid Formations: Phase conjugation by the way light cones sort into Phi ratio constructive interference, by lining up with the implosive approach to a dodecahedron- would thus be consistent to hypothesize as the primary mechanism by which color is sorted into wavelength.

Breathing GAIA:Photosynthesis is Precisely FRACTAL / Phase Conjugation by Golden Ratio

Enabling a fusion point and therefore the sorting in to color - would seem to be clearly the result of the infinite golden ratio vertex x,y,z values of the infinite stellated dodecahedron constructive heterodyning.

IF the dodec itself predicts color segregation by frequency- this could be powerful evidence that the dodeca symmetry itself is key to optical sorting and fusion by phase conjugation.

This is because - dodec symmetry permits the wave path of phase conjugation optimized by golden ratio. If this is true - this should be applied experimentally - by making phase conjugate experiments into dodec precise phase array.

fusee a eau flux inverse relationship

I propose to a redesign the electrical material for phase conjugate dielectric capacitance - pollution elimination via implosion - in ceramics and water structure etc. Only fractal electric fields allow DNA to thrive.