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broken age shay ending relationship

So, at the end of Broken Age, Part 1., it was made clear that everything main characters Shay and Vella thought their lives were based on was. Broken Age wants to be one adventure game, simply rolling along from start to with Shay's not making a whole lot of sense and Vella's ending up with which they might actually spark the relationship the game somewhat. The problem with Broken Age Act II is that it ends. Set up the characters (dual protagonists Shay and Vella),; Set up the locations (Shay's.

Brother Lightbeard's followers are a rare fictional example of a cult that actually works very much like your average real-life one, rather than simply being a bunch of hood-wearing, knife-wielding, Great Old One worshipping nutcases.

Most of the members are people in the middle of a mid-life crisis or some other state of emotional vulnerability who were recruited via promises of a healthier, more enlightened way of life and pulled the rest of their families with them while cutting all ties to their former lives. They donate their money to the cult leader who routinely breaks all of his own sacred commandments, a fact which is accepted by the cult-members since he's believed to be beyond human flawsuse aggressive psychological warfare tactics in order to break hesitant subjects into conforming to the rules using an implied "spiritual scoring system" with "demerits" for such things as bad hygiene resulting in punishmentand eventually even get to the point of physically preventing anyone from leaving their community claiming that it's so perfect that if anybody wishes to leave it, it must be a problem with them.

Every robot in Shay's ship. Even after he makes his way into the ship's underbelly, the Space Weaver he encounters is still cute. Cutlass Between the Teeth: Vella does this at one point with her grandfather's ceremonial knife after flying away from Mog Chothra. Used by Vella to fight Mog Chothra. Let's just call a death ray a death ray. The Dead-Eye God spent his youth sheltered on a spaceship, and his young adulthood trying to communicate with the primitive ancestors of Shellmound, who automatically attributed all of his actions to divinity.

With only a slim chance of completing Operation Dandelion, he's perfectly happy to help Vella fight Mog Chothra, although he prefers not to damage his ship in the process. The Dead-Eye Druids don't really believe the religion they preach, and will jump at the chance to worship something more meaningful. Eventually they realize they can achieve greater fulfillment by living their own lives.

There are quite a few humorous lines which can only be found by trying out somewhat obscure combinations of items and characters. The basic premise of Vella's story is that she's trying to do this. She succeeds, but it's technically subverted since Mog Chothra is actually Shay's ship. Plus, she fails when she literally tries to punch Shay.

Though he is actually talking about chairs, the way he says them can be interpreted differently. The whole thing is even noticed by Vella. Does Not Like Shoes: Does This Remind You of Anything? Mog Chothra is a near-textbook example of an inscrutable, invincible, monster who seems to play by its own rules of physics, has a biological form that makes no natural sense including eyes all over its body and Combat Tentaclesand is subject to awe and reverence by the population around it.

The game is divided in two parts. The first half was released in earlyand the second half in Spring of Everything's Better with Plushies: Mom certainly thinks so; everything on the ship is a cute doll, or a cute living doll. The Talking Tree tends to get offended to much of what Vella says and does because it's anti-plant.

Shay, not quite as much. In fact, one puzzle requires Shay making Tree laugh at a joke. Justified in that Curtis is It seems that pretty much every component on Shay's ship is sentient, although many of them just make cutesy, unintelligible noises.

Even the fusion core starts talking when it's about to go critical. Vella's grandfather, Grandpa Beastender. He apparently got it from fighting Mog Chothra. Dead Eye Dawn and Dead Eye Courtney, even when they get naked in their last pre-credits appearance though we finally see their hair.

Instead of treating the fact that they are sending their young women to be devoured by a monster in exchange for some years of mercy like the tragedy it is, Vella's village treats like a festive, colorful and joyous occasion. After leaving her Village, Vella finds that all the other villages have the same attitude. She even meets one girl that was disappointed to not have been eaten.

Vella and Shay serve as foils to each other. Vella is a girl, Shay is a boy. Vella is black, Shay is white. Vella's head is an oval, Shay's is rectangular. Vella wants to live a normal life, Shay craves adventure. Vella's parents are willing to sacrifice her to a monster, Shay's parents want to keep him safe to the point of boredom.

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Vella travels through several towns in Act 1, Shay wanders around his home. Vella is the only one who recognizes the insanity of her world, Shay is unwittingly oblivious to his. Vella is constantly derided for attempting to fight the horrific Mog, Shay is constantly praised for completing childish adventures or saving aliens with a "claw game". During the first two "save the creature" sequences of Shay's story, the names of the nebulae reference the villages in Vella's story: Talon Nebula referencing birds and Danger System 5 referencing Sugar Bunting's old reputation of being so dangerous that all the villages were terrified of it.

During the two latter "save the creature" sequences of Shay's story, both of the remaining creatures that Shay tries to desperately "save" despite Marek's oppositions have Vella's feather headdress.

Mog Chothra has red hexagon shaped eyes that look like the windows on Shay's ship. Alex is a space explorer who's treated like a god, he's not the only one. Shay's helmet comes off when he passes out in space.

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It's not a stylistic choice to avoid showing what would actually happen - the "exterior" of the ship is actually another simulation room. Shay's not in space. During the introduction of Mog Chothra, mechanical whirs and the moaning of steel can be heard.

Shay and Alex are strongly implied, before the twist ending of Act 1 that ties the two storylines together, to both be sole survivors of Loruna. They are also part of Project Dandelion. Clever way to give away the multiple survivor twist at the end. The Red Herring involving Shay and Alex, who initially seem to be the same person in different times, also reveals something about their background: Even the title of the "Dead-eye god" is one. It isn't a title for some bizarre new religion we don't know much of, it is the natural result of misunderstandings.

Namely that is isn't "a god with dead eyes" as in being a blind god, it is a dead eye-god as in a fallen Mog. Vella's little sister calls her full name Velouria Beastender Tartine to get her attention in the beginning. Mentioned as both the creator of the riddle of Yorn, and the Woodcutter's girlfriend. Go for the Eye: Even Mog Chothra's eyes are armor-plated, as Vella notes when she thinks of fighting it. This makes things a little awkward in Act 2 when Shay needs those robes for their radiation-resistant material to make a protective suit.

Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: After Vella flies through a cloud and loses her bird she doesn't begin to fall until she can comically look below her; she then instantly drops. One of the puzzles requires some Fourth Wall thinking, and using a method that you never needed before. To figure out Shay's favorite toy for his Mom's quiz in Vella's half of act 2, you need to notice the picture of him with a stuffed snake, switch to his story, and progress enough for him to find the snake from Vella's story, get constricted by it, and hear him call it Mr.

On another note, getting the snake as an item counts, considering you need to have Shay stand still until it tires itself out. It does make more sense when you factor in his Death Seeker tendencies though Good luck with the Hexapal.

Even worse, the layout of the wiring is different each playthrough, so even if you know what to do you have to figure out the layout all over again. Shay's computer for his story technicallyMog Chothra for Vella's which technically makes Shay The Heavy for her, since Mog Chothra is actually his ship. Marek for everyone, since while he isn't the one who came up with the people harvesting plan, or the one who controls the plan, he is the one who tried to kidnap Vella and got Shay to do it.

Harm'ny Lightbeard certainly acts like one, complete with meditating and dispensing Ice Cream Koansbut he's really more of a Snake Oil Salesman. At the end of the game, Grabbin' Gary, who had acted only when prompted by Shay until then, acts autonomously to maneuver the large mechanical arms and save Shay from falling.

broken age shay ending relationship

He then "smiles" at Shay while being buried in the melting ship. Hero of Another Story: Both protagonists have very different adventures, to the point where their initial settings are complete opposites. Both Shay and Marek know how to crochet.

This wolf costume doesn't make itself, you know. Shay and Alex evacuated their home planet after it became no longer inhabitable. Act 2 reveals it was all a lie, they never even left their home planet.

Act Two is this, with the end of the first act leaving the protagonists in the setting of their counterpart: Vella inside the Bossa Nostra and Shay in Shellmound.

Alex was frozen for years. In Act 2, the yarn buddies in the ice cream mission room are planning to freeze themselves to sleep through whatever is damaging the ship. In the credits, they are shown intact in the middle of the slag that the ship and the other ship melted into. The village offers up a selection of young maidens for Mog Chothra to choose a sacrifice from, Vella among them, but she is planning to reject that tradition.

Humans Are the Real Monsters: The talking trees see humans as murderous psychopaths. The Thrush, Loruna's ruling elite, are the product of untold centuries of genetic tampering, making them practically unrecognizable as "human. Vella's and Shay's stories come together when, in the Act 1 finale, Shay's spaceship is revealed to be Mog Chothra - the Eldritch Abomination that has been feeding on the maidens from Vella's world.

broken age shay ending relationship

Marek's missions involve going to places such as " Danger System 5 ", and " Prima Doom ". Judging by the post-credits scene, Shay and Vella at least become friends after the game ends. There's no evidence of anything more — aside from Marekai's comments, and he could be projecting his own obsessions — either way, however.

Doing Vella's story first makes Mog Chothra more of a mystery. Informing the Fourth Wall: Both leads do this, but Shay probably has the best reason of the two. Shay improvises one out of a whipped cream sprayer. Just Between You and Me: The ultimate villain is perfectly happy to explain the fine details of what's been going on, on the assumption that the one he's talking to will never survive to do anything about it.

When using the knife on most objects I don't want to stab that. Shay's "Ice Cream Avalanche" mission. Between the knife, fork and spoon. The Man in the Moon: Shay's "Dad" is depicted as a moon with a face. Shay's story begins with him living under the care of a computer system that has decided much of his life. The Thrush believe themselves to be this.

Their only regard for the people who live beyond the Plague Dam is as potential raw materials for fixing the damage they did to their own genetic and cultural makeup in their pursuit of "perfection. M'ggie comments that "Short things can surprise you" when she gives Vella her ladder. Vella echoes her words when she uses the ladder to pry open Mog Chothra's mouth, rendering it vulnerable to Alex's death ray.

Vella really knows how to turn a mundane line of dialogue into a badass one-liner. Besides the above point, when she escapes from Mog Chothra the first time she says a variant of the phrase she used to trick her grandfather into revealing where he hid the ceremonial knife not long before: Why don't we split this cupcake? You can have the bottom half! So, it makes sense that her full name is "Velouria Beastender Tartine ". Mom's name is Hope. A Fitting name considering the goal of their assigned mission, Project Dandelion.

Act 2 reveals that the kindly old lady from Sugar Bunting, Lavina, is actually a Lorunan agent named Celavina whose mission was to dissuade the Badlanders from rising up against their masters by convincing them their current way of existence, however horrible, is the best possible.

This is a play on the French expression "C'est la vie" "This is life"indicating an acceptance of things as they are. The old lady who's been organizing the sacrifices in Sugar Bunting for many years is revealed to be from the same "superior" caste in Loruna as Marek and his superior. It's implied that figures like her have worked to condition the people to accept the sacrifices for a long time. Mother of a Thousand Young: This is Carrol's theory on how the mogs reproduce. The aforementioned computer system that takes care of Shay is highly overprotective and controlling.

Though he seems to believe she does it from a place of love, she refuses to let him be placed in any sort of danger at all. Even the spikes he falls into are made of rubber. Act 2 reveals she doesn't even have the excuse of being a computer program. She really is Shay's mom, and simply continues to treat him like a little child. In Act 2, Vella does not know what is in the ice cream but does not want to eat it.

The fork knows what is in the ice cream and agrees she should not eat it. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Both protagonists take actions that seem like good ideas at the time, which come back to haunt them later. In Act 2, Vella, hearing that the Mog factory is entirely automated and thus devoid of civilians, leaves behind an overloading fusion core as a farewell present.

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The Dead-Eye Druids are not actually blind, they each faked it to impress the other. Vella appears to be the only one in the entire world who doesn't believe getting devoured alive by a gigantic Cthulhu-esque monster is something to look forward to.

M'ggie is this for Meriloft. Walt'r and the other men are too deep in Harm'ny Lightbeard's cult to be of help, Car'l is distracted by her work, one girl's time is completely overtaken by mourning not being eaten by Mog Chothra, and everyone else is a bird. M'ggie, on the other hand, has been actively searching for a way off Meriloft and is the only helpful person Vella encounters there.

In Act 2, most of them get better. Vella's family realize she and the grandfather were right, and upon looking for Vella in Meriloft they also befriend and help the people there.


Shay also involuntarily reveals Harm'ny as the fraud he is, so F'ther and Walt'r snap out of it, although the latter confesses having been already dubious for a while. Even better that, however, his wife Carol was fed up: Shay finds her fishing in Shellmound.

Only the Knowledgable May Pass: Vella must solve a riddle in order to enter the Dead Eye God's temple. Turns out, the riddle had nothing to do with the temple. The name of Shay's snake. The wiring patterns for the hexapal and hexagal robots. The timing of their actions during the final puzzle. Also, they trust each other over people they're actually working with: Shay wants Alex not to interfere with Vella's plan, and Vella wants Hope not to interfere with Shay's plan.

The final puzzle involves distracting Alex and Hope at the same time. Out of game, this is obviously because one player is controlling both characters, so what one knows, they both know. But can it be justified within the game? Shay does, of course, have a fixation on Vella. This is the ineffable quality that the Thrush are looking for. This could easily explain why he trusts her, and maybe vice versa, but there's no indication that it's anything like a psychic connection between them.