Bar rescue piratz tavern ending relationship

Why Do Some Bars On ‘Bar Rescue’ Still Fail After Being Rescued? — A Talk With Jon Taffer

bar rescue piratz tavern ending relationship

With Bar Rescue's cycle of new episodes ending this Sunday, You're talking to a guy who buys and sells restaurants and bars with no connection to them. With that, Piratz Tavern just closed down this past weekend. Piratz Tavern Rejects Spike TV 'Bar Rescue' Corporate Makeover, at Piratz Tavern, an establishment that's had trouble making ends meet. SILVER SPRING, Md. — Piratz Tavern was the standout establishment in season 2 of “Bar Rescue.” The Silver Spring pirate themed bar did not.

This upset the owners and regulars who wanted to keep the pirate theme, and quickly after Jon Taffer left, they removed all of Bar Rescue's changes and reinstalled the pirate theme.

Bar Rescue, Season 4: The Most Disrespectful Owner of All

Also the self serve draft beer tables didn't have the proper permits, so they were removed. After the makeover, the owners and customers were publicly critical of Jon Taffer and his concept, and Jon Taffer felt they were more concerned with being pirates rather than making profits.

bar rescue piratz tavern ending relationship

Also, fans of Bar Rescue flooded the Piratz's Yelp page to give a bunch of 1-star reviews over of which have been filtered. A fan of the bar reached out to Jon Taffer on Facebook about this, and Jon Taffer actually responded to a fan saying he wanted his fans to be civil but also that the pirates brought this upon themselves with the way they acted.

One of the most common questions I get asked is "Is Piratz still open? If you want to get your pirate fix before they close, you have a little over a week to do so. Piratz Tavern will open it's doors for the last time on Saturday April 4th. Unfortunately the negative publicity, constant prank calls, vandalism and bogus reviews generated by our unfortunate participation on Bar Rescue have taken their toll.

To add insult to injury, late last year Taffer's crew reached out to me again asking that we participate in a back to the bar episode. They promised that it would be followed by a re-rescue and that they would right all the wrong's committed during the first episode. Obviously I don't learn.

Piratz Tavern Rejects Spike TV 'Bar Rescue' Corporate Makeover, Returns To Pirate Glory (PHOTOS)

On December 1st we went to the effort to open on a Monday, the one day a week we have been closed for 8 years, with a skeleton staff of former employees who agreed to play the parts. It was basically coerced and staged to be an opening act for a re-rescue.

The concept that I created never opened for five minutes, never opened for lunch. It defies logic and public relations. And that to me is the absurdity of all absurdities. The actions that Tracy took had to end in her failure, there was no other result that was possible. Jon Taffer Do you feel like an advantage like that where there are some bar owners out there who want to take advantage of the Bar Rescue system? We run a pretty tight process.

Piratz was the first episode of Season 2. In the case of Piratz, they were really in debt, they were a real family, they were colorful, dynamic characters and it was a hell of an episode.

I just feel bad that at the end of this Tracy put Juciano back into the kitchen and went back to everything she used to do. This season I actually did a pirate-themed bar in Hollywood, Florida. But I did and it worked fine.

It just goes to show what they did was so totally wrong for where they did it. Do a pirate bar in Ocean City, Maryland, not next to an office park. You know what really got me? If you think it was bizarre to watch, living it was more bizarre. I had to keep correcting them. They were pirates hours a day. All they had was pirates clothes. All they speak is pirate. All they live is pirate. Page 2 How does the business of Bar Rescue work?

Obviously you take on great costs to do these renovations.

Why Do Some Bars On ‘Bar Rescue’ Still Fail After Being Rescued? — A Talk With Jon Taffer

Is the bar owner paying for it, are you guys paying for it, is there a split? Diageo is a big sponsor of the show. And the sponsors put up some dollars for the supplies that are used to remodel. So a lot of these people are my friends that donate equipment or products. And a lot of these are paying sponsors that come in and bring products, along with the dollars that the network puts up.

bar rescue piratz tavern ending relationship

Their job is to learn. My job is to write checks and make the business better. Are you sitting down? I see the numbers on my phone every day. You raise a really interesting point if I may speak to it for a moment.

So every concept has to be new, every concept has to be different. Thats a great concept, but after he created it he built 53 Yard Houses. They must be new and unique and they all are. Do you know off the top of your head what the most financially successful one is? Well the worst financial ones are Piratz and LA Brew. Piratz never made money and probably should have closed when they did.

And then there was Headhunters — that guy was just out to lunch. Spirits on Bourbon is up over a million and a half a year from when I started. They do 13, Resurrection Cocktails a month. Moonrunners is starting a franchise and creating their own moonshine brand.

Owners of Md. tavern on Bar Rescue heading south

As a professional consultant I work with huge chains all the time. If you look at a franchise community for a big brand, about a third of the franchisee owners are really good at it, a third of them are good at it, and a third of them are a problem.

A third do great, a third do ok, and a third keep struggling. They really play up the Bar Rescue marketing angle very hard. Can you ever go to a bar and enjoy it?

Or is your mind always thinking as a consultant? But then three years ago, something happened — I became a celebrity. I can turn it off and sit down with someone and have a good time.

bar rescue piratz tavern ending relationship

Do you know what I mean? It can be a little uncomfortable at some times. But often their fear of me being there or reaction to me being there can ruin the experience. I do, and I honor every one.

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