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Watch and Download Attack On Titan Episode 25 Subbed in HD Quality. Watch Attack On Titan English Subbed/Dubbed . OMG i thought at the end, when mikasa and eren were alone and armin and jean had left the If she didn't like him in that capacity, their relationship would be more like what she has with Armin. Where is the anime in relation to the manga? Season 1 reached Furthermore, public libraries can have Attack on Titan, too. Note that you read (Anime Spoilers) Summary of the anime up to the end of Season 2 .. ago (0 children). That would actually be brilliantly done if it were added in as a sub-plot. **Episode 25 - Wall: Raid on Stohess Part Attack on Titan: Junior High! Yep They mostlikely did and I also feel like that Annies task has some kind of relation to those who build the wall. Shit, I didn't get a translation of that on Funimation . .. loved (sub) titan Eren's voice before he went berserk.

Tunnels that would stump any other miner were no match for his shovel. But that day was different. He dug for hours, yet never seemed to get anywhere.


As he dug, he probed to either side of the main pit with his shovel, but it was of no use. The wall's foundation seemed to go down forever, deep into the earth, blocking his path at every turn.

attack on titan episode 25 english dub ending relationship

Any thought of digging his way to an easy life inside Wall Sina had been long forgotten. He simply wanted to conquer the wall. The hole was more than four or five times the miner's height when he struck hard rock.

The miner swung his shovel down hard on the rock. The shovel shattered, but the rock was unscathed. The miner sighed, and his sigh was deeper than any hole he'd dug in the previous twenty years.

With a frown, his friend questioned, "The Wall? Most days, the miner would go there with his friend, his only friend, after work. That day, the day after he'd tried to dig under the wall, they'd gone there as usual, once the workday was done. And then, the miner told his friend the story, certain that his friend could keep a secret. What, exactly, are the walls? The patrons were all busy drinking, hitting on the tavern maid, or yelling at one another.

No one was watching them. But even so, the miner decided not to say another word about it. If anyone heard him, the Military Police would be there in an instant. You're poor, but you have a job every day, and enough money that you can drink. I'll go back to digging. This is the battle we've been waiting for, and it did not disappoint First off, that battle between Annie and Eren was intense.

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It seems that he's found his "titan power" so to speak, like Annie's ability to harden her skin. His appears to be a sort of berserk mode, which makes him crazy powerful and unstoppable. Adrenaline level during this scene: She tries to climb the wall to get away, a pretty incredible feat considering her face has been unexpectedly restructured and her leg bitten off. But then Mikasa shows up, severs her fingers, gives a witty one-liner, and watches Annie plunge back down to the ground.

However, he hesitates when he sees her. Then something peculiar happens: I know, I know Then there's a lot of talking. Commander Erwin, although blamed for the catastrophic destruction of Stohess, assures the 'council' that they are close to answers, and at the very least have learned that there are indeed people who can transform into titans other than Eren.

The Legion is given control over the frozen Annie, in hopes that one day they may figure out a way to get her out so she can spill the beans. Eren recovers, and Mikasa once again reaffirms that she is the hopeless love interest in the story.

attack on titan episode 25 english dub ending relationship

There's quite a difference. But this episode didn't give us many answers. I'm pretty sure that, since they didn't kill her off, Annie will someday return. There were several flashbacks to her life before she joined the military, both in earlier episodes and a lot in this one, but I don't think we have the whole story.

Obviously we still don't know how she got the power to transform into a titan, whether it was injected into her like Eren, or if she possessed the power from birth passed on from her parents if that's even possible. I think she still has quite a role to play, but we'll have to wait and see what it is Who is your daddy, and what does he do? Again, we are subtly reminded that there is still something in the basement at Eren's house in Shiganshina.

Just in case we had somehow forgotten This is the biggest question of the series What is up with the walls? First off, the "What we can share so far" cards before and after the commercial break give us a story of a miner who tried to dig under one of the walls so that he could live in prosperity on the other side.

From this story we find out that the walls go underground, deep underground. Not only that, they also extend beneath the ground like bedrock. This is an incredible piece of information, one only superseded by the mind-blowing revelation after the credits. Chills ran down my spine as I clapped my hands over my mouth and tried to contain myself.

There are titans inside the walls! So many things ran through my mind: The chicken or the egg? Again, I wonder who built the walls. The technology required for such a feat of engineering is far beyond any capabilities the humans have. My question is, which came first: Did the humans stumble upon the walls and build their cities inside? Did they build the gates, or were the gates already there?

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I'm pretty sure it was stated in the anime that the walls came first, but not much has been revealed about the history of this world other than there had been one hundred years of peace up until the attack on Shiganshina. But where did they come from and who built them? I was gripping my chair's armrests during this scene, just waiting for Mr.

Behemoth titan to zap down and attack again Why are there titans inside the walls? Did the ancient humans somehow defeat the some of the titans and use them as a base to build the walls?

Attack On Titan Episode 25 Subbed

The face in the wall appears to be another "human form" titan, so did he and others like him sacrifice themselves to make the walls stronger or to build the walls in the first place? Was it a voluntary thing, or were they forced into it? Are the walls a prison?

Are the titans dead, or is there a possibility they will break out?