Relationship between pastors and intercessors

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relationship between pastors and intercessors

A Missional Prayer Partnership: A Pastor's Story Canon Thomas Herrick to discuss the relationship between a pastor and his intercessors. Enlist key leaders to be individual prayer partners with the pastor. This would include .. There is a difference between simple gratitude and thanksgiving. That . I hear pastors say God did not call intercessors and you can't find it in the bible. We all need a personal relationship with God and that doesn't happen . Rescue worker walks as he searches for victims among debris after a.

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In order to stay balanced, intercessors must be plugged into a local church. Most of all, we need accountability.

relationship between pastors and intercessors

This means that we are connected to our pastors by more than just sitting through their Sunday sermons. Pastors should know who the intercessors in their churches are. If your church is small enough, you will probably be able to connect with your pastor personally. So, where do problems come into play, and how can they be avoided?

relationship between pastors and intercessors

The number one conflict between pastors and intercessors is over revelation. Intercessors, because they spend so much time in prayer, tend to hear a lot of things from the Lord. Often, the things they hear pertain to the local church fellowship.

relationship between pastors and intercessors

Many of us have gotten the mistaken notion that if we hear something for the church, and communicate it to our pastor, he is obligated to agree with and implement what we have told him. What follows are some observations on how the roles might serve and compliment one another. The role of the pastor is to bring a God-ordained covering of protection, wisdom, and direction to the intercessor.

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Pastors are vitally important in their partnering with intercessors, without their influence, intercessors can get deceived or off course and without gentle correction can lead to major isolation of the intercessor. As a pastor, one of the greatest ways you can encourage an intercessor is to remain connected with them, valuing their gifts and bringing direction when there is a need.

Intercessors need to know that their pastor is supporting them in the work of prayer. They need to know that their pastor will love them enough to share with them if they are being misled.

The intercessor needs to know that the pastor is willing to listen and hear what they are receiving in prayer, even if it does not make much sense. As a pastor, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to have the intercessors write down their impressions they receive in prayer and to give them to you.

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This serves many purposes: Another way that the pastor can help the intercessor is to bring ongoing encouragement and honor to those interceding.

This can be done through spoken words, written notes and maybe a once-a-year luncheon that honors those praying for you or the work you are involved in. Intercessors are very loyal to the assignments that the Lord gives them but they also need much encouragement along the way.

Because many intercessors tend to be very sensitive and also because intercession is often a hidden work, intercessors can get easily discouraged in their gifting of prayer and need to be valued for their work I Cor Also, no matter how spiritual they would appear to be, always know that the intercessors need to be connected to the other parts of the body and that is what the pastor does best.

relationship between pastors and intercessors

Value their gifts but also help them stay connected and grounded. Help support their work by sending them to various conferences and equipping areas and provide the financial means to do this. Intercessors will fight until the end but need to know they are valued. Many have left assignments because they never felt affirmed in their calling.

Although intercessors are called to do more than occupy a prayer closet, believers are certainly called to intercede. Why would pastors say such a thing? It could be a lack of knowledge see Hos.

It could be flat-out deception. It could be a controlling spirit. It could be fear that the intercessors will gain prophetic insight into the sin in their lives. It could be wrong teaching on the topic. It could be bad experiences with immature intercessors who overstepped their boundaries. No matter what the root is, it's dangerous. Prayer Precedes Revival Some people ask me why I bother praying and suggest that prayer rallies and solemn assemblies are a waste of time.

I beg to differ. The only way we'll see a true transforming revival in this land is to pave the way for the King of glory to enter through our humble repentance, pursuit of the Lord in holiness, and desperate prayer.