Relationship between merlin and arthur

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relationship between merlin and arthur

the emotional conclusion of the Merlin and Arthur relationship and why BBC the finale as a “platonic love story” between Merlin and Arthur. Merlin (Welsh: Myrddin) is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian Merlin matures to an ascendant sagehood and engineers the birth of Arthur through magic and intrigue. two dragons who fought a battle representing the struggle between the invading Saxons and the native Celtic Britons. Stuart Heritage: Merlin as we know it will not be returning to our And the bitchy, increasingly camp relationship between Merlin and Arthur.

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It has moved on from its shaky start and transformed into a brilliant kind of Poundland Game of Thrones. I assumed that there was so much more to look forward to. King Arthur's acceptance of sorcery. The quest for the Holy Grail. Mordred's rise to power. The weirdly simultaneous decision, possibly reached at the end of a long night of drinking, that both Arthur and Merlin should see what they looked like with beards.

We've only got five episodes left to fit all of that in, and then it'll be over.

relationship between merlin and arthur

It all feels so premature. There are plenty of things that I'm going to miss about Merlin. After five years, it has developed a set of quirks that I have grown increasingly fond of. Like the fact that, despite being the most powerful wizard in the history of the kingdom, Merlin's powers are essentially limited to making people fall backwards against walls in slow motion.

relationship between merlin and arthur

And the bitchy, increasingly camp relationship between Merlin and Arthur. And Arthur's awful Miles-from-This Life haircut.

Merlin has been cancelled, just when it was getting really good

And the sole episode each year that is predominantly about Gwen's heaving cleavage. As unquestionably silly as they all are, I'm sad about having to live without them.

relationship between merlin and arthur

Yes, there are still missteps from time to time. Early this series, for instance, we were treated to an appearance by what can only be described as a whispering luminous know-it-all Gollum sex toy, who looked as if he had been made on a Commodore 64 and ran away the second he realised just what an abysmal addition to the show he was. Merlin still, from time to time, uses furtive magic to save Arthur's life at the last minute.

The Knights of the Round Table seem to have all been recruited from the first ancient Sexy Topless Fireman calendar that King Arthur clapped his eyes on. But that's no reason to get rid of the whole thing, is it? Merlin is the intellectual, the scholar, the helper. Colin Morgan is certainly attractive, but no one is going to mistake Merlin for a big, beefy knight. Guin is the solid, dependable friend, Morgana the beauty with an evil desire for power inside.

And we still love it.

I watch Glee and Vampire Diaries weekly and enjoy them immensely. Because of the depth of the relationship between Arthur and Merlin. This is where the actors in this show absolutely amaze me. Colin Morgan and Bradley James are so adept at expressing a multitude of feelings just through their eyes and body language alone. It is for me. Such a relationship must go beyond friendship, they seem to argue - it must be romantic and sexual. Why must we always go there? Why do we, as a culture, assume that if two men show genuine caring and emotional involvement with each other, they must be gay?

But it frustrates me that that seems to be the only conclusion many people can draw about these characters - and about the off-screen, real-life friendship between Colin Morgan and Bradley James. For me, sexualizing the relationship between Merlin and Arthur cheapens it, and cheapens what the two actors were able to accomplish in their portrayal of it.

relationship between merlin and arthur

Merlin had Freya, albeit very briefly. Arthur showed interest in a variety of women, not just Guin - although the family-friendly nature of the show kept all of that quite tame. They ARE two sides of the same coin.

relationship between merlin and arthur

Of course another good question is, does it matter? I even had to admit that I spent some time yesterday on Google, trying to see what I could find out about Mr. It was rather offensive for me to even be prying into that, when I really thought about it.

I will never meet Colin Morgan or Bradley James, much less have a relationship with either one of them sighso what difference does it make to me? I guess because I LOVE the idea of two men getting the opportunity to experience the miracle of such a close bond - on screen and off.

Being willing to have theirs. I am a romance novel junkie and an aspiring romance novelist. I love the idea of strong, passionate relationships and happily ever afters.

I have since I was a little girl, and it continues to this day, my desire to live in a world where love conquers all and the intense, passionate, romantic, physical, and sexual attachment to one person is the ultimate goal. But friendship is undervalued. And to see a friendship like this - between MEN - is thrilling.

Because I want my son to have friendships like that. I want my son, and all other men, to feel ABLE to have friendships like that. Many men do, I know. But it still does.