Relationship between guinan and picard

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relationship between guinan and picard

In the novel Engines of Destiny, a confrontation between an alternate Guinan and the Guinan and Picard shared a long-time relationship, which, according to. GUINAN Position: Civilian lounge hostess Species/gender: El-Aurian female Place of She coyly says her relationship with Picard goes "beyond friendship and. i was watching TNG yesterday and Guinan had a line in witch she and picard were more then frainds. Could they have had a sexual relationship? in The Best of I'd say sex had nothing to do with anything between them.

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I leave this Guinan's Choice to you. And that's basically the speech Guinan gives to Riker. It's also the first time she talks about how she and Picard's relationship goes deeper than friendship or family, which We are all aware that Guinan's people were nearly wiped out by the Borg, yes?

Just a bunch of pasty colonizers rolling up, destroying her world and assimilating her people into robotic, slave drones. And it isn't made any more subtle by the fact that this conversation over the fate of a young assimilating Borg, Hugh, is between two people of color.

It is understandable, I feel, that Guinan is not interested in humanizing Hugh.

relationship between guinan and picard

As she says, when Hugh's "big brothers" come for him, "they won't stop until they destroy us. But Geordi, whose job it is to turn Hugh into a walking bomb, has spent time with Hugh, and now the waters are muddy for him. Geordi is getting through to Hugh. And if he can pull one young Borg and deprogram him, isn't there a chance for the others? It's not so cut and dry, in Geordi's view. Ultimately, Guinan does speak with Hugh and sees shades of humanity in him.

But, I think Guinan's first assessment of the Borg and Hugh is more honest and true to life. And true to the world we're living in right now, if you want to get really real today. Just because you calmly explain that white supremacy is bad to one young Nazi doesn't make Nazis go away.

Video of History has to fulfill itself. Guinan and Picard - the truest love of all And now it's time for a little wish fulfillment. Well, one of my favorite fan things is to see a hypothetical opening for something sexy and make it my personal canon. For that reason, my favorite Guinan moment is from "Time's Arrow Part 2" when she and Picard are trapped in a cave together.

relationship between guinan and picard

Now, keep in mind, for Guinan, this is the first time she and Picard meet. And that moment, while not the best, is very hot. Like, Picard gives Guinan some crazy bedroom eyes and that was when I was like, "Oh, snap, that's what Guinan meant about being closer than friends and family and whatnot.

And if you want to go ahead and be a fool and doubt my claim, there is the best Guinan moment of all in this cave when Picard is straight up romantically cradling this woman.

relationship between guinan and picard

Well, Guinan and Picard did it first, friends. You can say what you will, you can point out that we never see them kiss, but their love is real. Just like Stewart and Goldberg brought out the best performances in each other, I believe that Picard and Guinan are the only romantic pairing right for each other.

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Also, I'm pretty sure the reason Guinan won't help Riker figure out how to get Picard back to the 24th is because she's secretly hoping time will be rewritten and Picard will stay in the 19th with her.

However, the first time that the El-Aurian species was mentioned by name was in this episode, but this may have been inspired by the scripts for Star Trek Generations which the writing team would have seen by that point in the production of the series.

The Undiscovered Countryshe met with director Nicholas Meyer to discuss appearing as a Klingon in the film. This was vetoed by actor Leonard Nimoy[14] who had taken the lead on arrangements for the film, [15] as with Christian Slater already set to appear in the film he did not want to be overwhelmed with celebrity cameos. Discovery in the future since the character was specifically designed to be able to appear at any point in the timeline.

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This was due in part to her being far more well known to the general public than the majority of the main cast, [18] having won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the 63rd Academy Awards in for her role in the film Ghost. It was later reported by Walter Koenig that Goldberg was annoyed as she saw that the fans wanted a scene with Guinan and Uhura together. Production[ edit ] Producer Rick Berman was noted as being "extremely sensitive" about who interacted with Whoopi on the set, according to the book The Making of Yesterday's Enterprise by Eric A.

relationship between guinan and picard

During the course of the episode, she gives advice to Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton about whether or not he should leave the ship to join his mother when she transferred to Starfleet Medical on Earth. After Q John de Lancie sends the Enterprise-D across the galaxy, causing them to encounter the Borgshe trades barbs with the omnipotent being who reveals that he knows Guinan from past encounters and suggests she may have been known by other names in the past.

She also informs Picard that the Borg drove her species into near extinction over a century earlier. Guinan is the only member of the crew who is aware that something has changed, and believes that Lieutenant Tasha Yar Denise Crosby should not be on the ship. The timeline is restored when the Enterprise-C re-enters the rift. Guinan assures Picard that, due to her experience with the Borg, "Humanity will survive" even if only a handful of humans live to "keep the spirit alive".

Guinan also plays a role in the second part which started the fourth season. She tells him that her relationship with Picard "goes beyond friendship and beyond family". Meanwhile, on the Enterprise-D, Guinan advises Picard that he must lead the away team to travel through a temporal rift to save Data in the past. Guinan reveals that her father is still alive at the time, having previously been hiding from him on Earth during "Time's Arrow".

relationship between guinan and picard

Her people, sometimes called "listeners", had been scattered throughout the galaxy after the Borg invaded their homeworld. This is part of the opening act of Star Trek Generations, the film made after the series' seven-year run concluded.

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Guinan reveals in Star Trek: Nemesis that she has been married 23 times. She states in " Evolution " that she has many children, including a son who went through a phase when "he wouldn't listen to anybody"—something unusual "in a species of listeners". In " Yesterday's Enterprise ", which involves a disruption of the timeline, Guinan is able to sense the disruption, even though everyone else believes it to be the natural course of events.