How to have sexual relationship between husband and wife

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how to have sexual relationship between husband and wife

All the married couples stressed that sex is very important in a committed relationship because it maintains a level of intimacy that both people need in order to. We are life partners. And we don't have sex twice a week. Sometimes a month goes by. It's true. But that doesn't mean that we are not physically affectionate with. Here are ways to keep your marriage and sex life healthy. You do not have to use this time to be critical of your partner. If your expectations are not being met by your spouse, communicate this tactfully and sensitively.

The type of sex that leaves you fully satisfied both emotionally and physically. The type of sex that creates a bond between a husband and wife. Dare I say the kind that makes you cry?

Importance of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

It bonds you and your spouse together. When you are having enough intimate sex, the rest of your marriage will fall into place that much more easily.

You and your spouse will get along better. Not because you have a ton of sex but because the type of sex you are having helps to make you and your spouse truly connected. Allows you to become more selfless When you and your spouse are having great sex, it is usually because both of you are putting each other first.

how to have sexual relationship between husband and wife

When you do that, both of you end up being highly satisfied physically and emotionally. There is a difference between this deep connection and just having sex. Just having sex allows one or both partners to feel physically satisfied for the moment.

But just having sex not meaningful, connected sex only feels good in that moment. Whenever my husband or I have a quickie neither of us come out of it feeling an overwhelming amount of connection. Instead, we wind up feeling a bit lacking. Listen, being with your spouse sexually is great. But being with your spouse sexually in a way that puts their needs first is amazing!

Selflessness in bed allows both you and your partner to truly show your love for one another. It allows both of you to feel satisfaction in knowing that your spouse cares for you in every area of life.

This bond of selflessness will spill over in all the other areas of your marriage too.

Importance of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage |

Makes your spouse feel loved There is a deep connection for the wife after having sex, but for the husband, there is so much more happening. Usually, men feel the most loved after being physically loved by their spouse.

how to have sexual relationship between husband and wife

Especially if their love language is physical touch. If you want to learn more about love languages here is a great book: When that kind of behavior is happening, there is no real underlying connection to each other.

how to have sexual relationship between husband and wife

Boredom is one of the major causes of sexual issues between married couples, especially when you both tend to fall into a routine or the usual go to positions in the bedroom. Sexy lingerie can also be a simple, but effective way to surprise your partner.

You both may be interested in certain kinds of touching, different sexual positions, or integrating sex toys into your sexual routine. Look up positions or toys online, or go to a sex shop together and have fun browsing. Keep the experimentation fun and light.

how to have sexual relationship between husband and wife

Rather than be embarrassed by your sexual desires, focus on being open and honest about what you prefer. It can be difficult to put into words the things that turn you on. Chances are, it will be clear very quickly what turns you on, and your spouse will be able to follow your lead. Be generous towards your spouse and focus on pleasing them.

how to have sexual relationship between husband and wife

Your spouse should then do the same for you. It will likely stimulate some great discussions and maybe some laughs. Though it may seem formal to schedule in time for sex, this can act as a form of reassurance that you will both make sex a priority.

Try scheduling sex dates on a trial basis for six months. This will help you to organize your time around being intimate, rather than trying to fit intimacy into your schedule. Method Seeking Professional Help 1 Get a medical check up. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor to rule out physical issues that may be causing your sexual issues. Check if any medications you are taking or any medical conditions you have may be a factor. You may want to ask your doctor about possible remedies if you are experiencing a low sex drive or other sexual issues, such as impotency.

Your doctor may suggest medication or dietary changes 2 Schedule an appointment with a sex therapist. A sex therapist is certified to help couples or individuals deal with sexual issues. You may be experiencing performance anxiety or impotency, or you and your partner may be having trouble sticking to a sex schedule or routine.

If you and your partner are having issues discussing your sexual problems, or if you have sexual concerns, it may be time to consult a professional.

Why Sex is Important in a Relationship

You may be working through your own personal problems, like body image issues, or psychological issues, and these may then be affecting your relationship with your spouse. Consider individual therapy, whether it is with a sex therapist or a general therapist.

This may help you achieve a healthy self image that can then be channeled into your relationship with your spouse, in the bedroom and elsewhere.

I was compelled to marry him by my relatives. I hate my husband's appearance, so I have no interest in sex. What do I do? If you don't want to be married to this man, you should leave him, regardless of what your relatives think. This is your life and you deserve to be happy. If you live in a society where you cannot leave your husband and there is no way around thistry to appreciate your husband's other qualities. Is he a good man?