World leaders meet in south africa

Buenos Aires on lockdown as world leaders gather for G20 summit

world leaders meet in south africa

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have a series of ambitious Despite the country's considerable potential, it slid into a political crisis Ramaphosa wants to use the meeting in Johannesburg, which. South Africa is one of 19 countries represented that, together with the European Union, account for 80% of the world's trade. And we live in a country that is teaching the world what it means to work . Most of us have never met him but With over 20 years of global experience with Audi , Trevor Hill took over as the Head of South Africa in after a globetrotting.

Is the department aware of — is the embassy aware of a concern that there are land seizures going on without any compensation? We encourage — an expropriation of land without compensation would risk sending South Africa down the wrong path. We encourage a peaceful and transparent public debate about this important issue that seems to be happening in South Africa right now. If policies are poorly implemented, there are potentially detrimental political, socioeconomic, and other issues.

It would send them down the wrong path. And is there any reason to be concerned about it? I don't have anything further for you on this. Did the Secretary correct some of the reporting and maybe views that the President holds on this issue?

Michele, you know we never get into the private conversations between the Secretary and the President — on any issue for that matter, okay. Could you comment on his remarks and explain the situation regarding that bank? I have not seen those remarks just yet.

I can look into it and see if I can find something for you. I just have personally not seen those. Well, he said — I could tell you, quote — he says unacceptable that certain baseless and false allegations were made against the bank. I think that would fall under Department of Justice and also Treasury as well. Russia has announced that it will move up the scheduled delivery of this S air defense missile to Turkey fromwhich it was originally scheduled, to What is your response to that?

Part of the problem with that, it is — that it is not interoperable with other NATO systems.

BRICS Summit Highlights: PM Modi Meets Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping In South Africa

And so we are against the — having some of our partners and allies around the world potentially purchase Ss.

But we have made very clear what could trigger sanctions for other countries and entities around the world. Pakistan is asking for an immediate correction to the readout that you guys provided this morning on the telephone conversation between the new prime minister there, that it is factually incorrect that they discussed the terrorists operating in Pakistan. So is there a correction, or are they wrong?

So you saw our readout. In the readout the Secretary notes that he spoke with the new prime minister and expressed his willingness to work with the new government toward a productive bilateral relationship. They had a good call. That may surprise some of you, but they had a good call.

Pakistan is an important partner to the United States. We hope to forge a good, productive working relationship with the new civilian government. My understanding is that the beginning of the call or the call itself was a good call and a good discussion toward our working with the new government and the new administration. We stand by our readout. So are you saying that terrorism was discussed in the call?

Do you know how it is that the Pakistanis could have gotten this so wrong? I can only say we stand by our readout. Can you just say, in clear English, there will not be an apology forthcoming, there will not be a correction? Matt, those are your words. Can I get a follow-up? And then real quick again on Pakistan, does the U. Can you confirm that the Secretary has asked Zalmay Khalilzad to be the new special representative to Afghanistan?

We have no personnel announcements. If I had an announcement to make, I would be thrilled to bring it to you today. On North Korea and South Korea. We, of course, closely coordinate with both the Japanese and the South Koreans. I just mention the Japanese because our close allies there as well. So we continue to coordinate closely and have lots of conversations with them about a lot of things.

But South Korea providing a lot of things, like goods, energy, to North Korea. Is this a violation of sanctions against North Korea? We would take a look at all of that. Can you just be a little bit more specific than the Secretary was about his travel to North Korea next week? When is — exactly is he going with the new special envoy?

We are leaving relatively soon. And is he going anywhere else? Not to my knowledge. The Secretary said he was looking forward to have progress, diplomatic progress, towards denuclearization.

Can you tell us what exactly he expects from this trip? Are there some steps he would like North Korea to announce, to take, on the denuclearization?

world leaders meet in south africa

We have made significant movements over the past six months. We look forward to having those conversations. Heather, you are — just to confirm, the Secretary is expected to meet with Kim Jong-un? The Secretary has now appointed Steve Biegun, and Biegun will be picking up some of those meetings that perhaps the Secretary normally would have gone on or would have conducted.

So I think this is just sort of the more — more of a normalization of our types of conversations. We have long said that none of this in terms of working toward denuclearization would be particularly fast.

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We go into this eyes wide open. But this is all going to take some time, and I think we have been clear about that. We have no expectations of meeting with Chairman Kim. That is not a part of this trip. And so will he be meeting Kim Yong-chol? I will — those are all the details that I have right now. Hold on, hold on.

world leaders meet in south africa

Let me just get over to Kylie. Can you elaborate on that a little bit in terms of why he was chosen for this position?

Well, Steve has certainly spent time in and around the region, has spent considerable time on behalf of Ford covering Asian nations. Stephen, having served as the head of international relations for Ford Motor Company, as the vice president of international government affairs, knows his way around the block, knows his way around so many of these nations around the world and has negotiated on behalf of that major auto corporation.

And he will take those skills and abilities and apply them to this task.

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Ramaphosa wants to use the meeting in Johannesburg, which Russian President Vladimir Putin, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China's President Xi Jinping are expected to attend, to strengthen the confidence of foreign investors in South Africa and to demonstrate how the country has changed politically.

That doesn't mean, however, that South Africa is moving away from its traditional partners, such as the European Union and the United States. Show more initiative Believing that many global institutions are too dominated by the West, the BRICS group of countries want to develop their own institutions. The bank, which grants loans for public and private infrastructure and sustainable development projects, that will be discussed at the summit.

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Brazil has expressed an interest in strengthening the institution and promoting more projects. South Africa wants to counter earlier criticism that it hasn't be involved enough in developing projects and initiatives.

Energy and environmental issues — such as the reduction of fossil fuels — as well as the creation of a BRICS gender and woman forum are also on the agenda. China alone contributes nearly two-thirds of the group's total economic output.

South Africa is China's largest trade partner in Africa. Xi, ahead of his arrival for the BRICS summit, signed 15 bilateral deals with Rwanda, including loans and grants worth million of dollars, during a visit to the country in east Africa.

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