Where to meet men in seattle

12 Ways to Meet Singles in Seattle, WA (Dating Guide)

where to meet men in seattle

If you're single in Seattle, check out the stats and tips for finding love. Where there's a will, there's a way - so what will you do?. Read Seattle Business magazine and the daily journal of commerce. Major chamber of commerce organizations have their own magazines, check them out too. No, the Seattle Freeze is not a pro hockey team. It is a chilly, invisible, “talk-to-the- hand” reputation that the city's single men and women know.

6 Places (That Are Not A Bar) To Meet Singles In Seattle - Marina Lavochin

If you want tech-assisted flirting: When in Nerd Rome, do what Nerd Romans do. As you might expect from a tech hub, a lot of people play the online game here, and Tinder, a location-based dating app, is especially popular with the younger crowd. You could even use non-dating social-media apps to meet locals here.

View photos Head to Pike Place to pick up on a fellow tourist. Thinkstock If you want to flirt with fellow tourists: The Pike Place area is where the out-of-towners collect, and you can go all old school by flirting with someone at the original Starbucks.

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Another tourist-friendly spot is the famous postcard view near Kerry Park in Queen Anne. A big complaint among haters of the Freeze is the rainy Seattle weather, which makes it trickier to strike up a conversation in the park or anyplace outside. Madison Park Beach is a popular hangout, as are the local dog parks and the beer garden at Seattle Mariners games.

There are Meetups geared around hiking and other outdoor activities. Also, keep an eye out for music festivals, a big deal in Seattle — the Capitol Hill Block Party goes from July this year.

6 Places (That Are Not A Bar) To Meet Singles In Seattle

If you want some LGBT flirting: And for the tech inclined, there is also the Grindr app. If you like caffeinated flirting: With an average of 35 coffee shops perresidents, no one does java like Seattle. While online retail giant Amazon.

where to meet men in seattle

This indicates a large pool of software experts, computer engineers and other highly skilled professionals in the city who easily take home some of the fattest paychecks in town.

In fact Seattle has one of the highest percentage of college-educated people with almost Above all, many among the internet entrepreneurs are some of the youngest self-made millionaires around. It can be a great ice breaker if you're looking for rich men in the information technology industry.

where to meet men in seattle

Fly high Seattle is also home to major airlines and aircraft manufacturing companies which pay their executives pretty handsomely. Boeing is perhaps the best known of these and even though it has now moved its headquarters to Chicago, the company continues to maintain its largest division in Renton.

where to meet men in seattle

Other than this, Boeing still has large manufacturing plants in Everett and Renton so it hardly comes as a surprise when you told that Boeing remains the largest private employer in Seattle.

What have been your challenges dating in Seattle? This question was also very quickly answered by most.

7 Places to Meet Men

While the men I talked to weren't too sure on what they did want, they were very clear on what they didn't. Ladies, the results could serve as food for thought in regards to our actions when we meet new people out and about because this one in particular had the most consistency across the board. Now I can't speak to the matter in which said women were approached since I'm just going off what I was told.

where to meet men in seattle

Now I want to make it clear - I'm in no way stating any of these views as fact. This is simply the consensus of a random group of single men in Seattle, to try and gain some insight on the dating haps in the city. And if you think I'm being too hard on one side or the otherdon't worry, next week it's the ladies' turn!