Want to meet prime minister of india

Telangana CM to meet PM Modi - India News

want to meet prime minister of india

Sep 16, All people and citizen of India want to say something to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and if you are Arvind Kejriwal type person, you. Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 15th and current Prime Minister of India, in office since 26 May Modi, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was . Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to central China this week for The two leaders will meet one-on-one, without any ministers or.

During the Godhra riots, he sought army help from the then chief ministers of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Prime Minister of India

They refused point blank. Despite these problems, he controlled the riots that could have brought biblical destruction upon Gujarat.

A priest’s unique mission to meet Narendra Modi

Since Independence there have been hundreds of riots. However, Gujarat was the only state to set up a court to investigate and jail the culprits. Since Independence there have been over 90 massacres and hundreds of riots. Modi had to face Special Investigation Team SIT probes several times after being alleged to have an active role, but was given the clean chit eventually. Ultimately, Modi went on to enjoy three terms as chief minister of Gujarat and though he did have detractors, many Muslims living in Gujarat supported him.

This certainly doesn't support the theory that Modi believes in divisive politics.

want to meet prime minister of india

He has shown time and again that he can steer India above petty politics that use caste, creed and religion as a tool. That's what differentiated him from others. After being voted to power he did not forget his mantra. Companies like Bombardier, Foxconn and Apple have committed to investments in India that can bring employment and development.

Telangana CM to meet PM Modi - India News

All this having been said, let's face the reality. The development hasn't been as expected.

want to meet prime minister of india

One must not forget that the unending rules, regulations and policies of a year regime take time to untangle. Modi has no magic wand that can turn around the economy in such a short time. We are going in the right direction, but we have to be patient. It's similar in the case of the Indian economy. The economy has made sufficient progress. Now give it time to show results. His handling of terrorism and security threats Consider this.

This was in stark contrast to Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally greeting global leaders on the tarmac with a bear hug — as he did when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in January. However, former Indian high commissioner to Canada Vishnu Prakash denied the government had snubbed Trudeau.

In an interview to Scroll. Edited excerpts from the interview: The fact that the Canadian prime minister was welcomed at the airport by a junior minister in the Narendra Modi cabinet seems to have prompted some commentary, both in the Canadian press and the Indian media, that this was a snub. How do you look at it? There is no snub whatsoever, by any stretch of the imagination. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an esteemed guest. He is on a state visit. He is here on the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and he has been accorded all due courtesy as per protocol.

Not just in India but the world over, the standard protocol is that a minister of state receives a head of government, while it is a cabinet minister in the case of a visiting head of state. India has accorded every courtesy and gone by protocol in warmly welcoming every guest. This relationship is important to both countries. We are both G20 countries, Canada is also part of the G7.

want to meet prime minister of india

We have complementary economies, we have similarities like democracy, rule of law, a vibrant diversity, the Indian diaspora. The relationship is good. There are a number of areas where we are doing well. It is not just a one-issue relationship.

You want to meet PM Modi? Now it’s possible for everyone.

The countries have invested a lot of political capital, diplomatic capital… It was important, it is important and it continues to be important. On the other hand, there is certainly concern, in fact major concern, in India about the nature of vote-bank politics in Canada. We are also a democracy, a multi-ethnic society, so we understand vote-bank politics. There is no difficulty whatsoever on the matter of the Canadian leadership cultivating segments of its own populace or in particular, courting the Sikh vote within gurdwaras.

want to meet prime minister of india

This is all a part of politics in any democracy. What we are concerned about is that successive Canadian governments in general, and the Liberal government headed by Trudeau in particular, have gone beyond the needs of political arithmetic and have been courting or mollycoddling radical elements, Khalistani elements in particular. And there are these incidents you mentioned: These are cause for concern because, frankly, Canadian soil is being used by Khalistani elements for anti-India activities.

What about Canadian gurdwaras banning the entry of Indian officials in recent months? We did not see strong condemnation from anybody in the Canadian government.

This is not the doing of the Canadian government but, certainly, radical elements have been emboldened. The great Sikh religion that is inclusive, benign, open to all ethnicities and communities is being hijacked by a very small section of Khalistani elements who control the gurdwaras in Canada.

They not only control the gurdwaras but through that, they corner a lot of the funds that devotees bring in and they misuse that money. They misuse that platform. The good news is that there are sober and influential Sikh voices in Canada who have distanced themselves from this approach and from that resolution. But certainly, an emboldened section of Khalistani elements continues to make mischief. How do you see this play out when Trudeau meets Modi later this week?