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While Sons of Anarchy had a good run from the show eventually . a jerk in his movies and TV shows including Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy. . Back in he hosted a meet and greet in Loveland Colorado. December 10, am Sons of Anarchy was so enamored with the idea of Jax as Jesus that they packed the . Joanna RobinsonJoanna Robinson is a Hollywood writer covering TV and film for We are talking about Sons of Anarchy on Roster Con. the actors, take pictures with them, get autographs or spend a moment with them during a Meet & Greet.

Nero goes into Unser's trailer and finds his evidence board on Tara's murder. Jax summons Chibs to the roof of Red Woody. I need you to listen. Trust that what I want is the best thing for me and my family, for our club," Jax says.

He tells Chibs he came clean to Packer about Jury and they recommended a mayhem vote. Declan brings Hugh by Red Woody.

soa meet and greets 2014 movies

Tig tells Lila to pack up for the day. On the roof, Chibs tries to process whatever Jax has told him. Chibs is near tears. Jax asks for his word that he'll do as he asked and Chibs gives it. Tig brings the Irish up on the roof: Hugh, Declan and a soldier.

Jax asks Hugh to call Connor and say he got away. Hugh finds this totally implausible. But Jax explains by waiting for Tig and Chibs to shoot Declan and the soldier. Tig takes pictures for Hugh to send to Connor to sell the story. Patterson asks if Jarry has any idea why Jax set up an appointment with her in the afternoon. She suggests an APB on Gemma and tells Jarry she's doing a good job navigating streets owned by outlaws.

Hugh waits for Connor to pull up to an old workshop then disarms him when the Sons come in. Hugh suggests Connor listen.

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They're interested in his access to all the AKs he wants. Connor freezes when Declan and his guys walk in, as expected by the Sons. But then the Sons turn on them and kill all the late-arriving Irish. Jax presents their new plan for Connor: Marcus Alvarez will distribute all the guns in Northern California for Connor while his guys back in Ireland work with the Sons there.

Oso is with them and explains that Connor will distribute through Stockton ports now. The Mayans will protect him from the IRA blowback. Connor tries to process the enormous bullet he just dodged. He agrees to the plan.

There's no coming back from that, lad," Connor says. Better late than never," Jax grins. Back at TM, Nero meets up with Jax.

soa meet and greets 2014 movies

He asks Nero to handle some business for him -- Jax is giving Wendy the garage and the houses to sell and tells Nero to take her and the kids, and leave town. He's giving his piece of Diosa and Red Woody to the club, to use the profits to buy Scoops and set it up as home base.

Nero asks where Jax is going. I did what I know how to do.

soa meet and greets 2014 movies

What Gemma knew had to be done. The lies caught up to all of us, man. I tried to hide from it, make it legit, run away from it. This is who I am, I can't change," Jax says.

He asks Nero to promise to make sure his boys leave this place, "so they don't become what I've become.

He tells Nero to tell Wendy everything, and that she should tell his sons when the time comes. I'm a criminal and a killer. I need my sons to grow up hating the thought of me," he says. Wendy arrives with the boys. She catches Nero with tears in his eyes. Jax takes Abel's hand and tells him it's OK to call Wendy mommy. He tells him Nero is daddy's best friend and to listen to him. Nero tries to keep it together as he watches Jax say what only he and Jax know is his last good-bye to his children.

Jax says good bye to Wendy, telling her she's a good mom. Jax watches them go, then gets on his dad's old bike. Jarry drops by Red Woody to talk to Chibs. She tells him about the APB on Gemma and ends things with him. He tells her it's a mistake, because cops who land on the wrong side of the club "tend to go away.

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Jax reports to Patterson's office. He thanks her for trying to help Tara then suggests she record what he's going to say. He tells her everything: They both admitted it. When Patterson asks where Gemma is, he says she's with Unser and gives her his grandfather's address.

Sons of Anarchy

She asks about Henry Lin, he makes her turn off the recording. He tells her that everyone who will be impacted by finding out the truth of Tara's murder is "either informed or has moved on. By the end of the day, the violence in Oakland and Stockton will be over. Back in church at Red Woody, Chibs tells the Sons they can't let their hearts be louder than their reason.

He chokes back tears as he calls for Jax's mayhem vote. They solemnly vote unanimously in favor. Jax walks into Charles Barosky's bakery in broad daylight and, without a word, shoots him through the head in front of customers, then he leaves.

Up in Oregon, police find Unser and Gemma and start cataloguing the scene. Jax walks behind the courthouse and sees the homeless woman he sees everywhere. He stops and smiles at her.

soa meet and greets 2014 movies

While many members of S. Chibs was originally Sergeant at Arms before moving up to Vice President. After a long day at a comic-con a few years back, Tommy Flanagan and an actor from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles named Alan Ritchson witnessed a massive car accident.

The two were heading to the airport when they saw a truck flip over after blowing a tire. It sounds like a scene out of Sons of Anarchy but this time it was for real.

soa meet and greets 2014 movies

Theo Rossi If there is one character who could be crowned as having the biggest character arc of Sons of Anarchy, Juice Ortiz would be one of the top contenders. Juice was first seen in the pilot episode and lasted for 90 episodes before being taken out by Ron Tully. While Juice was a hard character to trust, actor Theo Rossi seems a lot more trusting in real life. Rossi welcomed his second child about a year ago and has helped co-star Kim Coates with the charity Boot Campaign.

The Boot Campaign was designed to raise awareness and funds for soldiers who have trouble adjusting once they return home and for those currently serving in the military. You can read his touching letter here. Some actors are extremely discourteous on the screen but turn out to be the nicest people in real life. While Perlman may have just wanted to be left alone, he could have handled the situation in a more polite way rather than letting the internet see his darker side.

David Labrava is a relatively new actor, with Sons of Anarchy being his first ever role.