Ever meet someone so dope you are like

ever meet someone so dope you are like

As some of you may know, one of my students Lily passed away. I got to know her very well over the past 9 years and she deserves to have a beautiful service. When I meet lance in the race I was excited, I was small rider among the stars Have you ever done drugs @lancearmstrong. 0 replies 0. You ever start talking to someone so dope you had to give yourself a pep talk? Like alright now control yourself and don't fuck this up Stay cool nigga.

That's a dope Porsche. Gucci may be good, but fake Gucci is what's really dope.

ever meet someone so dope you are like

This is a dope jam. The most striking thing about these dictionary discussions is that none of them finds any use of dope as an adjective before Lighter, in particular, offers extensive coverage of dope as a noun, identifying instances of slang usage that go back almost years and extend across two dozen distinct meanings: Interestingly, Jonathon Green, Chambers Dictionary of Slang identifies an additional meaning of the noun dope that Lighter either omits or interprets very differently: Regrettably, the dictionary doesn't cite any contemporaneous instances of this usage.

I suspect, though, that Green's meaning "the suitable or ideal thing" may apply to the same subset of slang instances that Lighter assigns the meaning "stuff in the broadest sense "; the dates given for the two meanings align fairly well, anyway. Green alludes to the "suitable or ideal thing" meaning again in the entry for the adjective dope: It would be quite a stretch to claim that origin for the adjective dope.

On the other hand, I see no evidence that the adjective dope, in the sense of "excellent or outstanding," owes its existence to any of the informational senses of the noun dope, either.

The early definitions of the adjective form of dope emphasize the notion of being admirable or enjoyable, rather than of being insightful or well informed. It's possible that the original meaning of the adjective dope represents a telescoping of the idea "as good as [being on] dope," in the "drug" sense of dope. If not, try 4 below. You will probably have to apologise a few times, so get creative with the forum and the approach see But if you did test positive or confess, remind yourself: This one is very important.

ever meet someone so dope you are like

It makes you a bigger target and much harder to like. No-one likes the unrepentant villain, unless of course you happen to also be attractive and charming — remember Jacques Anquetil anyone?

How to dope in cycling and get away with it

Start your own business in the cycling industry. This is a sure way to get your name and brand out there, because although most fans may hate doping, they love new cycling stuff even more see 6.

ever meet someone so dope you are like

Make sure your business sponsors high-traffic cycling blogs and news websites, cycling sportif events, and even a cycling team if you can get away with it. And be sure to donate to worthy charitable causes. Also consider leading cycling tours with middle aged men in lycra — many of this crowd have money and influence, and you may even meet a good lawyer or two which could be handy, or someone in marketing or public relations see 2.

Remember, this is not just a way for you to continue making money from cycling. Have a cycling thing named after you.

The possibilities here are numerous. Ideally, you need your name on something high profile like a velodrome, criterium circuit, cycling race, cycling kita new bike brand, wheels, etc. Having your name associated with things that make people feel good, and that they identify with positive experiences, can work wonders for turning perceptions around. The Sydney Morning Herald, Oct Get a Directeur Sportif or coaching job in a professional team.

ever meet someone so dope you are like

Nothing clouds the collective memory in elite sport better than success. Most folks will forget about it anyway. Get a book deal. The good thing is, you can pretty much say anything in your book. No pesky body language tells on the pages.

ever meet someone so dope you are like

It will be cathartic, and it might even make some money — in which case you know the deal…donate it conspicuously. And the attention can be another platform to tell your side of the story. In time, people will start to feel sorry for you, or just get bored with talking about the whole doping thing.

Become a vocal anti-doping advocate. This can work like magic.

Next minute, hey presto! Be careful here too though. If you get too much attention, have too much fun, or make too much money doing this, some smart-alec is sure to remember that you were a doper and cheat.

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