Cedar river middle school track meet

Tahoma Matters: All construction projects on budget, schedule

cedar river middle school track meet

The current two-year middle schools, Cedar River and Tahoma, will become . to achieve at the state and national level in academics, athletics and the fine arts!. Cedar River Middle School school profile, performance trends and WA state ranking. See how Cedar River Middle School ranks with other Maple Valley schools. 8, students return to classes; new-school construction on track. October Tahoma Cedar River and Tahoma middle schools to prepare them for conversion to . program was intended to meet the needs of Tahoma stu- dents and.

Completion is scheduled for spring, when equipment and furniture installation begins. The school will be ready for use by late August Superintendent's message Welcome to the school year! Whether you are a returning family or new to the Tahoma School District, we warmly welcome you to this school year.

On a personal note, this will be my 36th year in the district, and I could not be more excited! Construction on six school sites continues, with each project on time and within budget. We are scheduling dedication or rededication ceremonies at all six schools for next August. Change continues to be a major part of our story. We will serve about 8, students this year. We have hired 40 new teachers, bringing our total to just over teachers serving students on eight main campuses and in special programs.

Added to the nearly certificated and classified support staff, there are now close to 1, folks serving students in the Tahoma School District. We are hard at work on many elements that will create a successful transition to our new buildings and system.

With the new school year getting underway, please consider getting involved at your student's school by getting to know the principal and teachers.

Tahoma Matters: Moving details

Open houses and back to school nights begin tonight and continue through next month. We also invite parents to learn more about our schools by visiting the district website, www.

Please also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Everyone in our school family is looking forward to the academic year with enthusiasm and optimism.

Although the new high school opening next fall is perhaps the most visible construction project in the district there is considerable other activity as well. The renovations for Cedar River and Tahoma middle schools to elementary buildings are ongoing, and will be complete next August.

The new Lake Wilderness Elementary School broke ground last May and is on time and on budget for opening next fall as well. Tahoma Junior High and the current Tahoma High School are being renovated to accommodate middle school students in the fall of We have much to accomplish in the next 11 months! With the completion of those schools, the major portions of our bond program are coming to an end.

That program was intended to meet the needs of Tahoma students and relieve overcrowding at our buildings. Those goals are being met - and we want to thank Tahoma voters and community members! Our district, along with many others in our state, will place renewed emphasis this year on school attendance.

As you have already learned from letters sent to every Tahoma family, we are concerned that students are missing too many school days.

Let's all work together to ensure that students are getting the most out of school by being present each day. Please also see the story below about attendance. I'm looking forward to a great school year and I hope you'll follow what's happening in the district through our electronic publication "Tahoma Matters" delivered to your e-mail twice a month. And, consider attending a school board meeting -- typically held the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 6: See you at school.

Superintendent Rob Morrow can be reached at rmorrow tahomasd. But multiply those days by a nine-month school year and it adds up to chronic absenteeism, which is occurring at a rate that has raised alarm bells across the state.

September is Attendance Awareness Month.

cedar river middle school track meet

It is a time when schools are reminding students and their families about the strong relationship between good attendance and quality learning. The school district is reaching out to Tahoma families to ask for their support as part of a districtwide effort to reduce absenteeism. Simply put, if students aren't here, we can't teach them. Frequent absences are an issue at many other school districts in Washington, which has the second-highest rate of absenteeism in the nation.

To take a look at neighboring districts: Issaquah was at 5. The average rate in Washington school districts is 16 percent. While not all of the reasons for frequent absences are clear, it is apparent that school attendance must become a higher priority for all students so that they have the best chance to be successful. When students are not in school, they miss important learning opportunities that can't be made up by simply trying to catch up on assignments.

In a day school year, a 10 percent absentee rate equals two days a month, on average, that a student is not in school. Being in school every day is especially important to younger students.

Starting in kindergarten, too many absences excused and unexcused can cause children to fall behind in school. Less than one-fifth of students who are chronically absent during kindergarten and 1st grade will be achieving at grade level by grade 3 in reading and writing.

Missing 10 percent or about 18 days increases the chance that your student will not read or master math at the same level as their peers. Students can still fall behind by missing just a day or two every few weeks. We understand that there will be times when students must miss school due to illness or other legitimate reasons. But we also believe that school must be the top priority for students so that they will have the best chance to succeed now and in their adult lives.

Grades get new science curriculum Staff members from Teaching and Learning painstakingly packed kits and totes for each elementary school teacher in grades 1 through 5. A more engaging science program will be taught in Tahoma elementary classrooms this year, sparking students' imaginations, curiosity and contributing to their love of learning. All that will happen due in part to a new curriculum for first through fifth grade students, in an update that has been many years coming.

Elementary science has been kind of hit or miss depending on the teacher and their level of expertise," said Billl Weis, an instructional science coach who is overseeing teacher training and the transition to the new curriculum, called "Teachers Curriculum Institute: It will be taught four days per week, and will be implemented over a three-year period. It was nerve-wracking to add this new curriculum to elementary teachers' plates, because there is so much other work required of them -- and because everyone in the district has added work this year to prepare for the transition to the new buildings and system next fall.

In an effort to make the new curriculum more accessible and doable this year, Weis and other administrators decided to create a set of kits and totes containing handouts, laminated sheets and other materials for each lesson -- for every elementary teacher in first through fifth grade.

It was a considerable amount of materials to organize, and the project took over the Rock Creek gym for the summer. Teaching and Learning staff members Kyndahl Carlson and Toni Ashley oversaw the creation of 90 kits, made up of tote boxes, along with refill kits for the school year, which added boxes.

In addition to those materials, each elementary building's parent-teacher group is providing volunteer science coordinators for every grade level to help prepare hands-on labs and projects.

National Geographic's Explorers Science Curriculum. That will begin next fall when all of Tahoma's kindergarten classes are full day. This year's all-day kindergarten teachers are using it during this school year, and those teachers will provide feedback before it goes systemwide next fall.

The same team of Teaching and Learning staff created nine kits for that curriculum. The curriculum is our district's plan for meeting the Next Generation Science Standards, adopted by the state in Fifth-grade teachers across the district began using the new curriculum last year, and gave feedback about the program.

I love that it is linear in that it has a starting point and an ending point for each unit. Online puzzles, games and such help to check for understanding of content. I just love that it levels the playing field for all my kids. As part of the system-wide realignment and reorganization, a number of elementary principals will move to new buildings next fall along with teachers and other staff members. When the school year begins, the line-up of principals will be: We'll share a list of teacher assignments later this school year, as well.

And, we know that students and families will want to visit their new schools, so we are planning mini-open house events including tours at the new elementary and middle school sites for next month.

Parents will be able to hear a bit more about how the transition will work, and ask questions. At Lake Wilderness, Moshier was just starting to settle into her new office last week. On the first day of school, she was outside greeting students and parents with a smile and a map so that she could help point them in the right direction. Before coming to Tahoma, she worked in the Highline, Kent, Bellevue and Tukwila school districts, in positions ranging from interventionist to coaching teachers to instructional technology.

There is always a solution. Students and parents at all buildings will notice new teachers and staff this fall. The district hired about 40 new teachers and certified staff members, along with an estimated 30 new classified staff members. Here are the names, specialty and most recent district of the new certificated employees: It's one thing to study the environment and ecology in the classroom, and another thing entirely to see research and the effects of humankind on our world firsthand.

It's a nonprofit group that aims to improve science education and conservation efforts worldwide through student-scientist partnerships. When they signed up, they thought they would be learning about dolphins.

Cedar River Middle School

But by the time they arrived, the focus of the research there had shifted because of an ongoing problem with invasive lionfish eating smaller reef fish. The most important aspect for Alegado is that she can use all of the experiences in the classroom. Some rooms may be able to be reserved prior to the rest of the facility, on a case-by-case basis but none until District officials are aware that there's a need in the community for additional meeting spaces.

Because the high school staff and students haven't moved into the facility yet, officials anticipate needing a few months to sort out which areas are needed at which times for educational reasons. As soon as it's possible, the district will share information about which fields, meeting spaces and rooms are available to be reserved.

Birney, Thompson, Brace, Levey & Macarthur Middle Meet May 13,2016 PT. 1School Track

The fee schedule is being looked at this summer and may be adjusted. For questions or more information, contact facility use and access coordinator Jennifer McMaster at jmcmaste tahomasd. Tahoma High School marks its 91st commencement Members of the class of listen to a speaker during the graduation ceremony.

Parents, family members, teachers, staff and community members watched and cheered as diplomas were awarded to seniors. Senior class president Kayla Contreras and vice president Reece Goodman announced that the class gift would be a mural featuring the school song, which will hang on the wall in the gym at the new high school.

Neathery started her speech with a story about choices, and moved on to talk about how the person she has become is much more true to her identity than the younger version of herself.

Johnson spoke about the impact of words, and what it means to be inspiring. Glaser talked about the people in the graduates' lives, and the Future Ready skills each student developed and will continue to hone. There's no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it.

I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again. Duty spoke of values, and society's need for graduates -- citizens like those in the class of A member of the Tahoma High School class of waves at family and friends after entering the White River Amphitheatre for graduation.

Thank you staff, students, parents for hard work, memories Summer vacation for Tahoma students is here. This marks the beginning of a very busy summer for TSD staff as we prepare for students to return in September.

Before our students head home for a well-deserved summer break, I want to publicly commend our teachers, clerical and custodial staff, administrators, maintenance workers, instructional assistants, and other support staff for their efforts this year. The challenges of construction, reassigning staff, and preparing for a move have added significant stress to the system. Our staff remain focused on providing a great program for kids; they deserve our gratitude.

cedar river middle school track meet

We will reach substantial completion of our new construction and improvement projects in mid-August. Additionally, we have the task of moving staff to their new assignments along with all of their equipment and supplies. Approximately teachers will be moving to a new building.

cedar river middle school track meet

Support staff also have received their assignments and many will be moving along with the certificated staff. We begin moving as soon as school is out June To find out when schools reopen, check our web page for the latest information.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we move through the summer. In addition to all of the moving activity, there are some special dates that we want you to know about. There will be an additional opportunity to tour the new high school on Saturday, August August 31 will be the dedication ceremony at the new Lake Wilderness Elementary School, with rededication ceremonies happening at four additional schools on September 8.

While there is great excitement for our new schools and restructuring I'm sure some of you in the community feel some sense of loss as well. The current Tahoma High School has housed our high school students for nearly 45 years. I started my career there in the '80s. Many in our community have very fond memories of their time at the current THS remember when we actually held graduation in the gym? I was fortunate to be the principal when TJH opened in as a building for 8th and 9th graders and have great memories of the staff and students that I worked with in the 13 years I was at that building.

While the names may change, the memories will never go away. I know for our patrons who graduated prior to the current high school opening, it will always be Tahoma High School to them.

Our students and staff continue to achieve at the state and national level in academics, athletics and the fine arts! The hard work and dedication of our students and staff as they continue to make achievement gains, despite all that is happening around them, is impressive.