We ran as if to meet the moon

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we ran as if to meet the moon

(Though chill), because the fields were ours, And by the brook our woods were there. We ran as if to meet the moon. That slowly dawned behind the trees. We ran as if to meet the moon That slowly dawned behind the trees, The barren boughs without the leaves, Without the birds, without the breeze. But once within . We ran as if to meet the moon. Identify the figure of speech.

Amongst the broken lifeless corpses that littered the plain he sat with his nerves ablaze. He had killed those men, killed them with those eyes, and eaten their organs from their bodies. Shin-ah had killed all of those people. He had laughed as he had slowly dug his claws into their skin and muscles and bones, carefully so carefully flaying open their chests with his eyes until everything had been laid open for him to devour.

He tore them apart bit by bit until they were begging him for the sweet release of death.

Its claws were digging into his flesh now, its laughter in his ear sounding of cavewall scratches and thundercrack echoes, tearing everything away from him and leaving him so Shin-ah could never feel warmth again—Give me more, give me more!

It's no use to run from me after all for I am you and are I! Everything that that is within my field of vision belongs to me, give it to me, give me more! To live is to devour others, to live we must devour others so everything belongs to me— Shin-ah jerked up from his blankets and fur with a start, his heart pounding in his throat and his body soaked with sweat.

As he hugged himself with trembling hands, Ao scurried over startled from her own sleep in order to squeak and rub against his leg. Shin-ah reached over with halting fingertips to gently rub beneath Ao's chin, feeling his own heart calm as he did so.

His longtime companion looked up at him with no judgement.

we ran as if to meet the moon

As much as Shin-ah wished he could spill his heart to her, Shin-ah knew that he had a hard time putting thought to word cadence at these sorts of moments, and just decided to leave his explanation at a sigh of discomfort. How odd, Shin-ah couldn't help but think as he readjusted his mask so it was placed correctly on his face.

we ran as if to meet the moon

It had been a long time since he had one of those familiar dreams. They had slowly evaporated out of his consciousness like morning dew upon fresh spring leaves, lingered only fleetingly on his mind before completely disappearing as if into the midday heat with each coming day.

His companions, their company, and their playful chatter had erased those demons from his usual thoughts. His companions had filled the air around him and his mind instead with sounds and laughter that resounded through him like birds in a canopy overhead or brass bells, rather than echoing regrets bounced against cold stone walls.

Going for Water

And warm bodies snuggled next to his upon the ground where they had made their camp erased the creeping illness of those dark-night thoughts from the forefront of his ailing mind.

He couldn't help but think that maybe, perhaps, it was a warning.

we ran as if to meet the moon

For what and the certain purpose behind the premonition Shin-ah could not know, for after all he had no talent of prophecy. All Shin-ah had was a feeling that creeped along the inside of his skin like skittering spiders and raised goosebumps along the ridge of his flesh.

And Shin-ah knew from his life experiences that those feelings were best heeded— Seiryuu you must learn to lessons you are taught or— "…else…you will be hit like the fox…" Shin-ah whispered, more breath then voice escaping his lips like pitched hisses, agreeing with that voice of conscience that echoed in the recesses of his mind when he most needed them.

If he was having bad feelings, most likely it was due to something brewing in the horizon, something unable to be seen by even his eyes. But even so, it would do him better to be on guard as that familiar voice echoed on his mind, bubbling up in the darkness to remind him of that which was most important.

Once upon a time, Seiryuu, there was a man who was tired and thirsty from traveling a long distance on foot.

we ran as if to meet the moon

He stopped by a stream to quench his great thirst, dipping in his wooden bucket and drinking from it. However he found the water was sweeter than any water from any stream he had ever drank from before, and became consumed with a great greed. With reckless abandon he continued to drink until his stomach ached. After he had had enough, he raised his hands in front of the water and said, "I have had enough to drink. Losing his temper, the traveler yelled, "I told you to stop! Why don't you listen?

However, his thirst did not end, and when the traveler unleashed the stream to take another drink, it became a great tide and swallowed the traveler whole.

we ran as if to meet the moon

That is how desire is, Seiryuu. Once we give in to it, we have no sense of moderation, and we lose the ability to control ourselves. When we give into our instincts we risk destroying ourselves. Never use that cursed power you possess Seiryuu, no, not even once. Or else you risk being drowned in it.

“We ran as if to meet the moon.”

So even while the imaginary games are being enjoyed, that is, the hearts contentment is sought, the practical aspects of life are not forgotten. After all the fun and adventure, the physical task is fulfilled leading to enhanced pleasure. I think, in sum, it will be appropriate to say that, reality looked at with a fair measure of dreams and imagination renders more joy.

The sight and sound imagery of the last paragraph is a picture to behold: A note as from a single place, A slender tinkling fail that made Now drops that floated on the pool Like pearls, and now a silver blade. The Poem in prose It is an autumn evening when the well beside their door has dried and the couple goes out behind the house through the fields and the woods to find out if the brook there is still running. They go out with a pail and a can.

They are not unwilling to go because they feel the affinity with everything — the fields and the woods which belong to them.

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They are running as if to meet the moon that is slowly rising behind the Autumn landscape — bare, leaf-less, bird-less. But once they are inside the woods they seem to be playing hide-and-seek with the moon, like gnomes would.

Additional tags will also be added with each part, so mind them if you're planning to follow along. D As this is a series of moments, it will be loosely in order, but I suspect you won't have to read every part to follow the plot. Title is a quote from a Robert Frost poem.

We Ran (As If To Meet The Moon) Chapter 1: Slow Dawn, an akatsuki no yona/暁のヨナ fanfic | FanFiction

An image here, a fragment there--the serum that he despises and appreciates in equal measure knits his fractured mind back together one small piece at a time. So much of his history is ugly and painful; so much of his unnaturally long life was spent causing pain that he feels guilty that what he remembers most clearly is the beauty of his Alpha in the moonlight.

And yet, when he closes his eyes and lets the memories flow, the strongest images are always of Steve silhouetted against a huge full moon. Like the old propaganda posters, maybe.