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Marietta, GA - The dignitaries will meet with university and African More than 26 African nations are represented in the SPSU student body. Southern Polytechnic State University was a public, co-educational, state university in Marietta, .. The SPSU Student Government Association was composed of elected and appointed undergraduate and graduate students. According to the .. "Secret merger, now public, meets opposition in Georgia". . Governing body. the interest from individual student body pre s i d e n t s. • h ave no . The board meets monthly and is composed of student body presidents from each member school and student body president Southern Polytechnic State University.

At the time, most technical institutes in the United States were in the northeastern states; thus the need for a technical institute in the south was great. Van Leersought to establish a technical institute program in Georgia. In he was approached by the Associated Industries of Georgia AIG who shared their common desire to have such a program and offered Van Leer their support.

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It took years for Van Leer to convince the Board of Regents to give Georgia Tech authorization to establish a technical institute. On October 8, the authorization was granted. Johnson, and it was going to open under the name of The Technical Institute.

The Southern Technical Institute became accredited as a four-year college in and was one of the first colleges in the nation to offer the Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree. In the summer ofthe college officially became the fourteenth senior college and the thirty-third independent unit of the University System of Georgia.

Cheshier of Purdue Universitywas named in that same year. He saw the college through two name changes — Southern College of Technology often called Southern Tech in and Southern Polytechnic State University in the summer ofwhen the school became a university.

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Cheshier retired as president of the university in June Papp served as interim president from July to Augustwhen the university welcomed Dr. Lisa Rossbacherformerly of Dickinson Collegeas its president. The presidents of the two universities were not told of the consolidation plans until "a week and a half" before the public announcement. Reasons given for the consolidation effort focused on cost savings despite the merger of eight other colleges into four only saving an estimated 0.

Less than two years after the consolidation President Dan Papp announced that he was stepping down as president of the University. Campus[ edit ] Student housing Dormitory facilities were provided at Southern Tech's first location in Chamblee, Georgia. They were created from former bachelor officers' quarters in facilities leased from the Atlanta Naval Air Station.

When the campus moved in Marietta, housing was provided in residences originally built to house employees at the Bell Bomber plant now the Lockheed Martin facility. The facilities were at that time being managed by the Marietta Housing Authority as low-income residences and were known as "Marietta Place. The campus dormitories housed only men untilwhen one end of the fourth floor of Howell dormitory was renovated for use by female students.

It includes resources such as a University bookstore, a game room, eateries, various lounge areas, and many of KSU's departments and offices. Historically, it also housed student organizations and the WGHR radio station.

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Administration Building B Building The Administration Building housed the admissions, student records, and recruitment offices, as well as the president's office and public relations office. It served and was known as the welcoming center for visitors to the campus. Academic Building H Building Academic Building The main floor of the Academic Building has a major auditorium, some physics labs, and a walk-up help desk. It also housed the facilities of the Construction Management Department.

The building is near the center of the campus — just south of the Lawrence V. Johnson Library and northwest of the Atrium Building.

Acting as an extension of Design I, Design II houses six large studio spaces and a seat auditorium. And given that, one might also think that He would know the greater inner workings of His own system to create a way for water to be turned into wine. For those who understand programming, think of it this way: God is a programmer who has coded his own backdoor into a program he created.

As stated earlier in this article, since science seeks out the "how," my belief in God tells me that there is a "how" that has not been discovered yet. To address a few articles dealing with this point of view, I would like to make a few statements. In one of the articles, it is mentioned that the "creationism" view shouldn't be taught within science classes, because it is not science, and should instead be taught at home.

Or that if it is taught, perhaps all major religions should be taught about in school to promote better understanding.

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I adamantly agree with this view. Perhaps this illusory conflict between science and religion stems from people incorrectly interpreting one as the other, which is not so. It was correctly pointed out that science has no basis for determining ethics or morals, because that is not within its realm.

To another article, I have more questions than statements. Within it, it seems to talk about facts being the necessary basis to derive all the points. The only "fact" given appears to be that wealth is the result of labor and resources.

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To be quite blunt, I fail to see much in the way of fact, and more in the way of opinion and philosophy. To use one of the comments, there is talk of the philosopher Ayn Rand and how "rights were derived from a morality of intelligent self-interest based on man's biological nature.

There is a comment that the dark ages can be best explained by God, since "men were too concerned about the after-life to improve the life they lived on earth.

Perhaps it should also be noted that the Renaissance was also heavily influenced by religious ideals, and that the Age of Enlightenment was contributed to heavily by people who felt that reason and logic revealed the existence of a supreme being.

My reasons for citing other articles are not to condemn or vilify any particular people, but because I either saw strength or weakness in their articles. In a philosophical sense, I desire to engage others in discussion about their points of view, and why we might differ. This is fascinating to me, because of how life experiences are reflected in personal opinions. From another view, I enjoy understanding the world more from a logical, scientific point of view.

There is much that we have yet to learn about the world that we live in, and others of which we have only an elementary understanding. Therefore I desire to gain insight via communication with others, and also share what I have learned with others to add to the communal knowledge of our world. The world of science and the world of philosophy are, generally, vastly different from each other.

Some might form a philosophy based on science, and others might base science on philosophy which I do not recommend, as it is a poor basis for science. To those who do not see as I see, and feel that these two realms are not different, I hope that this article has perhaps changed that opinion, or at least raised new questions that are not often addressed.

I also expect that some will disagree whole-heartedly with what I have said, and to you I ask that you respond, and explain to me where you feel I have erred. If anyone has any further comments to make on this, or a question about anything I have said, please start a topic about it on the campus forum, which can be found at http: