Meet the robinsons wilbur tumblr drawings

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meet the robinsons wilbur tumblr drawings

Wilbur and violet Meet The Robinson, Violet Parr, Disney Animation, Disney Pixar, ended up drawing this after finding this photograph on tumblr and feeling. (7) Tumblr Wilbur Robinson, Meet The Robinson, Disney Time, Old Disney .. CharactersWalt Disney PicturesCartoon MoviesDrawingsIllustrationsPlaces To. Without looking, she knew Wilbur was leaning on the doorway behind A pulling sensation seemed to draw them both and Violet closed the.

That hadn't changed…and he knew it never would. Even that had changed, depended, just a little. He knew it was only a little, because he knew how deep it would get in time. In time, he knew. When it came to matters of time, he always knew. Exasperated, he rubbed his eyes and placed his glasses on the bedside table, before the pools of blue flicked toward his bed. It was looking ever the more inviting with the melancholy direction his thoughts had wandered to.

So he wandered forward, practically falling face-first onto it when his shins hit the edge in the dark. He turned his face to the side on his thick pillow so that he could breathe, cringing a little at his legs that were sure to bruise. He wasn't sure how many times he had done that.

That is an Excellent Question

Tomorrow, he would invent a bed that was impossible to bump your appendages on. Why had no one thought of this before? His mind sprang to life behind his closed eyelids as he mentally drew up the blueprints in his minds eye, finished in mere minutes before he was drifting off to sleep. It was exhausting being him, for even when his body slept, his mind never did. He would have this whole ergonomic problem ironed out by morning.

It wouldn't be the first time — once again, he knew that. That was the last thought he remembered anyway, before he heard a loud yelp from right next to his bed, followed by a considerable weight falling across his back that made all breath leave his body.

Had Goob fallen into his old, err, new ways once again? No um —at last? Was he out for revenge after all? Was his adoptive father sneaking into his room? His mind flew to thousands of possibilities, some more disturbing than others, but all he knew was that the pit of his stomach flip-flopped in fear as a masculine voice groaned in pain into his ear; "bloody bed…" Cornelius shivered at the tickling air before he twisted underneath the dead weight on top of him, meaning to use his newly acquired upper-body strength to push the perpetrator off of him.

But something; a familiar shape maybe, caught his eye, silhouetted in the moonbeams coming through the window he had so carelessly left ajar all day. This man… "Geeze Lewis, you really gotta invent the anti-gravity bed already, man! Almost broke my freaking toe clean off, I forgot beds used to stick up on wooden stumps. Cornelius blinked a few times before his eyes lit up with glee.

The figure smirked in a self-satisfied kind of way. Your-" "Anti-gravity, of course! I've been trying to sneak out for a long time. I'm sorry I couldn't some sooner…" His face held legitimate sadness as he caressed the other boys face with the back of his hand.

Much stronger than before, in fact. Sweet jesus, those PECS. How long had it been exactly? He'd be sixteen now, right? A year older than him. Wilbur grinned and leaned forward a little more, making the bed creak softly.

His almond-shaped eyes were practically smouldering, all deep delicious chocolate and filled with promises of good things to 'come'. His science-brain had just turned into puberty-brain. To him, anyway, they were two completely different people.

He hadn't always felt that way, the situation was understandably very confusing, but his Dad had helped him realise. Wilbur had come to know Lewis, so calling him Cornelius didn't seem right. Calling him Lewis helped his mind sever any connection to thoughts of his father, and wether that was a good thing or not remained to be seen.

meet the robinsons wilbur tumblr drawings

Even so, Lewis…Lewis was beautiful, the way he was looking up at him like that, his expression so unsure. Like he knew something incriminating. Well, two could play at that game now couldn't they. This thing he knew happened today. Maybe, he didn't want to deprive you of this memory, because he knows how much it means to both of us.

Oh, the things I want to do with you, Lewis…" He let out a soft groan as he inhaled the scent of the boy pinned beneath him.

Attention Robinson Clan!

His feelings for this boy went far beyond physical attraction, but it was funny what hormones did to you. Lewis' whole body shook as a tremor of desire shot up his spine.

Wilbur Gets Busted By His Mom scene (Meet the Robinsons)

He was trying to resist, he really was. Many a time he'd calculated the catastrophic consequences that could happen should they really pursue their relationship, but the spot on his neck tingled and Wilbur's hips shifted and let heard himself give a sharp intake of breath and he could literally hear his resolve crumble into dust. With that, Wilbur clamped down tenderly, sucking greedily at the sensitive spot he remembered and had dreamed about more times than he could count.

The blonde sputtered with surprise as his hips gave a violent jolt upwards, ass leaving the bed as his hips collided with Wilbur's. Both uttered noises of surprise when they found harness in each other there — it was so different from the first time and not just because they could feel how much each had REALLY grownthat fateful night spent in the rumpus dome when they were both so young.

Wilbur shuddered with want, writhing against his Lewis, who clawed wantonly at his slightly muscled back in return, almost ripping his t-shirt as he attempted to force his brain to spurt logic into the situation. He managed to turn his head away as a small defiance, but all it did was expose even more neck to a very greedy mouth that seemed determined to be the end of him. The other teen replied with a desperate moan right against his ear, his voice impossibly deep yet somehow still the same.

Lewis pursed his lips together and moaned almost through his nose, raising his hips again and again as the relentless motions continued to undo his resolve. Fuck, how he'd wanted this. It's not like he could deny it any more, what with the way Wilbur was now snaking his hand into the front of his boxer shorts to touch him directly.

wilbur robinsons

Without any hesitation, he wrapped his hand around his cock and ran his thumb over the head once before he began to pump, at last bringing his mouth to his partner's in a passionate and soul-crushing kiss. Their tongues slipped against each other's; slick and hot and perfect, and Wilbur gasped against the other's lips when he felt a hand begin to return the favor in his own pants. Part 2 Shows the basics of pencil shading.

meet the robinsons wilbur tumblr drawings

Using different grades of pencil from 6h very hard and light to HB and 2b kind of in the middle through to 8B very soft pencil and very dark. Here's another tutorial video. Showing how to draw an eagle head.

I really hope this is helpful in some way. Please let me know what you think. Worked on a How to drawing video, featuring a realistic eagle head.

meet the robinsons wilbur tumblr drawings

A time lapse of drawing an eagle. Teaching people about realism in drawing. And hoping to give more information about how to draw eagles. Let me know if this video has helped you and also let me know what tutorial videos you would like to see next. Make sure to Subscribe if you enjoy speed drawing, painting and other artwork videos!

I own all the rights to the content in this video.

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Wilbur arrives in the past and he and Violet cross paths. The two become friends, but during dinner with Violet's family, Wilbur let slip that he's from the future and they soon forbid the two from seeing each other in order to stop any alteration to the time stream. But the two then meet up afterwards and discuss what they should do. Wilbur then takes Violet to his time and the two argue about agreeing with their parents and not seeing each other.

Violet had always described herself having a gangly physique.

meet the robinsons wilbur tumblr drawings

Violet tilted her head to one side as she gave herself a look-over. Turning around, her back arched forward as she looked back at the mirror, jutting out her hips to get a better angle. I'll never get mom's child-bearing curves, she thought while she slided one hand down her rump. With a sigh, the focus of her gaze returned to the whole image. Without looking, she knew Wilbur was leaning on the doorway behind her. How long have you been checking me out? Are you asking about just now or since?

Even though they were married he still had the need to hit on her for some reason. That didn't mean she has to show that she likes it… much. He walked towards her. He rested his cheek on the side of her head.

Since it seems that she won't be going anywhere, she continued. She paused, looking at their reflection before giving off shrug. Nonchalantly, she untangled herself from his arms before walking past him. Surprised, her hands land on his chest to lessen the impact. Violet blinks and she finds herself staring at a pair of hazel eyes. A warm chuckle reverberated under her fingers as his arms found their way to her hips. A gasp escapes from her as she felt two strong hands cup her rear.

Another smirk forms at the heated expression on her face.

meet the robinsons wilbur tumblr drawings