Meet the neighbors belgium

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meet the neighbors belgium

The power plant lies just 60km from the triple border where Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands meet, close to the Dutch town of Maastricht. Annual one-day get together with your neighbours. Website: The Friends and Neighbours (FAN) charity. Encourages creation of FAN Groups where people meet. Countries across western Europe are urging pig producers to be on heightened alert for African swine fever (ASF) after the disease surfaced in.

meet the neighbors belgium

Belgium have a record since their last lost in September and have outscored their opponents in that time As neighboring UEFA nations, Belgium and France have gone head-to-head several times dating back to Interestingly, they have not played a competitive match against one another since World Cup In that match, both teams had lost in the Semi-Finals, and France took a win after extra time in the Third Place Match against Belgium. Since that time, they have only played in friendlies, where France holds a small advantage, having won three of the eight matches while also drawing three.


Not to be outdone, France is also riding an impressive streak of their own, being undefeated in their last 11 international matches. They did fall to Colombia in a friendly match earlier this year, but prior to that had not last a match since June It would, for instance, take definitely more than 24 hours, "maybe more than 32 or 48 hours" to distribute iodine pills to the population, Wolff said according to the local newspaper Aachener Zeitung. In case of a nuclear accident, it is advised to take highly-dosed iodine pills as soon as possible, allowing the thyroid gland to store this iodine rather than the radioactively contaminated iodine that people would likely inhale following a nuclear emergency.

Concern in the Netherlands For their part, citizens in neighboring Netherlands are also worried about another nuclear site called Doel. Same as at the Tihange 2 reactor, tiny cracks have also been found at the Doel 3 reactor's pressure vessel, causing it to be taken off the grid until its restart shortly before the end of the year. Only a short while later, the plant was closed again for a few days, after a water leak.

Looks picturesque at first sight -but the Doel nuclear site is situated close to the city and port of Antwerp, meaning a nuclear accident would directly affect 1.

meet the neighbors belgium

But the government then decided to extend the lives of Doel 1 and Doel 2 by another 10 years. Widespread concern has prompted the Dutch minister for infrastructure, Melanie Schultz, to schedule a visit to Doel this Wednesday, together with Belgian Interior Minister Jambon, accompanied by inspectors from the Dutch nuclear authority.

The Belgian interior ministry, which is in charge of nuclear safety as well, said it wanted to improve communication with neighboring countries on the subject, but also stressed Belgium was not handing over control of its nuclear sites to its neighbors. Belgian nuclear authority suggests changes to emergency plan In Belgium itself, the scientific council of the nuclear authority - known by the initials of its Flemish name, 'FANC' — last Friday issued a report proposing to revise existing nuclear emergency plans.

One recommendation is to distribute iodine pills to the entire Belgian population.

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To have overgrown hedges or untidy gardens would disgrace the family and insult their neighbours. Belgians take pride in their personal appearance too. They dress well and are concerned with the impression they make on others. Egalitarianism in Belgian Society Belgium is on the whole an egalitarian society. Women are not expected to change their name when they marry.

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There are laws governing paternity as well as maternity leaves and laws forbidding sexual harassment in the workplace. A brief handshake is the common greeting among people who do not know each other.

meet the neighbors belgium

Once a relationship is developed, three kisses on the cheek may replace the handshake. This is more a kissing of the air near the person's cheek. Start with the left cheek and alternate. Men never kiss other men; they always shake hands.

meet the neighbors belgium

Gift Giving Etiquette If you are invited to a Belgian's house, bring flowers or good quality chocolates for the hostess. Older Belgians may expect flowers to be unwrapped.

Do not give white chrysanthemums as they signify death. Flowers should be given in an odd number, but not Liquor or wine should only be given to close friends. Gifts are opened when received. Dining Etiquette Belgians socialize in their homes and restaurants, although the home is reserved for family or close friends.

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If you receive a written invitation, the response must be written as well. Wait for your host or hostess to introduce you to the other guests. Belgians take pride in their appearance and expect you to do the same. Wait for your host to tell you where to sit.

meet the neighbors belgium

Women take their seats before men. Table manners are Continental -- the fork is held in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating.