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Meet the chef groupies looking for sex in the kitchen

"All the chefs I've met have a passion for food that definitely translates into other areas," They get a lot of groupies, and they plunder those.". Though there are groupies for everything from sports stars to chefs to actors to authors No, I am not this type of groupie, though I have had the displeasure of meeting many a dimwitted bimbo . Mick Jagger is in his 70's bro. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Rock roll, Famous groupies and Rock. creem 70s Fashion, Fashion Models, Vintage Fashion, Fashion Images, Vintage Style, . In the the GTOs were the groupies that every musician wanted to meet. . Rock BandsPlaster CasterRock BandsMusicaLegendsDrawLoveChef Recipes.

I was impressed when the esteemed Joseph Drouhin came from France in the s, bought 87 acres, planted grapes and … his daughter became the winemaker. I also really enjoy discovering the vineyards and boutique wineries throughout the state — I once spent a summer visiting every one in my motor home.

But most of all, I love the clean, elegant taste of the Oregon wines and the characters that make it. I hear you had a wine label at one time. What was the name of it, and what happened? In my quest to learn about wine, I exaggerated on an application for a Masters of Wine one-week intensive class in Boston in and somehow got accepted — by the way, Bob Betz and Charlie Foss were my classmates, who unlike a beginner like me, really deserved to be there. After that brutal, intensive week, I decided that if I wanted to begin to understand wine, I really needed to start with viticulture.

I planted a small test vineyard of French clones from David Ethel.

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I ended up with 17 cases of Pinot Noir that were very drinkable for a first effort — by the grace of God and Jan-Marc! It sold out immediately. It was a good learning experience, and although I have chosen not to make wine again, I certainly still want to remain open labeling and marketing it.

However, you asked about the label. I came up with a name the same way I start with any new creative process, by asking a simple question: What do you do when you taste wine? The most basic answer is that you either spit or swallow. We have all reached that moment of indecision, when we are holding that wine in our mouths — tasting, examining, wondering.

Then a little voice asks, is it worth it? What is your favorite wine of all time, and why? We were having dinner at the Ringside restaurant after the show. I loved the hourglass shape of the bottle, and the fact that the widow was a natural redhead like me. But the taste … The bubbles were so tiny and the taste was just extraordinary.

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After they were introduced by friends, she came to his restaurant for lunch; he swept out of the kitchen, kissed her on the mouth and cribbed her phone number from the reservations book. The last time I saw him, he was engaged, but he was trolling for women and doing drugs in a late-night place on Madison Avenue.

Sent to chef X by a mutual friend, she joined him for a Champagne-fueled lunch at his restaurant; by dessert, he was caressing her leg with his foot.

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He invited her to return the next day, ostensibly to witness the drama in the kitchen. After an hour, though, he took off his apron and beckoned her into the alleyway.

Instead, he led her to a nearby park, where things got steamier. Afterward, they walked back into the restaurant "through the front door," she says, "past all these people who were thinking they were eating his food. But for years, he would call her in the middle of the night. Sunday, July 27, The G word. The word itself stirs up all sorts of images, teeny boppers hanging out by tour bus doors hoping to get a look at their favorite band member, key word, member.

The scantily clad 80's style trussed up barbie types looking like they spent 3 hrs on make up-ing their wrinkled from cigarettes and too much booze and coke faces, young fan girls fangirling all over the place just about ready to pee their pants if someone from One Direction looks their way and more. Though there are groupies for everything from sports stars to chefs to actors to authors, this post is dedicated to band groupies, though the word has a negative connotation, and generally only applies to females, I'll try to Does anything asked of them by a roadie or band worker to acquire a backstage pass to "meet" the band.

No, I am not this type of groupie, though I have had the displeasure of meeting many a dimwitted bimbo who thought getting on her knees for a sweaty roadie would guarantee her a spot on a rock stars lap.

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There was an echo, being a parking area, and one said to the other. Back in the 80's Def Leppard had the old "special" passes that were given to only these ladies and so yeah, the band knew how it was acquired. Your more savvy version of groupie number 1. Sure sure, they might end up with a "DIK LIKKER" pass but they don't mind and soon after getting backstage by any means necessary, set their sights on bagging a band member, Any band member, any band, any time. Like collecting musical dickstains is their hobby.

But hey, that's their thing and it works for them and well, live and let live. Just don't eat all the steak. Your "fangirl" if you will. I'll admit, I have fangirled the shit outta some Hanson. Through connections Groupie type 5 I had the great pleasure of seeing and meeting Hanson on a few occasions, and every time I felt like I was in the 5th grade seeing Shaun Cassidy in his white pants.

The first time I believe was at The Orpheum in Boston. Through a connection a friend of mine and fellow Hanson fangirl got us a couple of legit tickets and all access passes. Now, Hanson were still young lads then, in their late teens I think and were heavily guarded, no matter, being the seasoned pros we are, we marched right up to them and had them sign programs and shake hands, much to the chagrin of their "handlers" who insisted on no photos, remember this was pre- cell phone camera days.

On another occasion, we received a meet and greet through a fund raiser and after a show in Providence, RI were hanging out with the boys backstage, they were sweet, kind, funny and cool. We were fans then and still are.