Yin and yang love hate relationship

Yin and Yang – Balance in Relationships – Towards Better Life

yin and yang love hate relationship

5-Earth year: Transformation of Traditions and the Love-Hate relationship between Yin and Yang. aug 19, ; By NinaElshof; In Feng Shui kijk op de wereld. So enter yin yoga. Yin yoga, according to Bernie Clark, is the “perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that. The Yin and Yang of MS: Love and Hate There were opposite yet complementary relationships – favorable and unfavorable. What I.

Yin and Yang – Balance in Relationships

Yin will then begin to transform into Yang and Yang will dominate, which will start the cycle all over again. Instead there is a system of self-regulation, which makes for a constant game of tug of war.

In order to maintain balance, there is a continuous cycle of the transformation of energy that is regulated by the whole. It is this constant activity and self-regulation that is the basis of all existence and change. For example, the characteristics of the left side of the brain can be classified as Yin while the characteristics of the right side of the brain can be classified as Yang. The left side of the brain is associated with logical thinking and characterized by quiet, patience, and being soft-spoken.

The right side of the brain is associated with creativity and characterized by loudness, impulsiveness, aggression, and being boastful. When the characteristics of the left and right sides of the brain are compared to those of Yin and Yang, respectively, there is a clear correlation that helps us understand the relationship between both sides.

If yin-yang theory can be applied to human physiology, then our bodies must have a system of self-regulation to prevent one force from dominating the other. The regulatory mechanism of the human body is called homeostasis. Homeostasis works to maintain a balance where the body is able to maintain proper function.

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An example of homeostasis at work in the human body is body temperature. Our bodies must maintain a temperature of approximately If body temperature becomes too high or too low, then that is an indication that something is wrong. If left untreated, abnormal body temperature can lead to hypothermia and cause organs to stop functioning, which can be life threatening. The mechanism of homeostasis has developed in humans through evolution making us innately self-regulatory.

Every system and function in the body has its own self-regulatory mechanism built-in to maintain balance. When yin-yang is out of balance, unique physiological functions are exhibited to express certain disorders.

In TCM, there are certain symptoms that can be identified that correlate with the imbalance of a system. TCM practitioners are able to identify these functions, allowing them to accurately diagnose the system in which the problem resides.

yin and yang love hate relationship

In order to restore balance to the body we can nurture our innate self-regulatory systems. Yin and Yang Organs In TCM problems that arise in yin or yang organs are considered to be more serious than problems concerning other organs. Disorders in yin or yang organs may be due to the organ itself or it may be caused by a disturbance in the relationship between the organs.

Yin organs are located deep within the body and are associated with the manufacturing, storage, and regulation of fundamental substances. Conversely, Yang organs function to receive, separate, distribute, and excrete body substances. Yang organs are hollow and considered to be external. The specified Yin organs, also known as Zang organs, are the lungs, heart, spleen, liver, and kidneys.

However it is also possible that you feel that you have been going through this huge and major process of transformation which resulted in a complete different mindset. Form is a characteristic that also can be addressed to the element Earth, more specifically to 5-Earth. A year in which the 5-Earth element dominates the energy is therefore a year that challenges us to put yourselves into a new form of existence, or at least to re-form specific aspects of your existence.

This could mean that you feel an urge, almost a necessity to find a new job for instance. Or to put a different meaning to your relationship. It can even be so that the process you went through in the past nine years has given you so many new tools to work with, that you find it necessary to change and adjust your form of existence on different levels of your life.

For those who experience this, it may seem that their world is up-side-down and nothing can remain the same anymore.

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If this is the case, such an addition of aspects being active at the same time can have massive impact. It can create a feeling of dissociation; of self — what am I doing? Mostly these big processes of change cannot be explained from a rational point of view.

Rational explanation is merely possible in retrospect. So that might not be very comforting to read, since you feel the need to get answers right away. You would like to gain immediate clarity on and insight in this obvious chaos that is presenting itself around you.

Most of all you might want to know which is the next step to take.

yin and yang love hate relationship

It seems a bit ungrateful to finally return home and then start nagging about bits and pieces. But that is what the energy of a 5-Earth year is prompting to do; creating a dual aspect of experiencing oneself. To explain this a bit more, it can be helpful to take a look at traditions and automatisms versus evolution and improvement.

A human being is a habitual being. On the other hand there is a lack of necessity to change things and processes that work well.

yin and yang love hate relationship

Habits and traditions are also characteristic aspects of Earth energy; it is the power of conservation, of the safety of repetitive patterns. So this feeling of sticking to traditions is very present in this 5-Earth year, like the feeling you have of safety after returning to your own home.

At the same time there is a need for evolution and improvement, to change things for the better or just because change is required. This may sound as a contradiction, but they actually are just the dual aspects that belong to Earth energy. So every element in Feng Shui has these two sides to it, but this is most strongest in a 5-Earth year. So both these principles conservation and evolution can also be addressed to the qualities of respectively Yin and Yang, as every element has both Yin and Yang qualities to it.

Yin is the archetypal feminine energy and Yang is the archetypal masculine energy.

Run. A Love Hate Relationship

The way Yin and Yang — literally — move around each other like the tao symbol shows, is the same way that tradition and evolution or the feminine and the masculine for that matter are in a love-hate relationship with each other.

On one hand they cannot exist without each other and they would loose there legitimate presence without each other. On the other hand they cannot stand each other for they are opposites.

To be able to master this contradiction, it is necessary for both principles to transcend themselves in order to be able to connect with the other principle.

Persisting in sticking to the own principle is actually facing a certain death; ruling out the opposite is ruling out the biggest aspect from which the own principle can identify itself.

Both water and fire are also representatives of the principles Yin water and Yang fire. The characteristics of the water principle is cold, quite, dark and receptive — whereas fire is warm, active, light en dominant.

Without the willingness to overcome their own limitations, both principles are capable of destroying each other. Water can extinguish the fire so that it looses its heat, light and dominance and actually is put out.

Fire can bring water to boiling so that it looses its cold stillness, until it vapors and therefore looses its ability of receptivity. Together water and fire are able to create steam.