Yang mi and feng shao relationship with god

Ru Yi: The drama that brought Hawick Lau and Yang Mi together

yang mi and feng shao relationship with god

Jan 13, Trivia: Yang Mi was actually the producers' first choice to play Tong If their onscreen chemistry can beat the power of FengMi (Yang Mi/Feng Shaofeng Pairing), then I'll In Ru Yi, Hawick Lau and Yang Mi play a pair of babies who get got drowned in the many names and relationships of the characters. Mar 28, If you don't know already, I am a HUGE fan of Yang Mi. Palace/Gong drama was that brought fame to both Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng. automatically think about the older brother-younger sister relationship, as he does. Oct 16, William Feng Shaofeng and Zanilia Zhao Liying Announce Marriage Today. The first William Feng Shaofeng Yang Mi Palace Filming Credit.

But this is just rumors, so who really knows… Drama s with Yang Mi: The drama was so successful that both of these two stars were always together for the year of and Hence, why they filmed a few more dramas as love interests and even appeared in The Painted Skin sequel together.

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There were also rumors about the two dating, but nothing was really confirmed. Regardless, these two stars were one of the hottest onscreen couple back then. They both first starred together in the mini-drama series Fairies of Liao Zhai, where they portrayed the iconic A Chinese Ghost Story storyline. This was my first Yang Mi drama ever, and I thought she portrayed the pitiful and seductive Nie Xiao Qian beautifully.

Yang Mi and Hu Ge had great onscreen chemistry in this drama, which was probably why they came back together to film Chinese Paladin 3 as the main couple.

yang mi and feng shao relationship with god

In addition, both Yang Mi and Hu Ge have been rumored to have been dating in the past, but this was never really confirmed. However, I think there may have been a possibility of them dating because she did go on a vacation to Egypt with Hu Ge and a few people from Tangren, including Liu Shi Shi, and who really does that out of the blue right? But, in all honesty, who really knows but the two of them… Drama s with Yang Mi: So, I cannot give any opinion on it.

But this is just my opinion. Drama s with Yang Mi: I saw some pictures of it, and Li Dong Xue is very dashing!

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When I see them together, I automatically think about the older brother-younger sister relationship, as he does give off the older brother vibe. But the moment I saw him, I found him to be very alluring. BUT there was always something about him that I found very, very charming. I am so jealous that Gao Yuan Yuan gets him all for herself she is one lucky woman.

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For example, "Yang Mi, just joking with you This actually blatantly contradicts what Yang Mi said in her "The Story Behind" interview back in March--she said that FSF would sometimes joke with her, "everyone says we should be together, so how about we Plus, he's even blatantly made that type of joke publicly on his weibo, back in February! This was a few days after "Gong" had started airing in China and the FengMi rumours really started to get going.

yang mi and feng shao relationship with god

First, YM posted up a pic that she took of the two of them, and joked about all the dating rumours about the two of them I think she was trying to say the rumours are false? Hey, that person--are there people saying we're dating? Haha, how come I don't know about this? Why don't you think about it a bit Let's take a look at FengMi's weibo posts on this special day FSF posts a pic of himself with his good friend Raymond Lam, as the two hadn't seen each other in awhile and just happened to both be in Wuhan the day before QiXi, so they met up for karaoke and drinks.

YM makes a cryptic and rather sad but very sweet post: If they are said out loud, even I myself feel they are not genuine.

Thinking this way it is indeed quite tragic, used up all my feelings and tears only for the viewers' enjoyment.

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But to the person I truly care about, I am too scared to even open my mouth. FSF makes his 2nd QiXi post: Alright then, I wish everyone a happy holiday!

yang mi and feng shao relationship with god

Factor in the time for him to type up the post and sit on it for a bit to make sure it's suitably vague, and it pretty much came right after. Seriously though, if these two posts are really meant for one another, how much sweeter can they get--YM basically said he is the person she "truly cares about" and FSF did her one better, saying she is "the MOST important person! Funnily enough, both FSF and YM were asked about these weibo posts in separate interviews shortly after.

Yang Mi decided to play dumb, pretending to forget about even having made such a post. Meanwhile, FSF first replies that his post was about Raymond Lam also "playing dumb" by referring to his first QiXi postthen later--after it's clear the media aren't fooled--he replies that the post was meant for his fans who always support him Huh, don't know about you guys but the wording of his post really doesn't seem to make sense to me that it was for his fans or himself There is a considerable amount of backstory to this simple weibo post--I'll start from the beginning so please bear with me!

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May 20th is another special "holiday for romance" in China. This stems from the fact that "" in Chinese sounds very similar to the phrase for "I love you".

yang mi and feng shao relationship with god

Thus, it has been dubbed "biao bai ri" i. In particular, the time of The day before, Yang Mi made 3 posts on her weibo--here are the latter two: Her first post the bottom one is irrelevant to but take note of the cat picture! He must have been waiting in front of his computer for the special moment because on exactly Also note that the cat picture was directly taken from YM's weibo the day before Leaving no doubt in anyone's mind who this post was meant for!

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XD I personally think he made this more obvious perhaps due to the fact that in his previous Feb. This led FSF to angrily refute these rumours days later along with a declaration that his Valentine's Day post was meant for "Qingchuan" Cue excited screaming by FengMi fans all across the country.

yang mi and feng shao relationship with god

In fact, many FengMi fans were so touched by this weibo that they came up with the idea of making comments on this post by the time it was Yang Mi's birthday since comments was a bit out of reach What is also worthy of note is that many people thought this goal was impossible over a million comments??