Wolfram and yuuri relationship problems

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wolfram and yuuri relationship problems

PAIRING: Shibuya Yuuri/Wolfram von Bielefelt SPOILERS: Entire series; both anime. You see, Yuuri's got a little problem in having a slight hero-complex. . who further solidifies their relationship--a young human girl by the name of Greta. However, it seems that after their duel, Wolfram's attitude towards Yuuri significantly changed. My question is, what is it about Yuuri that changed Wolfram's feelings toward him . for him to have more feelings for Yuuri as their relationship progressed. so it makes sense that he'll go to Conrad whenever a problem arises. Wolfram comes in the room asking him what's up and Yuuri shows him what I think this was the sweetest and more evident proof of the relationship that links Wolfram and Yuuri in the novels. Where is the problem, then?.

Does this count as an Ancient Conspiracy? Wolfram's proposal to Elizabeth was also this. A Child Shall Lead Them: Yuuri is only 15 at the beginning of the series yet is crowned the Ruler of a country. The third season reveals that King Saralegui was also crowned at age Gwendal all but ignores Yuri upon his arrival at the castle and Wolfram is outright hostile. Despite the fact that everyone else seems pretty happy about Yuri's coronation, these are two of the people who will play a major role in his Demon Kingdom life, so he still has to win them over.

This series is really fond of this trope. The most obvious example are the main characters' uniforms: Yuuri is black, Conrad is brown, Wolfram is blue, Gwendal is green and Gunter is purple. Although the colors don't match up with their personalities in any obvious way, so it's more like Limited Wardrobe Color Range. Close-Call Haircut Clothing Damage: Conrad and Wolfram humiliate a group of thieves by shredding their clothes.

Wolfram at least twice not counting his sleepwearand Yuuri at least three times and his early childhood. Shinmakoku crossdressing beauty pageant in the video game, in which every one of the main characters is forced to participate. Wolfram's skirt is very short. Moreso in the novels, where Yuuri's internal monologue at one point mentions that his mother enjoyed The Ring so much that she proceeded to watch Lord of the Rings under the impression that they were related, among many, many other examples.

The Accidental Marriage at the beginning of the series is the start of their relationship. At first the two can't get along with each other at all but as the series progresses, the two finally speak on even terms.

Speaking of Accidental MarriageWolfram ends up on the receiving end of the marriage as he accidentally proposed to his cousin Elizabeth the same way Yuuri did but it was more accidental in the sense he was trying to swat a fly away from her face. Yuuri ends up making the whole situation worse and turns everything into a love triangle by the customs of Maou society. Wolfram expects Yuuri to win for his sake and Yuuri isn't please with that, so Wolfram has to step in as a result of his pride interfering.

Naturally, Yuuri thinks Elizabeth is going too far and saves Wolf from her before saying they have to make up. And then when Yuuri thinks that he and Wolfram aren't engaged anymore, at first he seems happy but when Elizabeth says she broke off the engagement and expect him to take care of Wolfram, at first he seems fine with it until he lets the information sink in and having him scream that he didn't ask for this.

Then there's the whole reason why the Accidental Marriage happened. Yuri smacked Wolfram across the face, despite the latter insulting his mother, because he was "too pretty" to have been punched in the face. In episode 17, Gunter tricks Wolfram into jumping into the Sand Bear's hole by saying that it's to prove his love for Yuuri, which he falls for. Despite not being used to Yuuri yet, Wolfram allows him to rest on his lap multiple times and Yuuri doesn't mind at first The episode with the bearbees focused on the pairing a lot.

Everyone thinks when the two disappear due to being stuck in a mansion with no way out, they think they eloped and Gunter even suggests that they are making a pact of suicide. The entire episode was of the two trying to settle their difference and they succeeded to a certain extent.

Murata did that creepy thing where he angled his head just so that you couldn't see his eyes, just the gleam of his glasses. Yuuri thanked him profusely for the advice and invited him over for dinner. Murata politely declined, saying that he needed to finish his homework, and then he handed Yuuri a stack of schoolwork he'd been collecting for him.

He thought he heard a quiet, "you're welcome, Yuuri" spoken to his back, but he was too busy grumbling to be sure. Now that Yuuri had a plan, even it wouldn't fix everything immediately, he felt better. He was able to get much of his homework done while his mother flitted about happily and made dinner.

His dreams that night were blissfully normal. It'd been a while since he'd done that. The first stop was a bookstore. Finally, the cashier stepped in and helped him pick one, and Yuuri had to with a blush on his face explain that it was for a friend.

It was obvious that she assumed it was for a girlfriend. Carrying the two books, he headed over to the crafts section to find a book on crocheting for Gwendal.

He knew Anissina had taught him to knit, but he didn't think Gwendal knew how to crochet, and his mom had suggested he get him a book on it. She'd actually wanted to come with him, but Yuuri wanted to enjoy picking out the gifts himself, though he'd also had to get advice on Greta and Wolfram's gifts.

The next stop was the manga shop. There, he picked out a few he thought Yozak might like: Bleach volume 1 and 2 and volume 1 of one called Karneval that Yuuri had never read but that he thought looked interesting. Then he headed to the store to pick the rest of the items up. Wolfram's present was some special and shampoo and conditioner that Jennifer had recommended to him once when he'd come to Earth with Yuuri. He stopped by the crafts section to pick up some crochet hooks and yarn for Gwendal to go along with his book.

This next one Yuuri dreaded a bit. He managed to pick out a few outfits that he thought would look cute on her. As he passed the toy section, he spotted a stuffed toy tiger that he also couldn't resist getting for her. Lastly were Conrad and Yozak's presents, which were sword-cleaning kits. He'd actually already gotten some for Conrad before, so this was a refill. He wished that he could think of something else to get, something more personal, but he was too unsure of what would be right.

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Done with shopping, it was as Yuuri was heading for the check out desk that he spotted the jewelry department. He wasn't much into wearing jewelry himself, except for Conrad's necklace, but he felt a compulsion to stop and look this time. He stopped to stare down into the glass that covered the more expensive items, and his eyes were immediately drawn to a gold band.

It was plain, but it felt special to Yuuri somehow, and before long he found himself getting the worker's attention so that he could get a closer look. He left the store, broke but carrying a gift-wrapped package for one of the most important men in his life. He even put a card on the box that said: On Earth, rings could mean any numbers of things or nothing at all.

What if rings had a different meaning in Shin Makoku than here? He tried to remember if he saw anyone wearing a ring in the other world, but his mind drew a blank. He took a calming breath. He could always take it back to the store if he decided not to give it to the man. Yuuri spent the next few days trying to just relax and enjoy spending time with his family.

On the day before he was to return home, Murata came over and spent the day playing games with him, which kept his mind occupied. He kept having to remind himself that if Wolfram tried to kill him, Conrad would come to his aid, and as for the other problem, time would heal him… Before Yuuri disappeared into the water, all presents bundled up and ready to go, his mom handed him a bag of wrapped cookies with an encouraging smile she had ideas about the ring that Yuuri had been avoiding thinking about.

Yuuri smiled gratefully and was gone. Two pairs of hands helped him climb out.

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Yuuri fought not to blush as the memory of Yozak and Conrad kissing against the wall came back to him. I knew a break would be just the thing! He noticed that Conrad was watching him, and wondered if he'd been aware of Yuuri's mood. What was he thinking, of course Conrad knew — he was his Nazukeoya. After changing into some dry clothes, Yuuri's first stop was Gwendal's office to get caught up.

Apparently, it had been a week since he'd left, but nothing happened that Gwendal couldn't take care of while Yuuri was gone. Yuuri did have a whole new stack of paperwork waiting for him, though. He had brought Gwendal's bundle of presents with him, and set it on the man's desk. Gwendal peered at it curiously until Yuuri gestured at him to open it. Yuuri got the rare treat of seeing Gwendal's face light up. With a big smile on his face, he watched as Gwendal flipped through the book.

His hands idly ran over the soft yarn skeins that Yuuri had chosen. I hope you enjoy your presents. Yuuri gave him a warm smile in return before almost skipping out of the room. He loved seeing people happy! He put it down and looked up as Yuuri peeked in.

I thought you might be interested in learning more about where I came from. To learn the history of the place you were born…! Yuuri scratched his nose and explained that too. So thoughtful — I love them! When it came to Wolfram's present, Yuuri got nervous and decided to visit Greta first. It took a while to find her, mostly because he'd been looking outside, but he was finally told by one of the servants that she was helping out in the kitchen. She was sitting on a bench and peeling potatoes.

Yuuri saw the signs of a stew being made, and his stomach gave a low grumble. The maids laughed, making Yuuri flush in embarrassment.

Wash your hands, okay? Wouldn't want to get your presents dirty. Her eyes got wide and excited, and she immediately went over to the sink to wash her hands. Yuuri pulled over a stool while Greta returned to hers. He handed over the bundle and watched with a paternal smile as she shredded the paper to get to the presents inside.

She found the clothes first, ooh'ing and ahh'ing, along with the maids, at the different styles. The red with white polka-dot dress seemed to be her favorite, as she held it against her body and danced around the kitchen. Once she settled down, Yuuri handed her the last present.

Then she turned the hug onto him, and he danced around the kitchen with her like that, laughing. It wasn't until he'd put her down and turned to leave when he noticed Conrad leaning in the doorway, watching them with a warm smile on his face. Yuuri blushed and waved. The two headed in silence down the hallway together until Yuuri excused himself to talk to Wolfram. He knocked on the door to his chambers, but no one answered. Yuuri thought it was good luck, and entered the room.

He went to the bathroom with the bundle and put the hair products in the shower. He wasn't so lucky when he went to exit, as Wolfram saw him and came in. I didn't know you were back. What do you want? Yuuri scratched his head and gathered up his courage.

Minutes later, a slap resounded around the room. Luckily, it was soundproof or Yuuri would have had Conrad rushing in to see what was going in. Yuuri left the room alone and went to his own chambers to calm down and think.

It had not gone as bad as Yuuri had thought it would go. In fact, it was worse. He'd half-expected Wolfram to get mad and attack him. Not that deeply hurt expression that had been on Wolfram's face when Yuuri had told him he didn't think he could ever feel that way for him.

Yuuri was sprawled on his back in bed when someone knocked on his door. Yuuri kept his eyes closed, an arm over his eyes, as the door opened and the other man entered. It was silent for a moment, until Yuuri was startled by a cold compress being pressed against his stinging cheek. He lifted his arm off of his face and reached over to hold the compress into place himself.

Conrad had brought a chair over and was sitting beside his bed. Eventually, Yuuri felt like speaking.

wolfram and yuuri relationship problems

I didn't mean to…but I hurt him deeply. Yuuri knew that Conrad loved his brother, but he also knew that Conrad wasn't one to judge, at least not openly. He cared for Yuuri as well.

Wolfram really liked you. He doesn't hate you, he's just hurt. He needs time to come to turns with this. He always knew the right words to say, or imply, or not say but show in his eyes. Yuuri nodded and sighed. Time is the only cure.

I just…wish I'd done it sooner, so maybe it wouldn't hurt so bad. Yuuri was surprised when Conrad reached over and laid a hand on his arm. It was the most comforting thing anyone had done lately, and Yuuri couldn't resist curling over and resting his head on the hand. Maybe Cheri would come home soon… She loved her sons dearly and would do anything for them. Conrad was sitting in the same exact spot. He jerked up in bed, dislodging the man's probably numb hand from his.

I didn't mean to fall asleep on you. He still had a present to give. He walked over to his bag and retrieved Conrad's stuff. Yozak said you were running out a couple of weeks ago. I got some for Yozak too. Yuuri panicked and stuttered out, "A-ah, it's nothing. Well, I got it for you, but then I wasn't sure what it means here, so I was going to ask, but then I forgot and-" Yuuri abruptly shut himself up once he realized that he was making no sense.

Yuuri nervously chewed on his lip as Conrad read the card, then opened the box. When Conrad didn't say anything, Yuuri defaulted back to rambling. It seemed to fit perfectly. It was a beautifully tender expression that made him wish he had a camera, so he could capture the moment to hold forever. For some inexplicable reason, Yuuri found himself tearing up. Completely embarrassed, he hopped up, gave the sitting man a quick hug and practically ran over to the bag to retrieve his last package.

See you later, Conrad! After, he headed for the stables to where he hoped Yozak was. Thankfully, he was there, so Yuuri wouldn't have to do any searching. Looking for Greta had been enough for him.

Yozak was brushing out a horse's mane. He looked up when Yuuri entered, seeming surprised to see him. I just got back from Earth, and I brought some presents. Yuuri felt a little awkward, as this was the first time he'd talked to Yozak since the confession.

He wasn't sure how to act, so he tried to pretend that everything was fine. He found the kit first. Now I have my own!

Yuuri laughed too, but they both knew that Conrad knew full well and had maybe even given permission for Yozak to use it.

Next he pulled out the books. Seeing his confusion, Yuuri rushed to explain. I got you 'Bleach' because it's one I like, and it has a lot of action. I've never read 'Karneval' but thought it looked interesting. I hope you like them…" Yuuri added nervously. It was ridiculous — they were just simple gifts, but he was afraid that Yozak wouldn't like them.

Perhaps Yozak could see it on Yuuri's face, because he quickly reassured him. It made Yuuri blush. He hastily thought of something to say to detract attention from it. Yuuri was utterly mortified, and his face was probably as red as a tomato now. Yozak must think he was pretty tactless.

But when he looked up, Yozak just looked thoughtful and a bit amused at Yuuri's embarrassment. We're not in a romantic relationship, but, pardon my language, we do sleep together. As always, Yozak seemed to know what he wanted to ask. Being noble and all, he doesn't feel it's right to lead me on.

That was totally a surprise. Who could it be? Yuuri floundered on an answer. Fortunately, Conrad chose that moment to arrive with Greta following behind Conrad seemed to look over the situation while Greta greeted Yuuri.

Does the relationship between Yuuri and Wolfram go anywhere in Kyou Kara Maou?

Conrad said he'd play! Yozak volunteered, and they all set off for a place with good hiding spots. Greta wanted to be "It", so the other three were left to find hiding places before the countdown ended. Yuuri struggled for a while to find a good place.

wolfram and yuuri relationship problems

The first one he'd found had…already been occupied, and by some creature that Yuuri wasn't sure he wanted to know the name of. The second place had turned out to be the home of a grumpy hive of bugs — half bee, half spider. Yuuri shuddered when he thought about all the stingers and creepy crawly legs.

Finally, he decided to heck with it and tried to climb a tree. He was just reaching a nice level when his foot slipped, and at the same time he heard Greta yell out "! Yuuri scrunched his eyes closed in preparation for a fall that never came.

A hand latched onto his arm, pulling him the rest of the way up with a strong and sure grip. Once he was able to settle firmly onto a branch, he looked over to see Conrad staring at him from the branch beside him. The other man grinned at him and put a finger to his lips.

The branches were close together, so Yuuri found himself sitting right up against his friend. It was warm, and the weight against him was surprisingly comforting. It made Yuuri want to just lean into it and doze off. And that's what Yuuri found himself doing, until he heard a girlish voice yelling 'gotcha!

He felt the ring on Conrad's finger. Yuuri shivered, and his heart seemed to jump in his chest. Unfortunately, Yozak was a good finder, so with him on her side, they easily found the two hiding up the tree. Yuuri almost regretted it and blushed at the remembered sensation of the fingers stroking him.

He was so distracted by the thought that he slipped a second time, this time going down the tree. Luckily, he was caught in Yozak's waiting arms. You're not a Lokey. It was because Yuuri was so close that he heard the noise Yozak made low in his throat, and felt his racing heartbeat against his hand resting on the older man's chest. Instead of slowing down, Yuuri's heartbeat sped up to match the tempo of the other's. All of a sudden, Greta started laughing.

As one, they turned to her to see what she was laughing at.

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She was pointing at something on Yuuri. Yuuri looked down and saw immediately what was so funny. He was missing a shoe, and some type of large bug creature thankfully not a Bee-Spider was nibbling on his sock. It'd be just his luck if it were a flesh-eating one. He pouted and promptly plopped himself on the ground to remove the offensive creature.

That's when Yozak joined in the laughing, and Conrad soon followed. When he looked up and saw his happy family before him, Yuuri couldn't help but forget his irritation and join in. He thought about how right this felt, being with them. On the way back to the castle, Yuuri found himself glancing at the two men often. Sometimes, he'd get caught at it and look away, blushing. But sometimes he boldly returned the looks. He missed the way Greta was watching them and giggling.

He had something he needed to find out. Ulrike was fine with it, though Gwendal didn't understand why he couldn't do what he needed to when he'd gone the last time. Yuuri explained that he hadn't known he was going to need to do it until now.

Gwendal gave in and then asked Yuuri if he'd stop by and get him some more yarn. Amused, Yuuri left for home. When he entered his kitchen through the glass doors, it was to the sight of Murata and Jennifer in aprons cooking up a storm.