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We also have poems from a uncle to a niece quotes and sayings related to poems from a A uncle or aunt often has a special relationship with their niece. Uncle or Aunt. Parents. First cousin once removed *. Second cousin once removed *. Sibling. First cousin. Second cousin. Third cousin. Niece or nephew. What started as a one-night stand between a niece and her uncle progressed into a full-blown relationship and children, Juliet Kasirye writes.

Michiru's happiness and the active household due to the presence of the bearded Gorilla Kouji acts as a foothold for him to move on. What starts as an innocent connection between the two that mirrors Souichi and his wife's first meeting develops into a complicated relationship involving several characters and plotlines.

While Michiru and Kouji act as the foothold to keep Souichi's emotions in check, Souichi's interactions with Hiwa truly act as encouragement for Souichi to move forward with his life.

While the fact is that both are fully fledged adults, the innocence within this relationship isn't something to be scoffed at for being unrealistic.

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Instead, it brings out how broken and misplaced both characters are -- Hiwa being inexperienced, not with being in a relationship as she has experience in that regard, but the feeling of liking someone earnestly. Souichi being unable to accept the death of his wife as a reality he must face. Their interactions work to overwrite their bad experiences and memories that deter them at the start of the story.

At the same time, both characters know, but realistically can't acknowledge each other's feelings due to their circumstances. Hiwa recognizes that Souichi's wife is still prevalent in his life with the presence of Michiru, and in addition to this, she feels that it was unfair for her to like Souichi when her best friend Yurika tried so hard to win Souichi's affection. Her inability to act upon these feelings sends mixed signals to Souichi, who is conflicted by Miyuki and her death.

Souichi realizes that if he accepts his own feelings, he is accepting that he is moving on, or 'overwriting' his memories of his late wife. Due to how much of an impact Miyuki had on his life, he does not want to let go of the cherished memories that he had built with Miyuki. These feelings act as a final hurdle, an unavoidable and half-impossible one for Souichi to jump over. This situation not only works as a subtle way of fleshing out both characters, it also brings out the best of others involved such as coworkers Hino and Yurika, who try in their own ways to help both move on while conflicted themselves with their own relationships with the characters.

Only in some occurrences do are the characters drawn in detail, usually to express some emotion or action. However, the art really works to create various themes used to drive the story. Scenes of sadness and isolation often have empty or a very basic environment drawn, with limited or no dialogue.

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These scenes are placed at the beginning of chapters so that rather than seeing most of the details of what led up to a scene the reader is shown the results.

Koike does this to dedicate more screen-time for us to see how Souichi reacts and grows from sadness rather than how sadness is evoked within him.

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