Teacher and student relationship 2014 gmc

What makes a good clinical student and teacher? An exploratory study

teacher and student relationship 2014 gmc

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Eric Milou, Rowan University Examining the Fraction Focus in the Common Core Grades 3 — 8 This session will examine the steps that teachers must take to ensure high quality mathematics instruction in the era of the Common Core Standards with a focus on the mathematical practices and the teaching of rational numbers.

Participants will examine how to engage, motivate, and use technology that can lead to building better number sense and facility with rational numbers. Do they tremble when you mention fractions? Is it difficult for you to motivate them? Identifying and Building Common Core Fluencies for Mathematics Grades K — 5 In order to become 21st Century learners and thinkers, students must see the connections between arithmetic and algebra.

This session will focus on building elementary foundational fluencies so that struggling students may leverage fact knowledge, deepen understanding of fundamental concepts, and feel prepared for the more rigorous curriculum they will face.

Presented activities use real-world data to boost understanding of numbers and operations, measurement, probability and more. Grade level specific examples will be provided as well as strategies for English learners to access the SMP. Come and engage in the SMP. The purpose is support students, particularly English learners, to develop the habits of mind necessary to become proficient in mathematical thinkers.

Sherry Parrish, The University of Alabama at Birmingham Developing Numerical Fluency Through Number Talks Grades 3 — 6 This interactive session will explore the use of Number Talks as a vehicle to support and expand students' numerical reasoning and computational fluency with whole numbers and fractions.

Classroom video will be used to analyze students' reasoning and examine the benefits of using Number Talks in classrooms. Bring a digital device and leave with access to great free resources and competitions!

In this session, participants will engage in tasks suitable for students and portable to classrooms. After engaging in the tasks, the speakers will discuss the design principles of the tasks including the mathematical goals.

Texas on record-setting pace for inappropriate teacher-student relationships

This discussion will include illustrations of student work and advice for classroom implementation. Florence Fasanelli, Mathematical Association of America — Tensor Foundation Finding Funds for Programs Encouraging Girls to Study Mathematics Grades 5 — College Successful out-of-school programs to encourage girls of all ages to persist in studying mathematics and science will be described in detail.

Methods to gain funding for these programs will be shared.

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  • What makes a good clinical student and teacher? An exploratory study

Student focus group 3 They are expected, by both their teachers and their peers, to dress conservatively and become fluent in medical terminology while retaining the ability to communicate effectively and be genuine when dealing with patients. They do not let exam pressure interfere with their performance during their attachments. Supervisor interview B What makes a good clinical teacher The importance of the clinical teacher as a positive role model and mentor was emphasised by both students and supervisors: Student focus group 3 Good clinical teachers are considered to be skilled communicators who are knowledgeable, committed, enthusiastic and genuine.

They should have good teaching skills. They are observed to exhibit the same characteristics during their clinical work: Student focus group 1 Junior doctors can be effective teachers and mentors.

They are perceived by students as often being more approachable and empathic. Other health care professionals, particularly nursing staff, could also be effective teachers and mentors.

Student focus group 1 Discussion The study was limited by resource and the inaccessibility of students and supervisors due to the wide geographical range of teaching units used for clinical teaching at the University of Glasgow. The purposive sample of supervisors had to be augmented by approaching individual tutors and a convenience sample of students had to be used.

teacher and student relationship 2014 gmc

Despite the recruitment problems, and not using the same moderator for all three focus groups, meaningful data were considered to have been produced. These data can be used to inform an observational study of clinical settings, which would strengthen the validity of the findings. Good students were viewed, by both supervisors and students, as being enthusiastic and motivated. They were considered to be proactive in seeking out relevant learning experiences and were observed by supervisors as being visible in the wards.

This is an important quality where students are expected to be active in managing their own learning. They appear confident, knowledgeable, able to prioritise information, flexible and competent in basic clinical skills by the time of graduation.

Good students are considered by supervisors and students to be compassionate, able to communicate with, and be respectful of, patients and colleagues. They were also observed to be genuine when interacting with patients and colleagues.

teacher and student relationship 2014 gmc

They are not afraid to seek help when necessary and are aware learning is a lifelong commitment. They are felt to have a sense of vocation.

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Poor students on the other hand were noted, by both supervisors and students, to attend less frequently and when they do, tend not to participate to the same extent. They appear not to be as interested, although some supervisors reflected this was not the case at their medical school selection interviews. They were viewed by supervisors as making less effort, being less knowledgeable, less able to prioritise information and having less sense of their future roles.

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Supervisors felt they also interacted less well with ward team members. Validation of identity by patients and members of communities of practice was found to promote professional inclusivity [ 12 ]. This should be considered and explored by teachers. They could help flag up concerning behaviours at an early stage enabling appropriate intervention. They could also be useful for tutor training.

The findings on what characterises a good teacher are consistent with other studies and reviews [ 5 - 71516 ]. They exhibited the characteristics highlighted in the literature on effective role models; high standards of clinical competence, excellence in clinical teaching skills and humanistic personal qualities [ 17 ]. The importance of non-cognitive characteristics such as inter-personal skills and relationship building was particularly emphasised by both students and supervisors.

Effective teachers are those who stretch students, using a repertoire of teaching and learning approaches, but who do not take students too far outside their Vygotskyian Zones of Proximal Development ZPD.