Tai and sora relationship

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tai and sora relationship

“I agree that there was a romantic interest in Tai and I was surprised that I believe there was an emotional component in the relationship, but. The controversy is that during the first season, a love relationship was hinted between Sora and another male protagonist named Tai Kamiya. Sora Takenouchi (武之内 空 Takenouchi Sora) is a fictional character in the anime One is the uniform of the soccer club she plays in with Tai, consisting of a red . relationship, but it improves once Sora realizes Toshiko cares deeply for her.

While walking home from school, he does tease Kari about the possibility of her being jealous, but being the cool headed girl she is she simply brushes it off. Lovers or just best friends, they are still playful with one another and still super cute! Mimi x the underdog IZZY??? Hear me out, I always thought Mimi and Joe were a thing, but this is even better!

When did our little computer savvy, too-smart-for-his-own-good Izzy become interested in girls?!

tai and sora relationship

I still love you the most. Tai x Matt Alas, the not-by-blood brothers. The two match in competitiveness and in being hotheaded so it is to no surprise to see them arguing over something.

tai and sora relationship

Theme song — oh the nostalgia. This is so much better than our version! Another reason why Tri. Just listen to it. Digimon Adventure 02 Before tri was released, many fans wondered if the season two universe would be included in the story, or treated as if it never really happened.

In other words, the story of 01 was supposed to be self-contained to one season. Midway through production of making 01, it was decided that there would be a second season - and that the second season would be a continuation of the first.

Tai and Sora's Famous Last Words

Were the moving events of the last episode [of 01] decided very early on? Other than that, there were no huge changes.

tai and sora relationship

The mystery behind the narrator — In the closing of the last episode, it was supposed to be revealed that the story was actually the reflections of an adult Takeru. Or did you just want to portray a close friendship? Did they know about the foreshadowing?

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So that the writers focussed on friendship? Or was it another reason?

tai and sora relationship

So we can only draw assumptions. And Masaki wrote more episodes than any other writer, and also co-wrote the novelisation of Digimon Adventure with Kakudou, which also contains Sorato hints obviously. Well, my biggest guess is what I asked him in my question: The definition of foreshadowing is to be subtle, and the less people know, the more subtle it is.

I recommend reading this staff analysis to know who was in charge of which characters, who wrote Sorato and Taiora, and how Sorato was being foreshadowed - if you want to know the facts.

My thoughts on the Tai, Sora, and Matt situation in Digimon.

Also keep in mind that, like Takeru being the mystery narrator of the series and this being foreshadowed with the voice actor for his father also voicing the narration of every episodeSorato was also foreshadowed to be a surprise revelation in the originally planned epilogue.

To drive this point home: Foreshadowing itself should be subtle enough already - but to foreshadow surprises? And I find that insulting. So, Kakudou only had some of the writers knowingly foreshadow Sorato in How do we know this?