Spiderman and silk relationship

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spiderman and silk relationship

A list of friends, associates, and enemies of the Marvel Comics character Spider- Man. . They started living together, and the relationship got so serious that Anna Silk a.k.a. Cindy Moon: In the Original Sin storyline, When Spider-Man was. In terms of a relationship with her, I would like to see her character a little more developed instead of her and Peter acting so spontaneous because "they were. Almost immediately, the two began an extremely intimate relationship, surprising Silk saved Spider-Man from being unmasked by the Black Cat in live TV, and.

She soon got into an accident herself that killed her family and received superpowers. She soon became a friend of Peter's when he joined the New Avengers. They flirted with one another.

SILK Character Analysis: A Dark Reimagining of SPIDER-MAN - ComicsVerse

She made his black costume the non-symbiote version. Peter's high school crush, although they never get together. Liz instead marries Peter's friend, Harry Osborn, who's divorced now.

She develops a crush on her lecturer, Peter Parker, and the two go on a couple of dates before she realizes who she is. Michele is a criminal defense lawyer and the hot-tempered sister of Peter's roommate Vin Gonzales, as well his temporary roommate while Vin serves time for his involvement in the Spider-Tracer Killings frame-up to which she got him a plea bargain [6].

When Michelle attempts to kick Peter out who is actually the Chameleon in disguise she is instead seduced by him and become infatuated with him. After pestering and bothering Peter tirelessly, she returned to her previous home in Chicago shortly after Vin's release. She and Peter build a relationship slowly, with he providing her a new costume and working together to defeat Norman Osborn in Symkaria.

After Peter shut down Parker Industries to stop Hydra from using his company for their own devices, she learns of his secret identity and allows him to stay at her apartment. After having stopping crime together to help Peter's self-esteem, they share a wonderful kiss. Peter lives in her apartment while recovering from the dismantling of Parker Industries. They end their relationship after realizing that outside of work and crime fighting, they don't have anything in common.

In the Original Sin storyline, When Spider-Man was exposed to the energies of the Watcher's eye, he recalled the first time the spider that bit him, but not before the radioactive spider that bit him managed to bite another before it died, Cindy Moon.

spiderman and silk relationship

Cindy shows remarkable abilities that are quicker and faster than Peter's. She felt a primal connection to Peter as they show an animalistic attraction to one another, and that bond was seen in a more tender, caring way throughout the Spider-Verse series.

spiderman and silk relationship

However, Cindy seems determined to keep Peter at a distance, as though attempting to come to terms with her own identity without the input of her famous ally. She has worked with Spider-Man on occasion. She shared a passionate moment with him when they stopped a bomb from exploding in New York City and greatly aided him during the Ends of the Earth.

Other continuity[ edit ] Emma Frost: On her own, she decides to pay for her crimes and get arrested, but returns to help Spidey, apparently, still holding a crush on Peter.

spiderman and silk relationship

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Kitty Pryde of the X-Men had a crush on Spider-Man and would eventually become his girlfriend, though this did not last because after the clone saga Spider-man realized he still loves Mary Jane. Rogue somewhat takes Spider-Man's advice to follow her heart and, now that she can touch people, almost kisses him. A mutant known as Chat from the Marvel Adventures Spider-Man who appeared in issue 53 and is best friends with this version's Emma Frost.

She has the power to talk to animals. She is one of the few people who knows Spider-Man's identity and has developed deep feelings for him. She and Peter begin dating, meanwhile Emma with her own crush on Peter shakes their relationship. Eventually, Chat becomes Peter's girlfriend. Ben Reilly's love interests[ edit ] Janine Godbe a.

Cindy Moon (Earth-616)

Elizabeth Tyne The one great love of Ben's life. Ben found out Janine was living under an assumed name after she murdered the father who molested her. Ben confided in Janine that he was a clone of Spider-Man. Later Kaine forced Janine to fake her death to hurt Ben. Janine later turned herself into the police for killing her father. Jessica Carradine is the daughter of the burglar who killed Peter Parker's uncle Ben. Jessica is a photographer and discovers Ben is Spider-Man. Ben and Firestar had an attraction towards each other, but it was never acted upon.

This is due to the fact that Peter had not yet developed feelings for Mary Jane, at the time he was cloned. Peter Parker's supporting characters[ edit ] Ashley Kafka: A psychiatrist at Ravencroft Institute for the criminally insane. Jameson's rival at the Daily Bugle.

Peter's former high school bully and later best friend. Son of the crime lord Don Fortunatowho disapproved of his family's deadly methods. A police captain and good friend of Spider-Man. She eventually dies in the line of duty. He also designs the costumes for the Avengers and the X-Men. One of Peter's first crush and ex-girlfriend of Flash Thompson.

Former lover of Flash Thompson; written out of stories between "Amazing Spider-Man" issues and due to anachronistic nature of the character's origins. Daily Bugle[ edit ] J. Peter Parker's boss at the Daily Bugle and its publisher. He has a campaign to discredit Spider-Man. Jonah Jameson's former secretary. Later becomes a reporter for the Daily Bugle.

Former neighbor and friend of Peter Parker. Cindy, however, never had the chance to learn how she could use her powers until much later, with the fear of Morlun prompting her to give up everything in the name of protection.

Therefore, despite being in her late twenties when released from her bunker, Cindy is very much a child still learning what it means to be a hero. Granted, this fear is somewhat understandable when Spidey admits that Morlun had died twice, indicating that there was still a chance that he could return for her.

By choosing to hide herself from the world, Cindy effectively costs herself the knowledge of what had happened to her family, a question that drives her character to find out answers regarding their current whereabouts.

Want to know more about the Spider-Women? Sure, it can be eye-rolling to hear that line said over and over again, but it is also something of a birthright: Throughout this storyline, Silk struggles to learn this lesson, possessing powers that rival and even surpass that of Spidey and many of the other multiverse spiders, yet lacking the sense of responsibility that make them so endearing. Eventually, at the cost of much trial and error, Silk finally concedes and accepts that there is a sense of responsibility that must come with being a hero, establishing herself as a true member of the Spider-family.

More importantly though, this setting allows us to witness Cindy trying to adjust herself to a world that has grown up while she was stuck in her cozy bunker.

List of 20 Girlfriends of Peter Parker / Spider-Man

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spiderman and silk relationship

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