Shunsui and nanao relationship

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shunsui and nanao relationship

Her mother remarried or had another relationship that produced Nanao. The first thing we get in this chapter is that Shunsui was remembering. Still, all of them bar Shunsui and Nanao are dead now, as it's all but confusion about the relationship between sword and weilder.. given i. The no longer quite so drabble-ish tales of Shunsui and Nanao. T to be . My little contribution to the cuteness of the Kyouraku ShunsuiIse Nanao relationship.

Instead, it was this very familiar looking woman: Notice the hairpin in her hair on the right?

shunsui and nanao relationship

More on that later. Shunsui explains about the Ise curse, and this is quite interesting: Thus there are no men in the clan for them to select husbands from, and they must always marry an outsider. But those men that marry into the clan die early deaths. Nobility aside, if the solution was so simple, it would have already been implemented by some members of the Ise clan.

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Given what Nanao confesses later, Shunsui would already be a dead man walking to the Ise curse if this was the case. What are the possibilities for a curse? This is hard to prove or disprove. Some bad luck has led to a legend about a curse, and every bad event that happens to a man marrying an Ise woman feeds into the legend.

We know that captains are only appointed when there are openings at the position, and that geniuses like Hitsugaya and Gin were not immediately appointed as captains when they finished at the Academy. He would have been a regular shinigami or an officer until an opening was available for captain.

Since he would have completed this hiding before he demonstrated Bankai for his captain promotion, the evolution of his swords into a dual wield even in sealed form could have passed as ordinary zanpakuto development.

Unohana was a captain before Shunsui and Ukitake, and never attended the Academy; Yamamoto has been the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 for a thousand years. So we can speculate that Shunsui and Ukitake attended the Academy sometime between and years ago, probably closer to years ago, and became shinigami.

This timeline still leaves Nanao reasonably in line with known Soul Society aging, and leaves the obvious age difference between Nanao and Shunsui intact. There is the age difference, for one.

Instead, I would speculate that Nanao is the result of a later relationship her mother had, perhaps when the Ise clan demanded an heir.

shunsui and nanao relationship

Believing that the same cruel fate that befell her would await Nanao, her mother appealed to the only one outside the Ise clan she could trust: In doing so, she left him with the terrible burden of the sword and her death. Now, Nanao will relieve him of this burden. This way Nanao would be raised away from Ise household and its curse. And secondly - because Shunsui took the sword, Nee-san was executed. We already know how much guilt he has over this.

Nanao looked pretty badass though, with her Zanpakuto paddle ready to spank whoop some ass. That reminds me of religious schools that use the paddle to disciple students to this day Nanao can play freaking Cricket with that thing.

Thoughts on Shunsui and Nanao in Bleach 651

This sort of felt like it came out of nowhere [ I've been under the assumption that Tite Kubo has been pulling shit out of his ass from the very beginning, especially with each of Ichigo's new power-ups when he gains new abilities. I swear he just makes everything up weekly, retconning things as he goes along, like with this latest chapter.

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All the romantic-tension that's been built up with these two characters up till now, just got a whole lot more awkward. I bet Kubo's conversation with his editor went something like this: