Sho and kyoko relationship marketing

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sho and kyoko relationship marketing

but it would be totally sweeeet if shou confessed to kyoko and ren was right there !!! the Chapter event in relation to how his feelings for Kyoko evolved. He might consider acting as just another form of marketing. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Drama/Humor - Kanae, Kyoko M., Ren, Shoutaro .. "Does this mean, Tsuruga Ren, that-maybe-you're off the market?" She was the first to find out about our relationship, even before Yashiro. It was a pretty sound marketing strategy, since the former attracted more Although Kyoko had been in a relationship with Sho, the singer.

In her state of heightened fear and anxiety, she hadn't been keeping track of the time, and she didn't know if it had been mere minutes or hours since getting back home. She was such a bitch. She was the one who had schemed to use him, was the one who had lied to him, and was also the one unable to take it when caught red-handed about her scheme. Instead of staying behind to face the consequences of her actions, she had chosen to flee like a coward instead. Granted, Ren wasn't completely faultless either—how dare he announce her pregnancy to the world without letting her know first?

She had violated him in a sense by having him father her baby without his permission, and he had violated her in return. Their relationship was messed up. Still, she knew she was screwed. It was evident she was trying to flee; the fallen briefcase and the open wardrobe were glaring proof. How was she going to explain herself to him? Kyoko bravely forced herself to look at Ren, and inhaled shakily when she saw that he wasn't looking at her, but was rather surveying the briefcase with quiet, dark eyes.

As she watched, her tummy churning with trepidation, he bent and picked the briefcase up so that it was resting again on its wheels, his long fingers curled against the handle.

Still regarding the briefcase, he spoke softly, deep voice tinged with an emotion she couldn't immediately decipher. And then, in a rush, she registered what the emotion was: Kyoko felt as if a whip had struck her; god, she really hated herself. The idea of Tsuruga in pain and hurt was horrible; she wanted to curl up from the agony of it all. Hurting him in turn hurt herself far more than she expected—she was desperate to do anything to soothe him, to kiss him, to make his pain go away.

For his pain was hers. Kyoko flung herself onto him, wrapping her small arms around his waist. I could never despise you! She thought her heart had sealed itself off after Sho, that she could never love again, but then she met Ren. He was unpredictable, frightening, gentle, kind, warm, cold, cruel… She couldn't understand him. He had been seemingly uncaring during the Star Awards, what with his refusal to introduce her as his date to the other women, and yet at the end of the day he went and announced such an intimate thing between them.

It was frustrating and flustering at the same time. But she could never despise him. Even if he treated her like Sho one day, she would never despise him the way she had despised Sho. Soon, his presence was starting to grow within her chest, filling her until she was about to burst. I'm scared—scared of knowing—" Scared of knowing that her covert little scheme had never been as covert as she thought, that he was aware all along of how pathetic and desperate she was, that she had fallen in love with him even when she wasn't supposed to… That she never had any control over their relationship from the very beginning.

Kyoko flinched when he finally looked away from the briefcase and obsidian eyes scanned her face intently. She nodded, mouth trembling. If there was anyone good at reading between the lines, it was Ren.


After all, he knew of her scheme all along, didn't he? And yet throughout their time together he'd never even once brought it up. The problem was knowing that he knew terrified her so badly. Kyoko jolted, letting go of him, her hazel eyes widening. He reached out, tipped an adroit finger, and gently traced the side of her slender neck, where her pulse grew erratic.

She was frozen, unable to react from the sensuality of his touch. I am certain you have questions for me, and I have plenty to talk about with you as well.

We can pretend there is nothing to say…" He moved his hand away from her pulse, and she gasped when his feather-light fingertips rested against her flat belly instead. Let's not… Let's not talk about it today. His shrewd midnight gaze roved her delicate features, then dipped and scrutinised the ivory white of her long dress. She was instantly self-conscious. She missed his warmth immediately, and had to resist the childish need to cling to him. His dark head rose, as if he had come to a conclusion, and he spoke again, briefly and matter-of-factly.

You're tired and afraid, and you're hardly in the right state of mind to think properly at the moment. For a day, run as far as you wish. When you're better, return to me by the end of that day, and we will talk. So Ren was okay with her leaving? He wasn't going to stop her?

Did he not care? She was being so stupid. She was the one who wanted to leave, so why was she getting all annoyed now that he said she could? Granted, he said only for a day, but somehow the impact still hurt. Making sure she wore an indifferent mask of neutrality, Kyoko reached for her briefcase, only to blink in surprise when he gracefully tilted it away from her reach.

It is past midnight now, and I will not allow you to wander about outside alone at this time of night. It was silly, how awkward she felt. She'd gone to bed for countless nights with him during the course of their relationship together, and it had become second nature to feel his secure arms around her as she slept. In fact, Kyoko knew that from now on, sleeping in bed alone without him by her side would feel strange and hollow.

His existence had ingrained itself onto her body and soul, and nothing would change that. However, right now she felt self-conscious and uneasy as she fumbled with the zip on the back of her white dress. Spending tonight with him would not be the same as other nights. Secrets had been revealed, amongst other things. A hitch rose from her throat when his fingers brushed her clumsy ones aside gently, and then unzipped her dress in a fluid, swift motion. The milky fabric fell apart on her thin back, and he softly guided it away from her obliging shoulders.

Layers of silk and veil eventually fell from her waist and thighs a couple of seconds later and gathered in a pile around her bare feet. Ren's digits then probed her short hair, unraveling her chignon. Her copper locks fell lose around her neck.

She wrapped her arms around her near-naked body, dressed in only her matching white bra and panties. She wanted to grab her night robe and put it on, but realised she had packed it away.

Kyoko inhaled sharply as the powerful, masculine presence shifted behind her, his fingers effortlessly undoing her bra clasp. She obediently raised her arms, and the bra fell away to the floor, exposing the little mounds of her pink-tipped breasts.

sho and kyoko relationship marketing

Her heart-shaped face flushed. She was glad he was behind her, and couldn't read her expression. And then Ren was scooping her petite body up into his arms as if she weighed nothing, and within a few ground-eating strides he lowered her carefully onto the king-sized bed.

sho and kyoko relationship marketing

Kneeling, he tugged teasingly at the waistline of her panties, to which she instinctively lifted her hips from the mattress, allowing the fabric to slide across her shapely legs.

Tossing the garment aside, he wrapped a large arm around her naked waist, and brought her closer towards him from where he knelt by the bed. Kyoko was already growing aroused and desperate for his contact, and she boldly lowered her disheveled head and kissed his lips. Never mind what had transpired tonight. Words could come later. He parted his lips in surprise, and she seized the opportunity to pierce his sinful mouth with her eager tongue.

Their kisses were heated and fervent, and she mewled in pleasure as she tasted his intoxicating scent. She could feel the satisfied upturn of his sculpted lips as his feline tongue swept across hers, and entwined together. And then he was kissing away from her plump lips, much to her brief disappointment, and was marking a fiery trail across her pale, smooth neck and her collarbone.

He only kept going further down, and Kyoko cried out, her head falling back, when he curled his talented tongue across the swell of her bare breast and then finally around the bud of her left nipple. She clutched his silky, black hair passionately as he suckled on the little, sensitive pink tip. His spidery fingers reached up and softly cupped the fleshy valley of her naked left breast, caressing it tenderly.

Arousal thrummed in her womanhood. He stilled, and she knew he was listening. She managed to grab onto the remains of her composure now that his ministrations had temporarily ceased.

She emitted a shrill moan, much to her mortification. Feeling miffed and embarrassed, she yanked onto the collar of his turtleneck sweater, trying to peel it off of him. Ren chuckled, and moved his mouth away from her breast she whined lightly in disappointmentthen stripped the clothing off himself deftly.

It landed beside her dress, black mingling with white. Her mouth literally watered at the sight of the sublimely crafted, muscled torso. The broad shoulders, the taut, well-formed biceps, the wall of sleek, ridged, hard muscles defined on his flat abdomen, and his magnificent torso tapering in to a narrow waist. There wasn't so much as an ounce of fat on his sculpted body. A supermodel's body, that was it was. Before she could leap onto him and devour him, however, he was lavishing attention back to her other breast, his teeth sinking around her areola, tongue casually flicking the nub of her right nipple.

His sharp teeth languidly scraped against her skin. He was careful not to aggravate the slightly tender mounds of her breasts, making sure that his capable tongue coiled around her nipple very gently, but still with enough force for her to feel the intensity of his passionate ministrations as he worshiped her breasts.

She shrieked in bliss as the familiar sensation returned and multiplied, her tiny body shaking. His arm was back around her waist, steadying her. Her nipples had turned as hard as little pebbles, and he used his teeth to teasingly flick at one of them, making her shudder at the friction, before turning his dark head to attend to the other one.

To be honest, I wanted to take my time removing the dress, but I could see you were tired. You look even prettier wearing nothing. The muscles of her womanhood contracted and she unexpectedly climaxed without any physical stimulation down south, falling helplessly against his arm. Blackness slammed onto her vision, and stars filled the darkness, making her dizzy with orgasmic rapture.

Her back turned rigid and she cried out, thrusting her breasts closer to the heat of his addictive lips. When she opened her eyes after what felt like several minutes, she realized, tears blurring her vision, that he had lowered her falling body onto the mattress, and was now spreading her slender legs apart.

He sat in between them on the edge of the bed, thumbs stroking her calves, dark obsidian eyes intently observing the erratically fluttering petals of her still climaxing pussy as if it was the most fascinating thing he'd ever seen. How long had he been looking?

Her cheeks turned as red as blood as she felt the fading orgasm die down. And then his eyes—completely blackened with masculine hunger—flickered upwards and met hers. He bent his head, his feline tongue licking off a trickle of moisture, the result of her release, from her naked inner thigh, then nibbled on her soft skin.

Another jolt passed her nether region. She sat up, pulse speeding like a sledgehammer, and crawled weakly but determinedly towards him on the bed. Maybe it was due to her pregnancy hormones, but she had never been this aroused and needy before. She needed Ren right now, or she was going to die. Never mind that she had already achieved the goal she wanted from their relationship: The truth was, every single time she had sex with him since a month ago, a baby was the last thing on her mind.

Not when it was going blank with the pleasure he was giving her. Ren smiled mysteriously at her, still seated, unruffled, on the edge of the bed. She ignored his knowing gaze and unzipped his tight leather pants, releasing him.

sho and kyoko relationship marketing

He was large and painfully erect—evidently her orgasm had its effects on him. His size was majestic. She extended her little tongue and timidly licked the side of his thick girth, both her hands wrapped around the impressive length. He hummed a deep melody above her. She shivered at the sound. The girl parted her thighs further and, her small hands still holding onto him, pressed his shaft into her sodden opening, her moist pubic curls brushing against the tip.

However, despite her earlier orgasm, she was still not sufficiently lubricated yet, and she grimaced in agony as his largeness breached her entryway. He pushed her gently down onto the bed, and she breathed raggedly with wanton desire as her head rested on the soft mattress.

Squatting down by the bed and keeping her spread legs in place, he laid loving kisses over the small thatch of her pubic curls, as if to assuage her pain just now, his catlike tongue entering and lapping the slippery folds of her femininity. She panted at the incredible stimulation, and as he buried his perfect lips into her lady part, kissing the pounding moisture between her thighs. I mean, your fanbase is going to freak, with you off the market.

And Kyoko's career is just getting started. And most people know her as a villain. Still wouldn't charm fans into falling even more in love with either of us? I mean, it does have a certain fairy tale aspect. Still, Kyoko might actually be in danger. Some of your fans are quite passionate.

She has enough work and exposure, even without this publicity, that she should not be wandering about alone and unprotected, since I can't be with her all the time. I'll call Sawara this morning. If someone finds out you're involved with Kyoko, she'll be in mortal danger. Ren knew what he was thinking: He'd want them to wait so he could be more involved. On the other hand, he was not the man to stand in the way of romance.

I don't want to hurt his career If there's one thing Ren needs, it's a bit of scandal attached to his name. A quiet hopeless romantic interest in you is a great explanation on why there aren't any other scandals attached to him.

A relationship with you could be perfect, for both of you President," she said, her voice falling to a whisper. I've known he's loved you for a long long time. But what do you feel? You have to do what you want, what will make you happy? Do you love him? But you shouldn't get married right away. But I'm sure my mother and father would be happy to wait a few more years. They're not anxious to see me or get to know the woman I love, right?

sho and kyoko relationship marketing

Nor would having Hizuri Koo and the world's greatest model at one of your bashes be a publicity coup, right? But that's probably not your style. Magnificent, my magnum opus! We can have it at my home! I can arrange it in I want a real honeymoon with Kyoko. Within the next couple of months. I couldn't be happier for you, too. Where do you want me to arrange the honeymoon? You just take care of the wedding. I'll give you a free hand. He realized there were marriages that were truly unsalvageable and he could understand why she had made the choice of leaving Kazushi.

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But he just never expected her to have the heart to abandon her only child as a parent. That was something Lory could never relate to even if he tried. Does he even know that you left New York and came back to Japan by yourself? I can also help him with his debts too.

sho and kyoko relationship marketing

It explained why Kazushi had never once came to him for advice or help during his difficult times. And where are you living now? This is getting ridiculous! And Kazushi allowed you to drop out of school just like that?! How are you going to have a future without a proper education?!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I will find you a suitable place to stay. As a matter of fact you should stay with me and my granddaughter at my villa for the time being until Kazushi comes to get you. That would also be easier for me to watch over you too. He was surprised by her sudden outburst. They even have their own restaurant too and I work for them in the evenings!

Have you heard of Darumaya? Have you been there before? How can you expect me as your elder to not do anything for you after knowing what you have gone through all this time? I mean I have a steady part-time job at a fast food restaurant during the daytime. In the evenings I help out at Darumaya and the couple charge me really cheap rent, so I am financially stable. You have blossomed into a fine young woman, I shall hire you as an actress! And I will be the one to polish you and make you the most shining gem of all time!

Even I am getting excited about this! And do you know that you are about to turn down this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will define your future, which many girls could only dream of? We just need some time to sort everything out on our own. Like father, like daughter. Perhaps we will discuss this matter at another time.

Do you have a cell phone, Kyoko? I would like to keep in touch with you if possible. This way we can reach each other more conveniently. Shall I have Sebastian take you home?

What a stubborn child. His heart felt heavy as he looked at her smiling face.