She go and drakken relationship counseling

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she go and drakken relationship counseling

After the Lorwardian global invasion, Drakken took a break from his life of crime. attending therapy to smooth out the kinks in their working relationship. Shego started to realize through therapy that she loves Drakken. and Shego in Kim Possible. Their relationship sure has changed throughout the seasons Dating advice from Kim Possible. Roz Winters . Drakken/shego ❤❤ Kim And Ron, Kim Possible And Ron, Disney Couples. Kim And RonKim. Shego is a villainess who works for Dr. Drakken as his sidekick. Shego's relationship with Dr. Drakken bordered on bizarre. .. a Mystical Monkey Powered idol known as the Tempus Simia, or "time monkey", and advice from her future self.

Team Go Shego has four brothers: Hego, Mego, and a set of twins who were never identified in the first episode, but were later revealed to be called Wego. With them, she used to be part of Team Go.

Her brothers, on the other hand, are fairly oblivious to the fact their sister has turned to a life of villainy. Hego has called her a "cranky smart mouth, prone to excessive violence", [4] but still considers Shego to be his sister unconditionally. Drakken to help her brothers regain their powers from minor villain "Avarius.

It was through her efforts they kept focused and organized as a super-hero group: When they briefly, fully regrouped in " Stop Team Go " they quickly regained their fighting effectiveness. Despite the fact that Shego claims to dislike her siblings and even though she would never admit it, it was strongly suggested that Shego still has a sense of familial love for them, as pointed out by both Kim and Drakken.

She finds him extremely annoying because of his sexist attitudes and incessant attempts to hit on her. Her attempts to discourage him up to and including attacking him with her energy blasts only increase his infatuation. In the episode "Car Alarm", Motor Ed breaks Shego out of prison in hope that she would assist him in his latest scheme. She reluctantly agrees to help him.

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Motor Ed turns a stolen rocket into a vehicle capable of going fast enough to cause devastation wherever it goes. In the end, Shego finds out she was just an "accessory" and bails out of the car, dragging Motor Ed behind, and causes them both to fall into a river. Alternative versions[ edit ] In addition to the stock edition of Shego, her character and design has been modified on a number of occasions in order to fit in with specific plot devices and episodes.

This way, they failed to stop Shego from obtaining the idol and dragging them into the future, leaving the world for her to dominate. She has dissenters brainwashed in special totalitarian facilities and everyone, aside from a small band of resistance fighters, is forced to wear a dress code based on Shego's green and black costume.

Although mostly the same, this version of Shego appeared to be much crueler and more evil than her present self, using her subordinates other villains to fight her enemies instead of doing it herself "the Supreme One always delegates!

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However, when the Supreme One was defeated by the intervention of present-day Kim and Ron, her world was erased as this version of her and everything else went back to normal. Miss Go[ edit ] In the Season 4 episode " Stop Team Go ", Shego's personality was temporarily reversed by an enhanced version of Jack Hench's Attitudinator, wielded by an old enemy of Team Go, the techno-powered villainness Electronique.

Electronique's plan had originally been to turn all of the members of Team Go evil, but since Shego was already evil, she was turned good instead. As Miss Go, Shego is a genuinely kind, caring and even girly person who is into shopping and romantic movies.

She has a lot in common with Kim and the two quickly become close friends, with Kim going so far as to describe her as being "like a big sister. So why would he leave me this Pretend that you won the lottery! With all that money, you can actually go back to saving the world without worrying about a stable work schedule!

she go and drakken relationship counseling

Kinston is giving me this amount of money just like that Kinston stated an 'if' clause in that deed Miss Possible. He took the folder and placed it on the table and turned it to the last page.

she go and drakken relationship counseling

One, Kim Possible should marry not later than my first death anniversary, and two that her marriage shall be true and legal in the eyes of the state and God. Remember, you have 1 year to find the man I'll even high light it for you. It was written in large, bold letters Please post resume at www.

After their heroic deed during 'her' Kimmie's graduation, and that was four years ago, the scientist decided to embark on making experiments for biological and botanical purposes, leaving Shego with less work If not for the big bucks she's getting as Drakken's body guard, she would have left the blue skinned ex-megalomaniac.

So now that she has nothing to do once again, she decided to surf the net. She was nursing a cup of very hot coffee in her hand when the ad caught her attention. Shego thought her laptop broke down when she spilled her coffee on it, "What the fuck…" KIGO Kim Possible herself has her jaw dropped when she saw her ad Ron Stoppable and Wade Lode peeked inside Kim's living room upon hearing the red head's voice The red head looked back at the two grinning men, "he-he-he I don't know what will!

I am so out of here! You get your ass out of that house of yours at this instant and come here! After their exchanged of 'words of wisdom' and 'inquisition' and once the ex-teen heroine explained what really happened, the Possible parents accepted but with the condition that Kim should sort the problem out as soon as possible. So here she is, one week after Wade and Ron posted the ad reading all the 'CV's' that were posted at her site.

Well, her site was taken down when she retired, but after what happened, the site re-opened but now with a different purpose. We are helping you read all these She's married three times and divorced thrice.

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She's a straight woman so what's her business posting her CV on the site! I've actually read four CV's of men and the picture were them in women's dresses!!! You know you've made such a noise not only there at Middleton, but around the world? As far as Middleton is concern, there are no news reporters lurking around my house or at my parent's house.

Mo got a point, but who cares, no one in another part of the world is that close to me to make any negative reaction Monique," Kim played with her hair as she tried to get her thoughts together, "…have you felt that feeling… wherein you miss something you're use to doing?