Rin and sesshomaru relationship tips

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rin and sesshomaru relationship tips

In this fic Rin stays with Sesshomaru, and Inuyasha leaves the village. .. ways of mating, and, in nearly each instance of such a relationship. Sesshomaru once referred to Rin as a Mere mortal on Episode 80, which is CANON. By the way, There are more then one ways to love a person. said that Sesshomaru and Rin have a daughter/father relationship or. Sesshomaru and Rin. The progression of this sweet relationship is one of the main reasons I watched InuYasha. The love of children warming icy hearts is a.

She leaves and Jaken is forced to oversee her actions. Rin recognizes them and the wolves accompanying them as the ones who had attacked her earlier in the series. The air around him is filled with sparks as the barrier tries to purify him, and even though he acts as if he's unaffected by it, inwardly he admits he can't get much closer to the mountain.

He isn't overly bothered by this, due to the fact that Kohaku's scent comes to a dead-end anyway. He turns and heads back to Rin and Jaken. He does so and sees a cheerful Rin coming back. Surprised by his deduction, she pauses. Lured by the Black Light On the slopes of Mt. Hakurei, Sesshomaru confronts Jakotsu at the edge of a hazy gorge. Jakotsu makes the mistake of declaring that fact as he commences his attack on Sesshomaru, who powerfully retaliates.

rin and sesshomaru relationship tips

Concerned that Rin will be caught in the battle, Sesshomaru orders Jaken to remove Rin from danger. Jaken takes the child, and they start to cross a suspended bridge to the other side of the chasm. The escape is short lived: Suikotsu approaches the pair ominously from the other side. While Sesshomaru gracefully dodges and attacks Jakotsu, Jaken struggles with Suikotsu. The feisty goblin manages to ward off Suikotsu with his ninja stuck, but at a price: As Jaken and Rin flee back to Sesshomaru, Suikotsu strikes again and the bridge collapses plummeting the three into the vapor below.

He wastes no time jumping into the abyss to rescue Rin. Back at the bottom of the gorge, Sesshomaru discovers a river. The scent trail reveals that Rin was carried away, but he finds Jaken.

Sesshomaru sets off in search of Rin with Jaken following on his heels. It turns out that Rin was carried away, but not by the river - Suikotsu has her.

rin and sesshomaru relationship tips

Rin uses the carnage as an opportunity to escape but is snared by the lurking Jakotsu. Sesshomaru travels towards the village, too, having picked up the sent of the Shichinin-tai -- where they are, Rin is sure to be.

The Exposed Face of Truth While the group settles in to recuperate, back in the mountain village the paralyzed Suikotsu menaces the cowering orphans. Jakotsu observes the scene and as Rin attempts to flee, he captures her and she struggles in his clutches. A single Saimyousho buzzes in, communicating to Jakotsu that Sesshomaru is on his way. Jakotsu orders Suikotsu to forget the children and they leave: They plan to lure him into Mt.

The clash between Sesshomaru and Jakotsu escalates. Jakotsu taunts Sesshomaru, threatening to kill the captive Rin if he makes a wrong move. Sesshomaru smirks in reply.

Angered by his reaction, Jakotsu swings his sword. Sesshomaru launches his defense flinging Toukijin aside, and charging Jakotsu headlong. Although wounded, the Shichinin-tai are still determined to make good of their threat to kill Rin. Suikotsu is about to cleave the cringing Rin when an arrow streaks through the air, striking him in the throat.

Jaken explains it may take several decades to amass the funds and resources, possibly even a full years; to demons, that's nothing, but to humans, it's beyond their normal life spans. Jaken tells her "By the time, the Lord's empire is established, you'll be long-gone. She awakens from the flute's spell and asks the children what is going on. She tells them that bandits are scarier as they kill for no reason what-so-ever while demons kill humans to eat themexplaining that her family was were killed by bandits.

Sesshomaru powering up to fight for Rin. Ongokuki senses someone is outside his cave and sees children in the shadows; he plays his flute to make them come to him, but finds them staying still.

He walks up to them to see that they're only dummies dressed in clothing to trick him - "You fell for it.

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Ungai calls to the children, telling them they're safe now; once they're out, he inquires if any remain in the cave. A children tells him that there's one girl still inside; he enters to find Rin again. He tells her it's safe, but she refuses to go with.

Ungai picks her up and walks away with her, despite her protests of not wanting to return to a human village. A child tells Ungai Rin said humans are scarier than demons, shocking him. He stays and does nothing as the monks try to reason with Rin to come with them. Rin is happy to see him, but Ungai is convinced she is under a spell. Ungai trying to stop Rin from going to Sesshomaru. They try again, freezing him in place; Ungai plunges his staff into the ground and release a blast from its gem, landing a direct.

The explosion flings the monks backward, destroying some of their prayer beads and the gem in Ungai's staff. As she does, Ungai stares at the destruction in shock and wonders as to why she'd go off with a demon. During all of this, Inuyasha and his companions are watching from a nearby tree line. Rin running towards Sesshomaru. As Jaken remembers he left him back at the campsite, he goes to get A-Un.

He blows off her question by telling her not to "say such silly things. He retorts that he is going to find Naraku. Jaken asks if he can come along if it isn't too much trouble.

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Rin tells Jaken that he doesn't need to ask. All three take off. Part 1 Kagura soon realizes the infant is not in the temple, and after receiving a serious wound she retreats.

Sesshomaru pulls all three from the river. As they watch, Kagura regenerates and awakens. Sesshomaru wonders if she intends to use him, only for Kagura to respond only he is intelligent and strong enough to slay Naraku; Jaken is shocked by her flattery towards Sesshomaru. This prompts Jaken to defend his master, saying his heart is perfect. Totosai explains that the blade must now be handed back to him, as it's now to reforge Tenseiga into an offensive weapon.

Tenseiga pulses as they talk. Both spiral towards the ground, crashing into it. This shocks Jaken, who has never met his master's mother before.

Kohaku and Rin are likewise shocked by this news. She wonders if he intends to eat them. The beast swallows Kohaku and Rin, returning to the Underworld.

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He lies, making seem like he's going to slay the hound. When the path closes, she says that none can return alive, pretending to be distraught.

She only says sacrifices are necessary to master swords. Jaken, who is shocked, realizes that Rin's life is in danger. Jaken expresses his jealousy at how Rin is favored over him. She says Rin will die. Wondering at the reaction of her own body she uses a tiny finger to touch her little nipple, and notices it tingles when she touches it.

Liking the feeling she continues, not noticing the intense gaze on her, coming from her taiyoukai protector. The more she touches the more she notices she starts to tingle other places too… and in the place that makes her a girl. If her touching her nipple feels good when it tingles then maybe it will feel good to touch there too. It tickles and tingles and she can't help but to reach down to touch herself there. Oh, this feels good!

Rin continues to clumsily stroke and kneed herself, closing her eyes and loving how nice it feels. Despite the cold water her body is starting to feel hot, and her knees lock together as she bites her lip and closes her eyes to focus on the sensation her fingers touching her girl parts are causing.

She keeps touching, moving her fingers clumsily, trying to figure out how to make this feel the best… eventually settling for making circles with her palm pressed to the top of her and pushing forward and back with her hips. She's in her own little world, completely oblivious to anything else until she hears the soft growl behind her.

Rin's eyes snap open, and she snatches her hand away and looks over to Sesshomaru, now staring at her intensely; a faint flush to her cheeks, and guilt painted across her features.

She had forgotten Sesshomaru-sama was here, and now she realizes he was watching her. He growled at her… Is it not okay to touch here?

No one has touched here before… maybe it's not okay to touch herself on her girl parts? But it feels good! If it feels good, then why would it be bad? She doesn't want to stop… But she will, if Sesshomaru-sama tells her she should. Did Rin do something Rin knows he won't hurt her, but the way he's looking at her There is a dark side of him that knows she won't resist him, no matter what he asks of her, but that dark part of his nature is easily beguiled by her guilty smile and the slight worry on her face.

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She is afraid she has displeased him, and his girl would never do so on purpose. Her submissiveness and the way she endeavors to keep him content, tries so hard to always make him happy… and succeeds, has won her the ability to calm his demon instincts, which tell him to immediately mark this girl as his own, and finish what she started with no discussion or arguments on her part.

She is vulnerable and weak, but he cannot ever bring himself to take advantage of her trust. Her adoration of him and the trust she places in him, when she does not trust easily, is obvious to all who have borne witness to their unconventional relationship, and it is a treasured gift, one that he refuses misuse. If he were to lose that trust and she were to come to hate or fear him… No. Mine to protect… Mine to nurture and care for and no other will have her… and she will never have reason to want any other for a caretaker.

Rin looks at her beloved taiyoukai, wondering if she has been naughty in some way; not 'bad'. Sesshomaru-sama has told Rin that she may be naughty at times; her behavior unacceptable, but she, herself, is never 'bad'.

He's never spanked her, or disciplined her in any physical way, and she trusts that he won't… But something is definitely happening that she isn't too sure of. He is not sure what to say, he is not the girl's father, or older brother, and certainly not her mother.

He does not think of her as his child in the sense of a daughter, she is only his in the way that he claims her as his most treasured property Perhaps 'property' is not the word, but he knows not what else to call it when he unequivocally claims this child as his own, but not in a familial sense… And she is not his mate.

There is an uncomfortable but unavoidable compulsion to add the word 'yet' to the end of that sentence. She has not been claimed as a mate of this Sesshomaru — yet. It is a difficult subject. She has just shown the first sign of being ready to take on a 'koisensei'… a most sacred tradition of the demon world in which an adult takes on the role of teacher and guide, training a child, who is known as a 'koigakusei', in the ways of mating and physical pleasures.

During her time under his care he has not had to contend with such a situation; but he must have realized subconsciously that at some point it would become a consideration. He does not want to cause her feel guilty, or bad, what she was doing is perfectly natural, and should actually be encouraged.

He isn't exactly sure of his owns feelings, if he is ready for the profound responsibilities that will go along with what should now be his new role in her life, but he ponders his options. In that moment, looking down at the sweet face and adoration filled large eyes of his little girl, he realizes he is… curious.

rin and sesshomaru relationship tips

She seems to enjoy sitting on the mokomoko that covers what she refers to as his 'man parts'. She faces him, kneeling with her knees placed on each of his thick muscular thighs. He instinctively leans his head down so she can wrap her short arms around his neck for balance, breathing in as much of her scent as the water will permit, and finding it comforting, and… exhilarating… as it is now laced with excitement and arousal.

It has been awhile since he's smelt an aroused female so closely — so close he could reach out and lick her neck… So close he could nuzzle into the crook of that slender column and sink his fangs in… So close he could hold her and let that scent wrap around his brain and he could lose himse- Abruptly, he shakes his head and gives himself a mental slap.

This is a child, this is Rin. Using every ounce of his iron will he goes back to wondering how it is he will handle this situation. Rin wonders at the intensity of Sesshomaru's eyes, and his labored breathing… and then the abrupt change to confusion in his expression. She isn't used to Sesshomaru-sama not knowing what to do. Has her behavior perhaps been somehow odd? Finally, he brings himself to speak, thinking it best to try and get more information before he makes a decision, "Rin, why were you touching yourself there?

She doesn't need to, as she will only tell him the truth, she will never lie to Sesshomaru-sama. She unconsciously licks her lips, recalling the nice feeling, before responding in a way that only one as innocent as a near to being a feral child, who has been untainted by the restrictions of human society, could.

The answer is simple for her, and there is no shame, only curiosity, when she informs him bluntly, "It felt good to Rin to touch there. She cannot possibly understand the significance of what he asks, but this is more important than she realizes. Her answer will dictate the course of their relationship; what he role he will play in her life, and he will only ever ask this once.

He has decided that, if she allows him, he will become her koisensei. He will take it upon himself to nurture and guide her into adulthood and teach her the ways of mating and pleasure. She will share a unique bond with him, in becoming more that a mere ward. Rin would be his first koigakusei… She would become more than just his 'special' human girl, someone already precious to him, but this would mean oh-so-much more… He already cares for her, and there will never be another like her, but to become his first koigakusei would elevate her to the status of alpha bitch of his pack, and her place would be unquestionable and permanent.

He would not ever have asked to touch the girl in such a manner before she had done so herself. Her discovery of herself, and her enjoyment of her own body has demonstrated that she is ready, according demon standards.

Raising her by demon standards is what he intends because, in all honesty, it is the only way in which Sesshomaru knows how to 'raise' her. He has very little understanding of human customs involving the rearing of their young, and so, he will rear her as if she were an inuyoukai.

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No other option had ever presented itself in his mind. The girl choose to follow a youkai, and, lack of physical abilities not withstanding, she will be treated as any other pup would be. If she is consenting, she will be instructed and taught about this new feeling, and learn to share this with her caretaker. It will be his responsibility as her alpha to instruct her in the ways of mating, and, in nearly each instance of such a relationship occurring between an alpha male and a female he himself has not whelped, the female under the care of the alpha male is at some point marked, and eventually, physical maturity and size permitting, completely claimed after years of grooming.

Yes, once a female koigakusei of an alpha koisensei has reached the appropriate physical maturity to comfortably accommodate him, the non-parental alpha invariably takes her as one of his mates.

She will never leave him, and their bond will be unbreakable and strong. The case is only ever different when it involves a blood parent. Parents will not claim their children as mates, even though it is frequently parents who are koisensei to their own pups. In those cases it is common for incestual mating between siblings or another family member or simply choosing instead to allow the offspring to mate with another of their kind, whether or not that is a sibling is up to the pup and the traditions of the clan.

Sesshoumaru's parents were siblings, and his mother was his father's first koigakusei. Sesshomaru had long ago abandoned every other prejudice against Rin's humanity, and, as he intended to raise her in the demon way, he has decided that yes, Rin was his, would always be his, and he would not only take her as his first koigakusei, but also mark her and, when she reached maturity, claim her as one of his mates.

It was the way of things, and her humanity could not change thousands of years of tradition, and hundreds of thousands of years of inbred instinct. Where didn't even particularly matter to her, it was his attention and physical contact with him that she craved. Her most contented moments are spent in his arms at night, when he allows her to snuggle against him, using mokomoko as a pillow and the warm protective enclosure of his embrace and the safety of his lap is her resting place for the night.

Rin wondered if he meant to give her the good feelings she had given to herself?

rin and sesshomaru relationship tips

If that was his intent, then she most definitely wants him to touch her there. She trusted him completely and loved him in a pure and uncomplicated way that only a child could, and yet… there was an undercurrent to her affections that her child's mind could not yet put a name to. There was a longing she couldn't understand that somehow involved Sesshomaru-sama… She could never get close enough to him, never spend him enough time with him, never get enough of his attention.

Always she longs for more — even if she's not sure what that more would be. What Rin does understand though, is that, above all else she belongs to Sesshomaru-sama and denying him access to any part of her, no matter if that part was covered by clothing or not, though, she would admit that there was anticipation — not merely acceptance — in allowing him to touch her in such a place.

She gave herself to him wholly, and trusted him to only ever do what was best for her. He had yet to fail her in that regard, in her opinion. With eager eyes, and curious delight, she responded, "Yes, of course Sesshoumaru-sama may touch Rin. He would move slowly, deliberately, draw this experience out, catalog each of her reactions and commit to memory what seemed to please her the most.

She was so small, so delicate and potentially easily damaged, that he would use infinite care when introducing her to such new sensations. He did not want to overwhelm his ward.

Mishandling her in anyway could be disastorous. Mindful of Rin's sensitive child's body, Sesshomaru gently encouraged her spread her thighs slightly and rest her tiny bottom on his lap before slowly reached down, smoothing the backs of his knuckles up the inside of her thigh and then carefully swiping the thumb of his 'new' hand, the one with neither claws nor demon striping, over the apex of her perfect hairless lips, then lightly dragging his digit down the outside of her tiny seam, coming back up once again to settle on the place where he knew her tiny pink pearl was hidden beneath her folds.

Rin spread her thighs willingly and tensed only slightly as his hand traveled lightly, but surely over the small hairless flesh of her outer lips. The warmth of his hands contrasted with the cool water, which barely covered Sesshomaru-sama's thighs and which now, in her slightly raised position was lapping at her ankles, calves, and bottom. Rin watched intently for a moment as her most adored lord used the pad of his 'nice' hand to press lightly on her, and his other hand, the 'mean' one, with the claws, slid up and caressed soothing circles between her shoulder blades, supporting her.

rin and sesshomaru relationship tips

He was so slow and gentle, so tender and conscientious, that his ministrations had her quickly relaxing and enjoying the attentions of her guardian.

While he never ignored her, it was rare that he was so completely focused on her and only her, as he was in this moment. Rin enjoyed holding his complete attention, and her confidence grew by leaps and bounds, as did her love and adoration as her 'girl place' began to tingle and ache in that good feeling way again… so much better than when she had touched herself there. Rin sighed heavily as her thigh muscles clenched and quivered, giving in to the sensations and he encouraged her by curling around her and pressing his forehead to the top of her head — his long hair creating a sliver curtain around them and making Rin feel like the rest of the world had melted away and she was in a safe, secret place… Loved and adored.

Sesshomaru-sama is so good to Rin… Rin loves Sesshomaru-sama. Rin wants more of Sesshomaru-sama's nice touching, it feels soooo good, so soft and gentle, but now She presses her hips forward, into the thumb dancing across her most special place. The tousle headed girl let out a sigh, and her tiny pink tongue slipped out to lick her upper lip, before her mouth fell open in a tiny 'O'.

She gave up trying to watch what he was doing. Instead Rin let her head fell back, and she closed her eyes - signaling her total trust in him, as she focused on how Sesshomaru-sama was making her small body give her such wonderful new feelings. Rin let her head loll back completely and he raised his own, watching her with hooded golden eyes as she started to pant lightly, exposing her throat and unknowingly telling him without words that she submitted totally to her alpha.

Sesshomaru-sama watched her so intently, seemingly studying her. Each reaction being carefully observed and he was on the lookout for any sign of discomfort on Rin's part. Finding none, he continues, enjoying the way her tiny nipples are now both tight and budded, her flat little chest is heaving, her lips are parted and her breathing and heartbeat are becoming more shallow and rapid. Rin is enjoying this immensely. He is pleased with both her reactions, and himself.

Sesshoumaru starts to put even more careful and indirect pressure on Rin's tiny pink nub, hidden beneath her folds, and it feels so new but so gooood, and Rin decides then and there that she loves this new touching part of their interactions. Rin wants to do this every single day! He wishes to hear her sweet breathy voice, and of her enjoyment, so he queries his precious girl, whispering to her in his deep, smooth baritone, "Are you enjoying the touch of this Sesshomaru, Rin? Her enjoyment is even more obvious when a small moan escapes and her tiny lower lip quivers slightly.

Sesshoumaru watched his ward, her cheeks stained with a deep blush. It pulled on something within him; the way this little girl had such trust in him, would give her body over to him so easily.