Relationship of blood type and personality traits

Japan and blood types: Does it determine personality? - BBC News

relationship of blood type and personality traits

Nobody really knows if your blood type and your personality type are linked, since there has been no proven correlation, but there are cultures A types are very responsible and crave success, but are sometimes unable to. Blood types in Japanese with Japanese people showing various emotions blood type horoscopes and discuss relationship compatibility. PDF | There is no scientific consensus that a relationship exists between the ABO blood group and personality traits. However, a recent study.

relationship of blood type and personality traits

Some association studies have revealed links between the Persistence trait and dopamine transporters and receptors [ 39 — 42 ]. Moreover, Rinieris et al. Based on these results, the ABO blood group may have an influence on personality traits, particularly the association between ABO group A and Persistence.

ABO Blood Type and Personality Traits in Healthy Japanese Subjects

This association may be related to neurotransmitter activity, such as dopaminergic activity, although the molecular biological mechanisms underlying the role of blood type in personality differences remain unknown. There is a long tradition of popular interest in and the use of ABO blood group typing to understand individual personalities in Japan and other East Asian countries, where this theory is commonly accepted.

In particular, the Japanese ABO blood group personality theory proposes that blood types A, B, O, and AB are associated with personality traits related to seriousness and enthusiasm, being easily bored, mildness, and individualism, respectively. These conclusions regarding personality and ABO type appear partly congruent with our results: These data are inconsistent with previous research showing no associations between ABO blood type and personality traits [ 10 ][ 11 ][ 20 ]. To detect small effects of genotypes or alleles on phenotypes, such as personality traits, it is necessary to use a large sample size.

Previous studies have employed small sample sizes and hence may have lacked sufficient power to detect an association between ABO blood type and personality traits.

However, most recent studies have also concluded that there is no relationship between blood type and personality; these studies included a large sample size in Taiwan [ 19 ] and large-scale survey data in Japan and the US [ 21 ].

The Amazing Link Between Your Blood Type and Your Personality

This discrepancy might be due to studies using different personality assessment scales TCI vs NEO PI-R or not using a personality questionnaire typically used in psychology. The TCI is appropriate for studying associations between genetic polymorphisms and personality traits because genetic factors influence the TCI personality dimensions.

In the present study, we found a small but significant difference between ABO blood type and personality traits, as measured by TCI, in a relatively large number of subjects. ABO blood types and personality traits have been studied by both mainstream scientists and pseudoscientific groups.

For example, in the Nazi era, type B was considered an indicator of lower instincts, which the Nazis thought to be frequently present in Asian and Jewish people. While on the surface, it's simply a fun conversation starter that will inevitably lead to a guessing game as to what someone's blood type is based on observation of their behavioral tendencies, the answer is taken with a certain level of seriousness by the majority of the population.

It is said that one of the reasons blood type personality theory has taken off in Japan is that, unlike with many other ethnicities that may be dominated by two of the blood types, all four blood groupings are fairly evenly distributed. This makes the Japanese population quite diverse and thus this theory more interesting. To get an idea of just how much this theory has gripped the Japanese public, take a look at some of these examples of how blood types permeate everyday Japanese life.

Even blood type condoms are available. During the New Year sales, department stores sometimes offer special lucky bags based on blood type. Dating and blood type Dating sites, and indeed the population at large, use blood types to determine amorous compatibility.

Japan and blood types: Does it determine personality?

Blood type profiles online Blood type has become such a popular identity marker that it is included on public profiles such as websites and social media platforms like Facebook. High profile celebrities and government officials see their blood type as important enough to list on their official sites.

  • ABO Blood Type and Personality Traits in Healthy Japanese Subjects
  • Blood type personality theory
  • The Amazing Link Between Your Blood Type and Your Personality

I even visited a hair salon's website once that listed their hair stylists by blood type. Blood type in anime, manga and video games Anime animations and manga comics may also refer to their characters' blood types and have them behave in a stereotypical manner. Some video games also allow blood type to be chosen when building a character.

Blood type in sports and education Professional athletes may have their training adjusted to their blood type. This was notably done with the Japanese women's softball team who won gold at the Beijing Olympics.

Some kindergartens organize their classes based on blood type and educate the children accordingly. Blood type at work Don't be surprised if you are asked for your blood type during a job interview.

It is not uncommon for it to be used as a means of deciding suitability for certain roles and some companies have been known to organize their workers based on blood type. Books on blood type personality There is an abundance of literature on blood types and your personality, offering advice on work, love and diet. Masahiko and Toshitaka Nomi combined have sold more than 6 million copies of their books and infour of the top 10 best-sellers were books on blood types determining personality.

Blood type harassment in Japan While it may be deemed harmless fun by many, as with anything that pigeon holes people, there is the potential for discrimination. It's been blamed for bullying at schools and work, and the ending of otherwise happy relationships.

In general, it's the B's that seem to get the hardest time for their blood type, especially in the world of romance. In business, A's are the most highly sought after due to their work ethic, attention to detail and relative shyness, which means they are not too over-confident.

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Blood Type Personality Theory

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relationship of blood type and personality traits

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