Raylan and boyd relationship quotes

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raylan and boyd relationship quotes

Boyd Crowder - Justified - I have a love/hate relationship with his character. Justified Tv ShowRaylan GivensTv QuotesGuilty PleasureMovies. Ava Crowder: Mm-hmm. Boyd Crowder: 'S a big rock, ain't it? Now as acrimonious as our relationship has been lately, Raylan, Ava and I discussed it and. And Boyd's relationship with Raylan Givens (well played by Timothy Olyphant) - Boyd's a white-knight with dark surges criminal and Raylan, his.

The main events in the second season starts and ends with a glass of Apple Pie. Albeit covered by different artists each time. How Doyle Bennett meets his end. Quarles likes to shoot people in the head when he is using his sleeve gun.

The gun probably is not very powerful and he is close enough to his victims to get an easy headshot. Born in the Wrong Century: From the start, the series has shown how Raylan would have been perfect as a U. Marshal in the Old West but that mentality doesn't quite work as well in the 21st century. Witness the first scene of the pilot where Raylan gives a mobster 24 hours to get out of Miami or he'll shoot him.

The mobster is amused You realize the U. Marshals don't just shoot people and haven't for, oh, a hundred and fifty years? Quarles likes to bind and torture male hustlers. Several episodes show Brady gagged, nearly naked, and bound to a bed in Quarles house before Quarles presumably kills him. At the end of "Guy Walks into a Bar," Donovan is shown bound and gagged in a bathroom as a naked Quarles approaches. In "For Blood or Money", Clinton leaves both the manager of his halfway house and his mother-in-law bound and gagged in the string of crimes he commits while attempting to get to his son's 12th birthday.

Two guys are upset that they lost money betting on a MMA-style backyard fight so they decide to extort money from the winner of that fight. They just saw the guy defeat another professional fighter and they believe that a 2—1 advantage is enough for them to intimidate a guy like that. Pennsylvania is used for the Appalachian shots but it is very obvious to anyone from southeast Kentucky that it is in fact not Kentucky, the mountains are different and any scene in Lexington is almost laughable because the geography is so different.

An utterly magnificent example of this trope as Boyd Crowder goes all Badass Preacher on Bo during church service, in a way that gets the crowd roaring their approval. Raylan gets his own turn, too. In season five we are introduced to The Canadians, two Canadian mobsters, who are the main suppliers of heroin to the Detroit Mob.

They briefly discuss the merits of Tim Horton's donuts and one comments on the fact that Tim Horton played professional hockey for 20 years but is now mostly known because of the donut shop chain he founded. When Boyd comments that he thought that Canadians were supposed to be polite, they tell him that that they are not that type of Canadians. The characters are played by two Canadian comedians but are presented as someone not to be trifled with if you value your life.

They notably are much more well spoken than most of the other criminals who show up on the show Can't Get Away with Nuthin': When Winona steals some money from the evidence locker and goes to the bank to test if it's real, the bank is promptly robbed.

When the money is recovered, it is scanned into the Secret Service database where it raises red flags and causes an investigation. For the first several episodes of the fourth season, Raylan and Boyd and their respective supporting casts have entirely independent arcs and the two men don't interact.

When Boyd says, "Fire in the hole! I'm gonna need an ambulance Chained to a Bed: Also, Quarles at the end of "Measures. Raylan is really popular with women. To the point where in Season 3, Art suggests using the bartender as a witness against Quarles for threatening Raylan until Raylan tells him the bartender's a woman and Art immediately groans because he knows Raylan has slept with her. Walt McCready's watch, introduced in "The Moonshine War", becomes a major plot point eight episodes later.

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Limehouse's meat cleaver in season three also served this role. Subverted with Quarles' sleeve-gun; multiple characters note that if its rail mechanism were to jam, he'd lose the advantage it gives him, implying that this will eventually be his undoing; in the end, the gun wouldn't have done him any good regardless, since he gets his arm hacked off.

Boyd becomes this after the events of season one. He stops being reckless and starts to carefully consider his actions and the resources at his disposal. Being one of the few criminals in the area with working brain cells kind of helps, but he can give a master of deceit like Mags Bennett a run for her money.

If he feels that he cannot win, he changes the game to one where he has the advantage. Limehouse is portrayed as one in Season 3. His community has survived for more than a century by always knowing where all the dangerous pieces are located and maneuvering around them.

Name one episode that has left Dewey Crowe better off than when it started. Season 4 features a snake-handler. Ellen May needs Shelby to confirm that Catholicism is, in fact, a form of Christianity. The Crowders have a tendency to back stab people and each other. Johnny and Boyd hijack a truck of drug making supplies belonging to Bo and Boyd betrays Johnny soon after.

When Bo finds out that Johnny betrayed him he shoots him and makes it look like Johnny went after Ava. When some criminals try to betray Boyd during a robbery, he turns the tables on them and they end up blowing themselves up with a bomb meant to kill Boyd. The beautiful part is that Boyd saw it coming the second they shanghaied him into the robbery. When hired by the mining company to buy up land for them, Boyd figures out why the land is valuable and makes a deal with Arlo and Mags Bennett to sell the land to the company for a small fortune.

The only people Boyd seems unwilling to backstab are Raylan and Ava. When he fights Raylan he does so face to face. Arlo betrays Bo Crowder to the Marshals and then turns around and betrays them to Bo.

Then he betrays Raylan to Bo and gets shot in the leg for it. And then to finish off Season 3, Johnny Crowder indirectly betrays Boyd to the Marshals he holds Boyd responsible for getting him in his wheelchair by telling Limehouse about Devil's murder. It backfires however, when Arlo takes the blame for the murder instead.

Boyd becomes one after his near death experience, though his father murdering his fellow converts causes him to realize that he only became one to fill the void in his life after renouncing white supremacy and has since toned down his beliefs in order to avoid getting more people killed because of his fanaticism.

Raylan is accused of Gary's murder. Hell of a shot. Did you consider what might have happened if you missed? I can't carry a tune, I don't know how to shoot a basketball, and my handwriting is barely legible, but I don't miss. Comically Missing the Point: When Dewey Crowe seemingly has his kidneys harvested and held for ransom, Raylan suspects they haven't actually been removed; he persuades Dewey to try to urinate, which Dewey successfully does.

Raylan tells him this wouldn't be possible without two kidneys. I got four kidneys? Raylan refers to the story of their capture of the fugitive Tiny when trying to talk Ava out of staying with Boyd. In season 4, upon seeing an FBI badge, Raylan and Tim question whether it's real, using the same line a fugitive's family used on them a few episodes prior.

Corrupt Hick Costume Copycat: In "The I of the Storm", Dewey Crowe poses as Raylan, including wearing a trademark hat, when ripping off a pair of drug dealers. The premise, with a hat to match. The show manages to both reconstruct and deconstruct it.

Raylan's antics obviously pay off, since he has a great clearance rate and the Marshal's Office has enough pull not to make a fuss about them, but he's often unable to judge his chances and the consequences of his actionssince he's so strict about fulfilling the trope.

When he's forced to interrogate Wynn Duffy politely, he's absolutely furious, since he previously promised to kick his ass next time they meet. Or when his unusual way of intimidating crooks finally makes him a suspect in a murder case. Harlan County represents this big time. It's a major motivation for Raylan leaving town like he did when he was young and the motivation of several one-off characters, as far as the need to escape from the town, either professionally or through crime drives their actions.

Constable Bob tries to be this, wearing a knife to use on someone who tries to go for his gun, and keeping a "go-bag" in his squad car that includes, among other things, an assault rifle. When Donovan threatens to shoot Quarles for killing Brady, Quarles tears up, confessing that his own father forced him into prostitution as a child. Quarles tears were probably not genuine, but rather a means of getting Donovan to let his guard down. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Constable Bob seems friendly, harmless, and his attempts to be Crazy-Prepared come across as more goofy than anything.

He also endures an absolutely brutal beating at the hands of a thug, refusing to give up Raylan the entire time, before getting his knife and killing his attacker while not even being able to stand. As Raylan puts it, "People underestimate Bob at their peril". Raylan has already roughed him up and threatened him there, and Donovan showed up one night with a gun, looking for Quarles. A Date with Rosie Palms: Dewey is kicked out of Boyd's camp for being an 'onanist'. Good thing, too, as it ends up saving his life!

Death by Falling Over: Boyd when he discovers the dead bodies of his "church". Mags when Coover dies. Census Bureau considers Kentucky part of the South though not everyone doesand Harlan displays all the usual characteristics. It should be noted however that Justified gives a rather more nuanced version of the South than usual, as not everyone is a dumb-as-bricks racist redneck, and even some of the more redneck characters are quite intelligent.

Those characters who are dumb rednecks are usually stupid because they're drug abusers rather than because of their Southern accents. Da Chief is fluent in snark, and Raylan has at least a conversational grasp of the language.


Raylan's fluency greatly increases in the third season. I forgot my knife. Season 4 reveals that several villains struggle with guilt over their villainy. For example, Boyd clearly does not enjoy goading Billy St. Cyr into picking up the poisonous snake that eventually bites him. Ava feels troubled when she arranges for Colt to kill Ellen May. Despite being a ruthless thug, Colt is extremely hesitant to shoot Ellen May and has to snort drugs to steady his nerves.

Harlan County is brimming with them, which can make it even more challenging for the Marshals to perform their duties: Hunter Mosley, the sheriff of Harlan County in the first season is working for the drug cartel that wants Raylan dead. Doyle Bennett is corrupt in all matters pertaining to his family though he is implied to be a decent chief of police otherwise. He probably would have been worse but Mags likes to keep a low profile and has her family stay out of criminal activity not related to their marijuana growing operations.

The new sheriff of Harlan County is also dirty and is in Quarles' pocket. Out with the old, in with the new. Harlan's third onscreen sheriff tips off a criminal of an upcoming arrest on his first day in office and later turns out to be a federal fugitive in league with the first sheriff.

The majority of prison guards we see on-screen are corrupt. Season 5 shows many of the guards in the women's county jail and state prison secretly working for criminals, bringing in drugs, sexually abusing inmates, and generally failing to uphold order.

Coover when he chases Loretta to the mine shaft, leading to Raylan having to shoot him, letting him fall down the pit in Disposable Sex Worker: Quarles has a history of torturing and killing male prostitutes. The prostitutes at Audrey's. Their pimp Delroy has them rob a bank for him; when one of them is killed in the botched attempt, he then attempts to kill the other two that can link him to the crime. After Ava takes over Audrey's, she moves from being protective of the prostitutes to physically assaulting at least one, and attempting to have another one killed who can tie her to a murder.

A fantastic one by Wynn Duffy in "Collateral": In season three, when Duffy reports to Quarles that Raylan went after their Oxy clinic, Quarles just laughs. Duffy is quite perplexed. In "Slaughterhouse," Quarles emits wheezing laughter as he lies on the slaughterhouse floor bleeding, telling Raylan that it was actually Arlo who killed the trooper. Jackie Nevada to Raylan.

They are a prime example of Strange Minds Dress Alike. Ava tends towards this. You do seem to have a penchant for getting abducted. In "Ghosts" Winona is taken hostage subverted in that while she's clearly terrified, she manages to assist in her own rescue by getting her hands on a pistol and shooting the guy holding a gun to her belly in the groin and chest.

At least, until she shot him in the heart with a hunting rifle while he was eating supper. Arlo beat Raylan's mother which is another reason why Raylan despises him so. According to Boyd, his father Bo beat his mother. Every time Bo beat her, he reminded her of her wedding vows to obey him. The black community of Noble's Holler has always acted as a safe refuge for white women who fled their abusive husbands and boyfriends.

Don't Split Us Up: In season 5, Allison tells Raylan about the angry, desperate reactions of abusive parents when she and police take their children away. Doyle pulls this on Coover and Dickie when he finds out a particularly stupid crime they've commited. They're immediately horrified, not out of fear of upsetting their mother, but OF their mother.

Kentucky bourbon, and only Kentucky bourbon. Mags Bennett at the end of Season Two. Getting shot by the teenage girl she genuinely liked, and finding out that all her boys except Dickie are dead forces her to break out that special drinking jar of hers Raylan was born and raised in Harlan, Kentucky, where his father was a well-known career criminal.

Raylan suffered emotional and likely physical abuse from his father Arlo. During high school, Raylan played baseball and eventually went to work in the Kentucky coal mines, where he worked with Boyd Crowder. Raylan went to college with money given to him by his aunt. After graduating he became a deputy U.

Marshal, driving him back to Kentucky. He is divorced from Winona Hawkins, a court stenographer, and is often involved with a variety of women. Raylan is known for wearing a distinctive cowboy hat. Nick Searcy as Chief Deputy U. Marshal Art Mullen, who knows Raylan from Glynco. He generally follows the law, but gives Raylan some leeway when he trusts his judgment.

Art is more of a father figure to Raylan than Arlo, but becomes distrustful of him after he demonstrates his inability to separate his personal and professional lives, frequently toeing the line between right and wrong. Prior to the events of the show, she is married to Boyd's abusive brother Bowman, whom she killed. As the show progresses, Ava becomes central to Harlan's crime syndicate in her own right. Jacob Pitts as Deputy U. Marshal Tim Gutterson, a sardonic marshal and former Army Ranger sniper who is generally unimpressed by Raylan's antics.

Erica Tazel as Deputy U. Marshal Rachel Brooks, a straight-and-narrow marshal who frequently imparts onto Raylan he wouldn't get away with his behavior if he wasn't white, male, and handsome.

raylan and boyd relationship quotes

Natalie Zea as Winona Hawkins regular seasons 1—3, recurring seasons 4—6Raylan's ex-wife. At the show's start, she is married to Gary Hawkins, a real estate agent. She works at the same courthouse as Raylan as a court stenographer. She still loves Raylan, but does not trust he is a safe choice given his profession and his tendency to get himself into trouble.

Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder recurring season 1, regular seasons 2—6the son of one of Harlan's biggest career criminals. Boyd is known for robbing banks and use of pyrotechnics, which brings Raylan, with whom he used to dig coal, back to Harlan. At the start of the series Boyd is a born-again, tent-preaching white supremacist, though he later moves on to attempting to control Harlan's criminal underground.

Jere Burns as Wynn Duffy recurring seasons 1—4, regular seasons 5—6a shady Dixie Mafia businessman who travels around in a motor home and who becomes involved in Harlan crime. Barry as Arlo Givens seasons 1—4, 6Raylan's father and a criminal who often worked with Bo Crowder, but who is now suffering from a form of dementia. Rick Gomez as Assistant U. Gainey as Bo Crowder season 1Boyd's father who is released from jail. He grew up with Raylan. Her sister was Frances, Arlo's first wife and Raylan's mother.

William Ragsdale as Gary Hawkins seasons 1—3Winona's second husband and real estate agent who gets into trouble with Wynn Duffy. Steven Flynn as Emmitt Arnett seasons 1—3a business man who works with several criminal elements. Stephen Root as Judge Mike Reardon seasons 1—3, 5the judge Winona works for, and is known for his strange habits such as wearing nothing but a gun and Speedo swimming trunks under his judge robes.

Mel Fair as Deputy U. Marshal Nelson Dunlop seasons 1—6 Kaitlyn Dever as Loretta McCready seasons 2—3, 5—6a no-nonsense teen involved in the weed business who is taken under Mags Bennett's care after her father dies, and who Raylan is a father figure to. Abby Miller as Ellen May seasons 2—4, 6a dim prostitute who works at Audrey's. Jeremy Davies as Dickie Bennett seasons 2—3, 5—6Mags Bennett's youngest son, who has had a riff with Raylan since a high school baseball game.

Margo Martindale as Mags Bennett season 2the matriarch of the Bennett family. William Gregory Lee as Sheriff Nick Mooney seasons 2—5an ill-tempered dirty cop who eventually becomes Harlan's sheriff. Jonathan Kowalsky as Mike Cosmatopolis seasons 2—6Wynn's bodyguard and right-hand man. Mykelti Williamson as Ellstin Limehouse seasons 3—4, 6a prominent man in Harlan's black community, he owns a butcher shop and BBQ, and is also known for his ability to help out those who need it, if they can pay.

Mickey Jones as Rodney Dunham seasons 2—3, 5a weed dealer. David Andrews as Sheriff Tillman Napier seasons 3—4a sheriff who hosts swinger parties for Harlan's wealthy. Demetrius Grosse as Errol seasons 3, 6one of Limehouse's employees.

William Mapother as Delroy Baker season 3the original proprietor of Audrey's who forces Ellen May into sticky situations.

Jenn Lyon as Lindsey Salazar seasons 3—4the bartender at the bar Raylan frequents and eventually lives above. Jesse Luken as Jimmy Tolan seasons 3—5one of Boyd's men.

raylan and boyd relationship quotes

He is Boyd's favorite and most-trusted soldier, and Boyd regards him as family. Arkin also directed several episodes of the show. Ron Eldard as Colton Rhodes season 4a former member of the Military Police whom Boyd knows from their days in the army.

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