Our relationship is like tom and jerry

Relationship Like Tom And Jerry | FRIENDSHIP Quotes

our relationship is like tom and jerry

That sums up Tom & Jerry's very twisted friendship just like all of our friendships. It also gives us an insight into our relationship with our siblings. Let's help you along the way with our fantastic collection of wedding quotes. “ Some relationships are like Tom and Jerry, they argue and. "Some relationships are like Tom & Jerry. They tease But somehow it took me almost 4 and half months to take my Energy Scan. And I am.

Everyone knows about them and what they are capable of. In childhood they were so helpful in making childhood so funny and happy. Still when i feel bored and sad i open up the YouTube channel and see their videos. They still make me happy like before and i remember the awesome childhood i had. There would be many like me who still watch them when their show is on television.

Although they just keep fighting with each other but they are very best friends of each other. As in show we see tom always trying to find Jerry with some method and trying to catch him always because Jerry always have been a problem to him.

our relationship is like tom and jerry

Then we see loads of things breaking and happening. But they have kind of friendship relation. We all have seen that Jerry is alone without tom and tom without Jerry. Wherever Jerry is tom is there and vice-versa. If they had Jerry could have moved to some other place or Jerry would have.

But they fight always and sleep under the same roof everyday. People these days fight with their close ones and then cut the connection between them forever just because of their ego. They think the other person is wrong and he should say sorry. Both keep their ego up and results we all have seen. End of that relation and hatred starts to develop in their hearts.

Think about it deeply. Life throws challenges at you, when you least expect them.

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Our life is basically a maze with several blocks which is brilliantly illustrated in the show. We constantly juggle with problems of diverse nature and somehow, we meet them face-to-face when we least expect them.

Tom and Jerry create those obstacles in this eccentric string of events which comes across as a mirror image of what happens to the best of us. Is there ever a shortcut to success?

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Haven't we all learned it the hard way? There are instances in the show where Tom or Jerry try to take a shortcut, it ends up pretty bad. This is a slight hint towards a bigger lesson that there is absolutely no shorter way to achieve what we really want in life.

Take it or leave it. There will always be someone you will meet in your life who will make you feel 'small' or 'big'. Remember the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror thinking if you're good enough?

our relationship is like tom and jerry

Honestly, I have felt that way, too. Sometimes, more than once in a single day. We always believe that there is someone better than us and we are, after all, not that great. We always tend to reflect more on our negatives than our positives and it is, in no way, your fault. Humans, especially Indians, are designed that way. And this very fact is beautifully demonstrated through the characters of the show. Your strength and your might is not measured in physical attributes. You are bigger than you think you are!

The small can overcome the seemingly bigger and more powerful.

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It is a proven fact. At this point, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the thought that went behind the creation of Jerry. A very small creature with a conviction of the Gods.

Some relationships are like Tom and Jerry, they argue and disagree all the time

Life will constantly push you. Change is the only constant. We hardly take a moment to breathe. We don't take enough breaks. We have reached a stage where when we do take moment to chill, we feel restless. Even though, this show was made way before the internet generation was born, it spectacularly sketches an image of something way ahead of its time.

Everyone goes through ups and downs. Don't worry, hang in there!

our relationship is like tom and jerry

In one of the episode called Blue Cat Blues, Tom signs on all his 'will papers' and is seen sitting on the railway tracks and one can hear train sounds.

Tom says, "In a few minutes, it'll all be over. It is better this way. This is a display of a very weak moment in Tom's life, just like the rest of us who have got our hearts broken at some point or the other. Every scar is a story to tell. Going through all the hardships and crossing the obstacles makes for a strong personality.