Oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

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oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

There are so many memorable quotes from the anime Hyouka, but which ones like Houtarou Oreki, or even a side character like Eru Chitanda or Tomoe Oreki. well if this a dating relationship than this is false, if its marriage than its true, dating is a test to see if . Hyouka, Chitanda Eru, Oreki Houtarou Hyouka is a great anime for those who love Anime Quote / Quotes by Hotarou Oreki from Hyouka. Anime Quote, Hyouka, Chitanda Eru, Oreki Anime Qoutes, Manga Quotes, . Anime, Anime Love, Blue Springs Ride, Sad Quotes, Shoujo, Otaku, Boyfriend Stuff.

However, they don't know if this is only temporary, or if they never want the situation to be made public. Is that because he didn't say why Student X was called out, asks Eru.

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That too, but it's pretty clear from the that announcement, replies Houtarou as he hands her notebook back over to her. Eru reads what she wrote down at the start of the challenge, but she then looks back at Houtarou and confesses that she doesn't see what he sees. You're right, comments Eru. It is normally some guy named Morishita-sensei who makes these announcements.

Houtarou next asks Eru where the counseling room is located, and she answers that it is on the second floor of the main school building. But, replies Houtarou, Shibazaki-sensei called Student X to the staff room. This means that the problem is major enough that they feel the need to contain the problem to the administrative level. At least, it could be, thinks Houtarou. Eru looks very worriedly from Houtarou to her notebook and back again several times before saying that if his theory is correct, then Student X is in a very bad situation.

He supposes that she is right. Then that means, says Eru, and Houtarou finishes her sentence by adding to it that Student X is involved in a crime. After a short break, Houtarou leans back in his chair and thinks that all of this is just a game that he is playing with Eru. He realizes that what he says doesn't have to be true.

And besides, Houtarou reminds himself, all of this started just to prove to eru that his theories doesn't always have to be correct.

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Eru interrupts his thoughts and asks him what kind of crime was it. Houtarou holds up a hand and tells her to wait. First, he says, let's assume that this theory of his is correct. There are no police at this school, so there's a good chance that they have sent over a related official. Assuming that a crime took place, it must have happened on the 31st of October, as indicated in the announcement. And yet, the announcement was made today, and seemingly in a hurry.

Houtarou takes this to mean that the investigators only just now have made the request. But they could also have made the request over the time, comments Eru. That's certainly true, concedes Houtarou, however he mentions that the police would probably want to apprehend Student X immediately. To do that, they would need to come here in person to make the arrest.

oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

So Student X was called just now because he has some connection to the culprit, asks Eru. That is possible, answers Houtarou. During this whole process, Eru went from a very excited and happy individual to one who is seriously worried about Student X.

So much so that Houtarou has to remind her that this is all just a game they are playing. Being reminded that this is just a game seems to have alleviated some of her worries and she relaxes somewhat back into her usual mood. Houtarou presses onward while Eru's mood is still better.

He says that if it weren't for the culprit, then Shibazaki-sensei wouldn't have rushed the announcement. Now, Houtarou asks what crime did Student X commit.

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He asks for idea from Eru. She ponders the question for a moment and then says that shoplifting is the first thing to come to her mind. Or perhaps the crime was committed in a totally different place, and the investigators learned of someone matching the description at Koubundou, and so based on that testimony, they have come here to the school to follow up on that tip. Now if that's the case, comments Eru, then the crime could be anything. Houtarou admits in his thoughts that this isn't a bad theory coming from Eru given the short amount of time that she had, but besides theft, none of the other crimes are possible.

This he says out loud and Eru asks why. Houtarou responds with simple logic that seems to defy Eru at every turn. The incident happened at Koubundou, so they can assume that Student X appeared to be shopping. At this point, Houtarou falls back into his mind and muses.

He wonders if the announcement was meant for the culprit to come clean, but he feels that, that doesn't make any sense. Houtarou suddenly announces his theory: The investigators know nothing about Student X, but they believe that Student X will show themselves after the announcement. If it were Houtarou who committed the crime and he heard the announcement just now he will think that the investigators still don't know how he did it and he thinks that he can get away with the crime at this rate, while laughing like an insane witch.

What he would do is not helping the problem. Back to square one, Houtarou wonders under which circumstances Student X will reveal themselves after hearing that announcement. He wonders if it is remorse about the crime, but that option is discarded almost as soon as he thinks it because the human conscious would have done that already. While Houtarou muses out loud and in his mind, Eru again doesn't look to be in the best condition.

oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

Houtarou suddenly looks at his watch and says that for now they should ignore the question of the crime. For now, they will just assume that whatever crime was committed, Student X regretted the crime and apologized for doing it in a letter. That's just too cut and dry for my tastes, but in these mysteries, you can't bog yourself down with mindless ramblings over a theory that may or may not be correct.

Houtarou asks Eru what the date is today, and she answers that it is the 1st of November. This means that October 31 was yesterday. Now he asks Eru why did Shibazaki-sensei not say yesterday during the announcement and instead said the 31st of October. Eru strikes this as odd as well and ponders why he would do that. That is because he had something in front of him that said the 31st of October, says Houtarou while answering his own question. Now he asks why the police know that Student X was involved if they know next to nothing about them.

Above all, why were they certain that Student X would reveal themselves if they made that announcement. And that is because, states Houtarou, Student X wrote a letter of apology to Koubundou. The owners would then take the letter to the police, and they in turn took the letter to Kamiyama High School.

That explains their certainty that Student X will come forward after the announcement has been made. Eru pleads for Houtarou to wait a moment, everything he is saying is going by too fast for her, she needs to slow down.

She says that according to Houtarou's theory, Student X wanted to apologizes to the owners of Koubundou, but they never wanted the police to be involved. Something like that, yeah, replies Houtarou. But if that were the case, says Eru presses her point, then Student X wouldn't have mentioned they were from Kamiyama High School in their letter.

If that is the case, how did the police know to come here after seeing the letter. Houtarou thinks for a moment and then suggests that the police asked the owners who they think is the most likely suspect is and that's how they came to it being a Kamiyama High student. And it would make matters even easier because Student X would be wearing their uniform; in addition to all of this, if Student X had done anything suspicious, then that would stand out in the minds of the owners.

Houtarou comments that this may be the key to figuring out what crime Student X committed. Houtarou goes back over the information thus far. He says that Student X did something suspicious in front of the owners, but what they may have done was not the crime. Afterwards he paid for whatever it was that he bought and left the store, during that time committing the crime.

Whatever the crime was, the owners would not have realized it immediately if not for the letter. And whatever the crime was, was important enough to immediately gain the attention of the investigators.

That being said, the crime is now looking to be more than simple theft. Houtarou muses and muses, thinking over the information while going in circles in his mind. And at the end of his musings, Houtarou has come to the conclusion that Student X used counterfeit money he is certain that it was a 10, yen bill. At this point Eru becomes speechless.

In fact she is so stunned by what Houtarou just said that she is forced to stand up. When she regains her voice, Eru says that this is impossible, it is realistically impossible.

This theory is a failure, nay, it is a catastrophe. Eru yells this much at Houtarou. Houtarou begs eru to calm down, reminding her again that this is a mere game.

Suddenly Eru realizes that she is less than an inch away from kissing Houtarou, her face turns a very light shade of crimson and she backs away, apologizing for overreacting. Once again, the awkward mood has descended upon these two.

Houtarou tells eru that she shouldn't get to serous about this, but that's not why Eru thought it was impossible. The reason being is because all of the counterfeit bills used in the news recently are 10, yen bills, and she knows that he got that from the news, but Eru tells him that there's no way that Student X could have gotten his hands on one.

Or even if they did manage to get one, then they should have exchanged it. What do you mean, asks Houtarou. Instead, Eru replies with a question of her own; she wants to know form him how Student C got their hands on a counterfeit bill in the first place.

From an ATM, he answers seriously. Eru informs Houtarou that it is close to impossible to trick an ATM or bank with a fake bill so easily, and if the counterfeit was really so good, then there's no way that Student X would have realized it was a fake. Houtarou hasn't thought about this and goes back to his thoughts. Basically, Houtarou says, Student X got the fake bill through a personal connection, but they quickly rule out family connections or getting it from a part-time job.

Maybe they picked it up, suggests Houtarou. He is now just grasping for straws. But that's just too unlikely, replies Eru. Houtarou admits that it wouldn't work anyways because Student X felt guilty from the start and if he picked it up off the ground and sued it, then he wouldn't have ever felt guilty.

Eru informs Houtarou that unless they can come up with a reason for why he has the counterfeit bill, then his theory fall flat. Houtarou next asks Eru if she likes money. Well, if she has to say then she likes it more than she hates it. He then asks her if she has any problem throwing away a 10, yen bill. Of course she would, as would any other reasonable person. Houtarou nods and says that Student X got the money from someone else as rightful money that was owed to them and used it, but felt guilty that it was a fake.

It can't be from a job or pocket money, so that really leaves just one other possibility. It is money that was return to Student X after lending it out in the first place. If that were the case, Houtarou can't blame them for wanting to use it in an elderly person's shop. If that were the case, then they would have still been able to exchange it, says Eru. Houtarou disagrees and links the counterfeit bill as the joker from Old Maid, no one wants to have it. Houtarou then mimics what he believes to Y-senpai returning the borrowed money to Student X.

Eru looks confused, so Houtarou explains that Student X lent money to someone who is higher in the social standing, that's why Student X couldn't object when Y-senpai returned the money with a fake bill. Based on this information, they can assume that Student X was only one person, since it would be too absurd for two or three students to be buying stationary with a 10, yen bill. Houtarou ends his explanation by saying that the police probably got involved with Student X to trace the fake bill back to the source.

Eru is suspiciously silent after all of the talking that Houtarou has done, and he is a little miffed about that. Irisu admonishes him for saying that he arrives to his conclusions by mere luck, when it's obvious that his logical thinking is a remarkable asset, and that by downplaying it, he's belittling the people that are not as capable as he is even with all their effort.

However, with those words, Irisu is merely pandering to him for her own ends. Oreki is intelligent and very distant. Considering his tendency to blackmail for even the most trivial aspects, this is to be expected. He is very strong-minded about his quest for laziness, and can fend off anyone that tries to barge in He cannot stop her, he cannot dissuade her, he cannot say no to her, and he cannot rid himself of her. She's just that appealing to him, and she ticks on every box he has.

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See Blackmail for more details. To Eru, who tries to be as insightful and perceptive as he is. His hair is rather thick and messy. He narrates most of the plot in episodes. He's loyal and caring towards his friends. As Chitanda states, Oreki is actually a kind person who helps out others, herself included and rarely does things for himself. So yeah, despite his apathetic demeanor, he's a very compassionate person.

It's very difficult for him to have a social relationship to someone, which explains why Oreki is an introvert and has known only few friends.

When he realizes he was being used by Irisu, he briefly displays rage. He seems somewhat unaware of Chitanda's attraction to him, and often rebukes her efforts to include him and make him part of her life with simple dismissal. To Chitanda, Oreki is simply one of the best people she's ever met, and regardless of any love development, he is a person that she considers essential in her life.

When he realizes that he might not be able to return to his energy-saving life once he sees how gorgeous Chitanda looks as the Queen during the Hinamatsuri parade in Chitanda's town. To put it into context, she looks so strikingly beautiful that he considers the experience life-changing, and even considers proposing to her later in the day. For Oreki, it apparently takes more muscles to smile than to frown. Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to everyone else's red. Used in Episode 3 to blackmail an upperclassman, Tougaito, who was smoking illegally in a classroom.

Upon entering the scene, he immediately memorized the presence of several key items. He's surprisingly wise and clever, unbelievably good at solving mysteries and seems to be able to always find a solution if he gives it enough thought.

Emphasis on "socially awkward. He's an intelligent, clever, stoic young man. He's cool, calm and quiet. Showing emotion usually consumes too much energy for Houtarou, however He may initially appear stoic and emotionless but in fact has a caring inner side. Taking Advantage of Generosity: The reason why he first adopted his energy conserving ideology.

During his elementary school years, a girl in Houtarou's class took advantage of his willingness to do her classroom chores as well as his own. He eventually discovered this while, at the same time, realizing that his teacher was not only aware this happening and didn't say anything, but that the teacher himself was taking advantage of his willingness to help out by assigning him random chores around the classroom that weren't his responsibility at all.

What he told his sister later on pretty much sums everything up: Even if you think that fellow human beings should help each other, others won't necessarily think of you as being worth it. It's not like I wanted anyone to appreciate me. I just never imagined that people thought of me as such an idiot. I won't stay after school anymore. As long as I'm around others, they'll ask me to do something. They probably think I'm an idiot because I always did what they asked without resisting.

I don't care about what they think. I just hate being used. Of course, if I have to do it I will. I won't complain at all.

oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

But, if it's not necessary If it turns out it's someone else's responsibility If I don't have to do it, I won't. Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Specifically, the comparison is that a proud lion Oreki was tamed by a pure maiden Chitanda. He has a habit of playing with his forelock when he's thinking particularly hard about a case.

oreki and chitanda relationship quotes

He never loses his stoicism, even when he's annoyed. If he tries to force a smile, it's not scary, but he's obviously trying to force a smile. With Mayaka; they are jokingly referred to as "Kaburaya Middle's best couple". Although they constantly aim snark at each other, it's obvious they get along quite well.