Nepal and japan relationship with united

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nepal and japan relationship with united

Japan–Nepal relations are foreign relations between Japan and Nepal. Diplomatic relations Defence[edit]. In , Japan sent self-defence troops to Nepal as part of a United Nations mission to help implement a peace agreement. Japan-Nepal Relations on PDF The Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Nepal th Anniversary of Nepali Students in Japan. 1 Jan Sharma, Nepal-Japan Relations: Time for Strategic Partnership, Kathmandu: Shree-Basudev. Guthi instrument due to its alliance with the United States.

Nepal — Japan relations is also based on other multi-dimensional aspects. These all areas together are making contributions to solidify our relations.

nepal and japan relationship with united

Trade Trade relations between the two countries is going smoothly although balance is always in favor of Japan. In early s when I was in Japan I met one Japanese businessman who told me that he used to import Lycopodium powder from Nepal. Quality stuff was exported in the beginning, but later on, it was found mixed with turmeric powder. So he discontinued the import. Such malpractice will never be condoned in Japan. Japanese look for quality goods not costs. Rather high quality goods do not fetch much if the price is low.

nepal and japan relationship with united

Without knowing psyche of the Japanese consumers, it would be difficult to do business. Nepal exports to Japan more than hundred types of goods but traditional pattern has not changed much since many years. Similarly, imports from Japan are also increasing every year and it was Rs.

However, trade balance has remained always in favor of Japan. Nepalese exportable goods consist of woolen carpets, pashmina, precious stones, leather and leather goods, textile goods and many other primary and tertiary goods. While import consists of chemicals, electronic goods, industrial raw materials, machineries, steel products, vehicles, etc. There is enough room for developing this trade relation to a higher level in coming days subject to strenuous efforts to be exerted by the business community of both countries.

Lately, few Nepalese edible produces have got market in Japan through efforts of a Nepali company. As Nepal has started producing several kinds of consumer goods, those might have a good market potentiality in Japan.

Japan–Nepal relations

One Village One Product concept being mooted since several years is gaining ground and it will further facilitate the export of Nepalese produces to Japanese market. Nepalese healthy food products like wheat bucket and Labsi are getting popular in Japan. In a huge consumer market like Japan, even few our suitable products, if liked, by Japanese might trigger to do a roaring business. Arghelo plant which is commonly grown in the rural areas are being used in Japan to produce Japanese monetary unit Yen.

If this fact is known to many Japanese, they might feel more homely with Nepal and Nepalese people. Several projects have been operating in the fields of tourism, trade and production of small industrial goods.

Foreign relations of Nepal

Japanese business community regards Nepal as a high risk country with weak and inefficient bureaucracy which discourages with many rules and regulations. If there is likely improvement to reverse such situation, many big, medium and small investing companies from Japan might invest in Nepal in different sectors like water resources development and in other industrial ventures. Tourism Japan is a big sources of tourists to Nepal. But only about 26, Japanese visited Nepal in Highest numbers of visitors was recorded in when it reached to more than 41, In view of the millions of overseas visitors from Japan every year, we can welcome many thousand more visitors.

But at the moment, the lack of a direct flight between the two countries has hindered such tourists arrival.

Japanese love to see our high snow-capped Himalayas, visit birthplace of Lord Buddha — sacred Lumbini and engaged in the host of other tourism activities. Our rich history, cultural heritages and wonderful natural beauty always attracts Japanese visitors.

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Once such programs are completed, these will surely contribute to further boost our bilateral relations in all possible ways. In fact, love and affection for Nepal in Japan is never ending and vice versa. Nepalese people love Japanese for their hard work, time management and cohesive decision making process.

At the same time, Japanese love Nepalese people for their simplicity and honest dealings.

60th anniversary of Japan Nepal diplomatic relationship ~

Such common traits of our peoples have always worked as a strand to knot both people more closely. Like many nationalities, Nepal can also get benefit from such scenario, as Japan offers job opportunities in many fields like in the agriculture, construction, electronics and care givers. But a sore point is that some Nepali nationals make mischiefs running away from sponsors which ultimately deprive the confidence of Japanese employers.

Nepalese Diaspora in Japan It is estimated that as of now, more than 48, Nepalese are living in Japan in different vocations. Every year thousands of Nepalese youngmen go to Japan for studies.

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Many get chances to pursue higher studies. There are many Nepalese nationals who are settled in Japan through marriage.

nepal and japan relationship with united

Hundreds have been doing business too. Earlier, mostly Nepalese workers used get engaged in manual jobs. But recently, situation has changed and few entrepreneurs have emerged as successful businessmen with a capacity to make contribution in developing our bilateral relations. Similarly, more than 60 social organizations have been established which are effortful to promote Nepalese culture, food, music and other social values.

It is estimated that about 1, Japanese are living in Nepal following various vocations and business. Earthquakes and Friendship Everybody knows that Japan is a earthquake prone country. All these natural disasters cost thousands of precious lives and properties worth colossal amounts. Similarly, Nepal has had experienced major earthquakes since A.

Great earthquake of and recent earthquakes of 25 April and 12 May have opened our eyes that our region, too, is a earthquake- prone zone. No one can prevent such natural disaster like earthquake from occuring. But preventive measures can save precious lives. During these earthquakes, the government and people of Nepal extended cooperation to Japan even in a small way.

Amounts do not necessarily count during such tragedies but sincere cooperation complemented by warmth count much. Various events and programmes, in Nepal as well in Japan, are being organized to commemorate the 60th Anniversary. As the third largest economy of the world, Japan is one of the largest development partners for Nepal.

The government and people of Nepal greatly value what it has been receiving as development assistance from Japan.

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It started to provide grant and loan aid from SinceJapan has been providing cultural grant aid to Nepal to promote cultural, educational and research activities. Japan has been assisting Nepal in the form of bilateral grant, bilateral loan, multilateral aid and technical assistance. Nepal and Japan have extended valuable assistance to each other in the time of distress caused by natural calamities.

As the devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25 AprilJapan immediately dispatched relief and rescue teams and provided emergency relief materials. The Japanese Government has agreed to provide an assistance of Nrs. As Nepal is pursuing to graduate from status of LDCs to a developing country byassistance provided by Japan has enabling role to relax the economic hardship and vulnerabilities. Similarly, the bilateral aid should be mobilized by prioritizing the timely realization of Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

Government of Japan has been providing scholarships to Nepali students, for university courses, since the early s. From onwards, Japan has been providing technical cooperation by dispatching Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. The assistance of Japanese government in education sector, as well as the dispatch of Japanese experts, has largely aided to relax the bottleneck caused by dearth of skilled human resources in Nepal.

Our relations are not limited to the bilateral framework. Similarly, Nepal and Japan have closely worked together in the United Nations and other multilateral forums. Both the countries attach high importance to the UN peacekeeping operations.

Japan has been an important partner for the LDCs. Given the limited trade volume between Nepal and Japan,and trade balance unfavorable to the former, an especial emphasis is needed to scale up the bilateral trade. Exports from Nepal, which include pashmina products, garments, woolen apparels, carpets, handicrafts, Nepali paper and paper products and likewise, accounted for 1, million Rupees in Similarly, Japanese export mainly comprising of high end automobiles and electronic goods was equivalent of Nrs.

Measures like more concessional business opportunities, relaxation of rule of origin, simplification of other procedures and standards, and trade capacity building are required to scale up bilateral trade.

The private business sector needs be stimulated, a regular exchange of trade delegation needs to be encouraged and areas of comparative advantages be explored. Japan remains one of the major investors in Nepal.

A total investment amounting to Nrs. Several Nepal-Japan ventures related to hospitality industry, assembling industry, horticulture and construction sectors are operating in Nepal.

A liberal policy regime, a rich resource base, bountiful water resources and abundant low cost labour makes the investment in Nepal profitable. As Nepal-Japan relations passes through 60 years of diplomatic relations, we need to give more emphasis on trade and investment. Nepal-Japan relations is not merely confined to the interactions between two governments. People-to-people relations are harmonious.

Almost 60, Nepalisnationals are living in Japan and Nepali community is the 6th largest foreign community in Japan.