Minho and taemin relationship poems

I'm worried about Taemin. : SHINee

minho and taemin relationship poems

use to refer to any older woman they have an intimate relationship with, Minho, and Taemin -- has become the epitome of what K-pop boy. SHINee factsKey is the best in speaking Japanese and Minho is the worsto All of SHI o All of SHINee thinks that Taemin is the shyest member. o According to Jonghyun and Minho, Key and Onew aren't in a close enough relationship to. Best of minho Quotes, Shayari, Poetry & Status on India's fastest growing self- expression platform | YourQuote.

Now I do think Taemin isn't very active in social media anyway. But I'm very worried about a few things. First I believe, he has it worst right now. As in literal worst. We know Taemin is happy with where he is, save from being fully satisfied.

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He and Ming are very content with their lives and expressed this very explicitly. We know for a fact that Taemin is a Catholic and KeyMing and Onew are Buddhist and Jjong does not have a religion while I do believe his parents and sister are Christian.

He carries rosaries with him all the time, always talk about his faith and praying before every stage. He's a very open Catholic.

minho and taemin relationship poems

He mentions that he would like to be a person who never harms others and hoping to never commit any sins. Now as a Catholic myself, I am glad he's a person with faith.

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But with Jjong's death, I wonder what he's making of it. When I mentioned it to my family very religious and traditional, mind youmy aunt and my mother all says that suicide is a sin that brings the soul to hell no matter the reason.

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I was very angry at the time and didn't talk to them. I consider myself a faithful person but I know to believe God is a very kind and understanding being that he'll save anyone suffering and if a horrible person who killed many during death can ask for forgiveness, I'm sure he accepted Jjong's as well. Afterwards, I tried to research more on the subject and found in some beliefs, if a person is believe to be suffering with no right state of mind, it's exempt of the punishment of hell.

Still my Catholic family insist on it This got me worried very much for my boy. I wonder if his family or relatives are the type to be traditional, if his own belief even. I hope he isn't agonizing on it as much as I did until now knowing how faithful he is. Onew had only ever acted in sitcoms, so fans didn't really know what to expect when he was announced to play a doctor in melodrama Descendants of the Sun.

minho and taemin relationship poems

However, his acting after losing his patient in a war zone and his performance as a guilt ridden doctor in the subsequent episodes really made an impression on both the fandom and the public. They began dating some time later. It also counts as Harsher in Hindsightas their relationship was mostly known for causing a huge uproar among their fanbases and they broke up after nine months of dating.

In spades with all the members, but Jonghyun and Key deserve special note, to the extent that Key usually refers to Jonghyun as "honey".

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There's an entire backlog of eyebrow-raising moments between them, including playing the Pocky game, wearing couple rings, matching clothes, 4 marriage illusions and saying they would date each other if they were a girl. What do we call this relationship? I wonder what should it be called Minho and Taemin definitely have a very brotherly relationship and are often seen hugging, messing around together, and stuck playing video games.

Particularly inJonghyun and Onew have been so into each other that they were seen hugging and messing around in the middle of a photo shoot for Vogue Japan.

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Jonghyun also went out of his way to say that he would date Onew if he was a girl out of all the members. Outside of just the other members, Key has plenty of friends, including as of SM's merging with Woollim labelmate, Woohyun. Once when Woohyun was accused of texting his girlfriend while brushing his teeth he replied, "it's not my girlfriend, it's Key!

minho and taemin relationship poems

Jonghyun and Taemin's cover of Seo Taiji's "Internet War" during their early concerts is infamous for the Foe Yay between Jonghyun and Taemin, who get up in each other's faces and grab each other's hair, all while grinding against each other. Taemin lets his hand linger on a shirtless Jonghyun, and Jonghyun handcuffs themselves to each other at the end.

A small but major one: SHINee has had a lot of With the release of Jonghyun's album She Is, one of the songs "Moon" has this particular lyric: Many fans and the public still haven't quite let go of Onew's sexual assault scandal inand it still remains controversial in the fandom today.