Michiru and haruka relationship advice

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michiru and haruka relationship advice

Sailor Moon / Haruka and Michiru / Uranus and Neptune Sailor Moon Crystal, .. haruka x michiru, my favorite anime couple Sailor Moon Fan Art, Sailor Chibi. From the true nature of their revolutionary relationship to each of their In Sailor Moon Crystal, Michiru tells Usagi that Haruka is both male and. Haruka and Michiru getting married a softly yuri fic. Rated: Fiction T 1- This fic does talk about a relationship between two adult women. If that makes you " Ok. Well, if you need any advice on friendship Michiru and I.

It wasn't until I saw Michiru on video that I decided I liked her despite her being very feminine I very seldom like characters who are very femininebecause of her sweet personality and devotion to Haruka.

Michiru is a bit shorter than Haruka though still taller than tiny me: I think she's the most beautiful Senshi of all, but I haven't got a crush on her because she's very feminine and I'm only attracted to tomboyish girls.

Michiru always wears dresses, often seems to co-ordinate her outfits to match with Haruka's so they look nice as a couple, and likes to collect make-up. Michiru can swim like a fish, paints professionally, and plays violin so well she can bounce a lemon on her violin easily without messing up her song or looking clumsy. Apparently she does that a lot, since even though Usagi's mouth hung open at the sight of it, Haruka didn't seem surprised or anxious at all. When she's Sailor Neptune she wears a dark-green fuku with blue bows and a pretty cross-shaped charm on her choker.

In her Super form the choker is just a star the cross was better and her fuku of course has the heart brooch and longer bows like the others'. Her power is "Deep Submerge," which involves a huge wave of water that crashes over the enemy. Neptune's talisman is the Aqua Mirror, which she can gaze into to see danger, or with her "Submarine Reflection" attack she can shoot a beam from it. A lot of people think Michiru is straight or bisexual because she's flirted with guys before, most notably Seiya or does that really count as guy flirting, since the Lights are all really girls?

Michiru's most common reason to flirt with a guy is because she's trying to get information from him, and flirting is how pretty girls generally get what they want from guys. But occasionally, she'll let Haruka think she's interested in a guy just to make her jealous perhaps in retaliation for Haruka's rampant flirting? In either case, it's important to note that I've never seen Michiru display real interest in any guy, or real feelings for anyone other than Haruka.

Their relationship is completely monogamous: How Haruka and Michiru Met Ten'ou Haruka had terrible dreams, in which the sky had turned red, the streets were quiet, and everyone had turned into stone statues. Then a cyclone ripped up the buildings and smashed the people statues; she was dreaming the destruction of the world.


Then there was a bright light, and when she looked around she saw a beautiful woman with curly aqua-green hair and a green sailor fuku with blue bows, who was glowing and floating in the air.

The girl in the fuku told Haruka that the Silence was coming, and she had to help find the Messiah and stop it. That's why Haruka was frightened when she first met Michiru.

Haruka had just won a track meet when her best track rival Elza Grey introduced Haruka to her artist friend, Kaiou Michiru.

Haruka recognised Michiru as the girl from her dream and was surprised.

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Michiru said she was interested in Haruka and wanted her to pose for a painting, but Haruka refused because she was too busy with her racing. I'm sure even then Haruka was attracted to Michiru; she was just afraid of the responsibility of saving the world.

She didn't want to give up the things she loved, especially car racing, to look for the Messiah. Haruka didn't want responsibility. She just wanted to be the wind. The next time Haruka and Michiru met was on a cruise boat, where Michiru was performing on her violin. Haruka left the concert down the stairs, where there hung a painting Michiru had done about the end of the world. That was how Haruka knew Michiru had the same dreams she had.

Michiru approached her on the stairs, and Haruka said it was weird that someone like Michiru could imagine something as terrible as that. Michiru said it wasn't her imagination, it was the future, and she knew Haruka had seen it too.

Haruka said she didn't want to deal with it, that she just wanted to race. She told Michiru to deal with it herself, and asked Michiru to stop following her.

michiru and haruka relationship advice

Michiru said she didn't want to do the mission, either, because she just wanted to play violin. One day Haruka was at the racetrack when she saw an open garage and went in to see who was inside. Haruka's henshin wand appeared in the air, but Michiru appeared and told Haruka not to take it or she'd never be able to live a normal life.

Then Michiru became Sailor Neptune to fight the monster. Haruka told her not to kill it, because it used to be human, and Michiru said if she didn't there would be more victims. When Michiru's arm was cut during the fight with the monster, Haruka wondered why Michiru was protecting her, because if Michiru hurt her hand fighting she couldn't be a violinist.

Michiru said she had been watching Haruka for a long time, even before she knew Haruka was a Sailor Senshi. Michiru said she'd watched Haruka racing, and confessed indirectly that she wanted to ride in Haruka's car by the seashore. She said she didn't want Haruka to choose the same path she had, but was glad when she found out Haruka was her partner. Michiru's words finally convinced Haruka, and she accepted both her henshin wand and her responsibility.

The Perfect Romance of Haruka and Michiru Of the people who believe Haruka and Michiru are in love and if you don't, you're definitely on the wrong page!

michiru and haruka relationship advice

Maybe I'm too much of a romantic, but I like to think of it as love at first sight. I think it was only her Senshi duty Haruka was rejecting at first, not Michiru herself. I'm convinced that Haruka was attracted to Michiru from the moment she saw her she'd have to be blind not to be!

It's bluntly stated, however, that Michiru was already interested in Haruka even before she knew she was a Senshi, and had been admiring Haruka from afar and learning about her for a long time. Maybe if Michiru had approached Haruka before the Senshi thing came up it would have been easier. Haruka and Michiru's relationship in the anime is subtle. They aren't shown kissing which doesn't mean they don't kiss, only that apparently they don't do it in publicbut they are rarely seen apart and are often seen holding one another, walking arm in arm, or holding hands.

They apparently live in the same apartment for at least part of the S series, and their sex life is hinted at several times in their teasing dialogue, even as blatantly as Haruka's famous "save the scolding for bed" line in Stars. Through much of the S series, however, the relationship seems ambiguous. In between the romantic scenes there are times when Michiru gets shy and denies the relationship, or Haruka has a hard time expressing her feelings, and for much of that series Uranus and Neptune act more like just partners than lovers.

I think part of the reason Haruka and Michiru are reluctant to display their relationship at first is because they want to avoid the stigma attached to being an openly lesbian couple.

Although homosexuality is a popular subject in fiction, it just isn't as well-accepted in daily life, so their caution is entirely understandable.

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I also think Michiru was cautious about the relationship at first because when she first approached Haruka she was rejected, and she didn't want to go through that again. Possibly, even after they'd obviously had a relationship for a while, Michiru was shy about admitting it to herself or others because she was still wounded from Haruka's earlier rejections and thought it could all fall apart at any moment. It may even be true that the reason they entered the love contest was for Haruka to prove her sincerity of love to Michiru, even though the games in the contest embarrassed Haruka terribly.

But Haruka often has a hard time showing her feelings, anyway, like a man would. Although she seems to have no doubts about her relationship with Michiru, and can admit that she and Michiru are much more than friends, expressing those feelings is hard for her, especially in public. Most of Haruka's obvious statements and gestures of love towards Michiru come when it's just the two of them, and Michiru seems less shy about returning those affections when they're alone.

In S, Uranus and Neptune seem to be only partners much of the time because their mission is first and foremost in their minds. They're determined to save the world no matter what it takes; even if one of them dies, the other must live to complete the mission.

As Uranus and Neptune, they can't afford the same relationship they have as Haruka and Michiru. Uranus seems the easier one to keep up her end of that deal, because her emotions are more repressed already, and because her devotion to duty seems even greater.

Haruka&Michiru in the park

But just because they can't afford as close a relationship while Senshi, that doesn't mean there is no relationship. Sometimes their feelings and devotion for one another show up very well even then, especially when the other's life is at stake.

After they almost lost one another in the cathedral, their relationship even as Senshi becomes more definite, because they realised that even the mission wasn't as important to them as one another. The relationship gets more obvious, and they get less shy about expressing it, as time goes on. Michiru debatably risks the world by calling the dummy's bluff in the SuperS special, because she says a world without Haruka isn't worth saving.

By Stars they're pretty open about their relationship whether as Senshi or humans, and even though they're not in that series a lot, it probably contains more, and more blatant, references to their love than anything else they appear in. Though their devotion to one another is obvious, neither is above flirting with other people to make her girlfriend jealous. Haruka is a natural flirt who tries to charm just about every girl, including various Inner Senshi at times, Usagi more than the others.

Even after they know she's a girl, they still aren't totally immune to her charms. Mako spends an entire episode obsessed with Haruka, despite knowing her gender and her friends' protests throughout the entire episode that it's not too late and she should still give men a chance.

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Usagi thinks that it's nice, like being held by a man, when Haruka protects her from biker thugs. The Inners even have janken games to decide who gets to dance with Haruka. Michiru usually doesn't seem to mind Haruka's flirting, except when Haruka is sick in bed with the flu during the SuperS special and flirts with the maid taking care of her.

Maybe she only gets upset if Haruka flirts when she's not there to keep an eye on her? Michiru seems to flirt with Seiya in her dressing room, but I'm very sure that wasn't serious. Haruka is a tomboy who is pretty much like the wind: As Sailor Uranus, she also has a protective personality, although sometimes we see her reacting rather strongly. As for Michiru, she is the ideal complement for Haruka, as she is feminine and kind.

When Michiru is angry, she is composed, cold and sharp. She might look frail at first sight, but as Sailor Neptune, she is as effective in battle as Sailor Uranus. We know that most of the Inner Senshi live with their parents or, in the case of Rei Hino, with her grandfather. They even have helicopters to ride to school as shown in episode 92which they know how to pilot.

We can only expect that, as Sailor Moon Crystal is more similar to the manga in general, we will see more of those helicopters and other daring scenes both in their daily lives and as Sailor Senshi.

When they were around the Inner Sailor Senshi they made fun of themselves, especially Haruka. Haruka did not make an effort to correct that impression until much later, which led to comical situations. But when Haruka and Michiru are shown interacting with each other, it is obvious their relationship is strong and positive. In episode 94, they talk about kisses with Usagi and the conversation could have lead to jealousy. Instead of that, Michiru states that people want to make the most of their first kiss and glances at Haruka, who stares back and chuckles.

So, flirting is just a game and they know it. Again, in the case of Crystal, these two girls might be more flirty when they interact with Usagi and her boyfriend Mamoru. That would spice things up a little! The contrast is especially prominent in the first version of the anime, where our five girls are childish practically most of the time.

Introducing the Outer Senshi to the story helped to give the female cast more balance. Also, this pair tend to keep themselves in their private little world. It might look at first sight as a protective shield, away from the fame of their civilian lives. But once we discovered they also were Sailor Senshi, we found out that what they ultimately wanted is to protect their Princess Sailor Moon without hurting her or the others.

In episode 98, Haruka even states that they made the promise of fulfilling their mission as Sailor Senshi even if one of them dies. These girls take matters on their own hands! Final Thoughts Naoko Takeuchi gave us some of the most unforgettable characters in the shoujo anime world, as her girls are more than pretty faces in Sailor uniforms.

michiru and haruka relationship advice

By giving defined personalities, depth and complex relationships to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, she created the most wonderful couple ever!