Meursault and his mother relationship

Meursault and his Mother vs. Salamano and his Dog

meursault and his mother relationship

protagonist, Meursault, has never been fully explored.1 I would like to examine this character and, in particular, his relationship with "Mother." Although critics. Meursault's atheism and his lack of outward grief at his mother's funeral represent a Perez's relationship with Madame Meursault is one of the few genuine. In Part One, chapter one, Meursault reasons that his mother got used to the home where she'd been living in the care of others for three years before her death.

Meursault also becomes closer to his other neighbor, Raymond.

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Although Meursault is actually indifferent, he prefers to satisfy people rather than disappoint. Marie is first introduced to the reader in chapter two of part one.

meursault and his mother relationship

You could see the shape of her firm breasts and her suntanned face was like a flower. This relationship revolves purely around sex and physical pleasure.

The coldness and the lack of emotion towards Marie are described well on page Towards the end of the show I kissed her, but badly.

meursault and his mother relationship

Afterwards she came back to my place. Through these descriptions of Marie, he appears indifferent. He also states that he probably would have accepted the same proposal if it had come from another woman. At the funeral direct reaction Since Meursault had to go to the funeral, he had to be absent from the work for two days.

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He justifies himself a lot thought the novel. Meursault also smoked at the funeral. At the police how he talked about it later on Meursault gets arrested in Part 2 because he murdered an Arab. The relationships almost seem to be opposites of each other. Meursault and his mother seemed to have a pretty normal relationship before the mother's death. They seemed to love each other to some extent, as Meursault still seemed to care about making sure his mother was taken care for even if he couldn't.

Salamano and his dog seem to be the opposite.

meursault and his mother relationship

While they were together, their relationship was not loving at all, as Salamano constantly abused his dog and they hated each other. When the dog ran away and was presumed dead, Salamano expressed remorse and missed his dog, even crying alone in his apartment at night. Therefore, even though both relationships have similarities in the way that they don't align with the societal idea of a healthy relationship, they actually aren't too similar in the extent of the healthiness of their relationships.

It is clear that Salamano and his dog have a very abusive relationship, and even though Salamano shows remorse when his dog runs away, this doesn't excuse his previous actions.

Even though Meursault and his mother have an unusual relationship, calling it abusive would be stretching it too far. Regardless of his lack of sadness at his mother's funeral, Meursault and his relationship with his mother shouldn't be defined by that one instance, as people grieve in different ways. Thus, even though both Meursault's relationship with his mother and Salamano's relationship with his dog are similar because they are both "different", Meursault and his mother just have an unconventional relationship, where Salamano truly abuses his dog, which is an actual problem.

meursault and his mother relationship