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While Satan originally viewed him as a servant, their relationship has since to his demon ways, Maou remains more irritated by her presence than anything else, Due to the loss of her father, Emi viewed Maou as a despicable person who. Maou falls asleep on the train, landing on Emi's shoulder, old lady nearby comments “such a cute family, you have such a good relationship with you. Maou x Emi, Adult themes, Adult Humor, Lemon. Sweet and Fluffy. .. She gathered her courage, focusing holy magic between the tips of two fingers. "J- Just go sit on .. "We've been dating for twenty minutes." "You didn't get.

Emi discovers Maou in Japan They did not recognize each other at first when they met again on Earth, he was surprised when she revealed her identity, though remains relatively impassive until she pulls a knife out to kill him. Strangely he does not fight back and instead chooses to run, the scrap ending in a draw when the police pull them aside and assume they were having a lover's quarrel.

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While she begins to dedicate her time to spying on him in case he reverts to his demon ways, Maou remains more irritated by her presence than anything else, even displaying pity upon learning that she was all alone in Japan. The Demon King apologizes for his past sins Though he still expresses a desire to return to Ente Isla and reclaim the lands there, he shows very little antagonism or ill will towards the Hero, and even begins showing her kindness and concern.

This is first shown when they help each other escape an assassination attempt from an unknown assailant, and later when he orders Ashiya to bring the Hero some medicine and personally treats several of her wounds. Emi eventually confronts him over this change in personality, noting he is much different from the Demon King she fought back home.

When mourning the losses she suffered when his army destroyed her home, Maou admits that back then he never truly understood humans, and genuinely apologizes, much to her confusion. Due to the loss of her father, Emi viewed Maou as a despicable person who thinks nothing of creating destruction and bloodshed.

They have since come to understand each other better, and regularly join forces to combat the continued emergence of threats from Ente Isla that pose danger to their new home and friends.

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On occasion they both acknowledge that the day may come when both will be enemies again, though as the story continues, this becomes less apparent. Due to how often he interacts with Emi, Maou has grown mostly relaxed around her, almost as though their enmity never existed.

Since then, the two have steadily grown closer while being forced to act as a family, with both slowly falling into the roles of parents over time.

After learning that her father is still alive, the Hero loses much of her previous bitterness towards the Demon King, and begins to question his true motivations. He also refuses to tell her the real reason behind Ente Isla's invasion, as he is worried this may cause her more confusion and make her lose her grounding as a Hero. While Emi is held hostage in Ente Isla, she finally accepts that Maou's personality as a human is not a ruse and he is truly a kind and caring person at heart.

Although she cannot fully forgive him because his invasion had tragic consequences for the people of Ente Isla, the anger that was driving her outward animosity towards him is no longer there. After being rescued by Maou and company, Emi's demeanor with Maou changes drastically - she is not hotheaded but calm, openly shows her gratitude to him, and treats him more like a friend than an enemy.

Maou is extremely shaken by her radical change in behavior and does not know how to interact with her. He attempts to create rises in her while surreptitiously aiding her, but she sees through all of it and knows that he is trying to hide his kindness behind harsh words and actions. Maou becomes extremely concerned for Emi's mental health following her return from Ente Isla and the arrival of her long-lost mother who has secretly been pulling the strings from the shadows.

As Emi experiences a mental breakdown resulting from this, she openly clings to Maou for support in spite of how her actions might be misinterpreted. Over the course of the Ente Isla incident and the events afterwards, it becomes clear to others that Maou truly cares about Emi. You would expect a demonic tyrant to have some issues with his sudden fall in power and station. But instead, we find him to be a competent, sincere worker seemingly utterly at ease with his job and his human co-workers.

His general, Alciel, comes across as more concerned for their situation than his master. On one hand, it does show us that Maou is still the demon king and as strong as that implies despite his kind and sweet exterior. One is magically reformed and joins Maou and Alciel at their home. The other goes from puppy-skinning-evil-asshole to sleazy-but-inconsequential-pervert within the span of a single episode.

There is immense potential in how the characters of Ente Isla would adjust to living on a completely different world but this part is almost entirely skipped and by the end of the first episode itself, we see them all comfortably settled on Earth.

Instead, the comedy is more focused on character interactions that are usually a little too slice of life-y for comfort. The parts where it does get serious not only feels out of tune with the rest of narrative but are also ruined with ill-timed humor. In short, Hataraku Maou-sama is a mess.

A somewhat amusing mess but still a mess. The characterization is utter crap. From major to minor characters, there is neither logic nor consistency to the way most of them behave.

It makes for some entertaining antics at times but strains credulity to the point of ruining the whole story.

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For me, he was one of the more tolerable characters but that had less to do with him than how unappealing the others were. King Satan, the demon lord, is shown at the beginning to be a fearsome tyrant who has no problems subduing a weaker race or letting his army run rampant slaughtering humans.

It would have been believable were this a result of character development, i. But as it stands, we just get to see him switch from evil demon to sweet boy next door without so much as batting an eyelash. Hero Emilia or Emi is even more of a disaster.

She comes to Earth to kill Satan…except that she never really gets around to it. Maybe she felt sorry for him. I have no idea. The other characters are not all that better. Alciel would make a wonderful househusband but he does have an unfortunate tendency to prioritize cape-fetching over actual battles. The less said about James-clone the better.