Lair of the shadow broker ending relationship

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lair of the shadow broker ending relationship

After doing the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, she came to the Normandy and talked with Shepard about thier relationship. At the end of the scene Shepard. if at the after lair of the shadow broker you decide to romance with Liara, the main game, still made out with her at the end of Shadow Broker. Time that should have been spent writing a better ending, from what I gather. Sticking it with her in ME1, Shadow Broker and ME3 provided some of hte . When you are in a relationship you never ever pick the option where.

So if you didn't download it, I'm sure they'll work it into the begining of the third game somehow. Think about the little phone game with Jacob and Miranda. It happened and had minor effects in ME 2, regardless of whether you played it or not. It was explained for those who did not play it, such as me. Life is a dream wrapped in a convenient lie. Apejaack Apejaack 8 years ago 6 LOTSB definitely feels like it was meant to be in the original game, but was likely cut out to help build the bridge to ME: Maybe they originally had a different outcome, though.

However, it would be a total poor move on Bioware to do that and kill off a potential LI just because someone couldn't afford the DLC. Its good either pre- or post-Omega. Sepewrath Sepewrath 8 years ago 8 "However, it would be a total poor move on Bioware to do that and kill off a potential LI just because someone couldn't afford the DLC.

TC, look at the DLC, it has events set in stone, you can not in any way influence the outcome.

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Its pretty much like the comic or the books its just part of the story that happens "off screen" so to say. Once they are down, move your squad up. Use the cover to take them out then round the corner to be attacked again, this time by more Agents, Heavies, and a Shadow Broker Engineer.

The small "diagonal" box where the back corridor debouches into the next big room is a good starting cover while you survey the room. There will only appear to be one enemy at first, but as soon as you engage the rest will arrive. Advance slowly, and only after eliminating some enemies, as many more will spawn suddenly as you approach the other end of the corridor.

The Engineers have Combat Drones and the Agents have Flashbang Grenadesso be prepared to shift cover locations when necessary. You may find it safer to hide among the cubicles and desks on the right side of this corridor, since it exposes you to fewer enemies at a time and allows you to pick some off individually.

Keep your squadmates in cover back down the hallway from the small diagonal box the start of this portion of the section. Have Shepard take cover back from the box so that the mercs can't hit Shepard. The shadow broker mercs will look like they are going to flank you to the right in the cubicle area but they won't. As you eliminate the mercs, have Shepard run out into the room to trigger the remaining waves of mercs and then run back to the cover area. Watch out for the combat drone that the Engineer spawns often.

Just run back down the starting hallway, the combat drone will follow Shepard, and your squadmates will take it down. No need to waste ammo. Also, on a purely aesthetic note, there is quite a nice display of planetary mining locations in the room with the cubicles -- if you played the original Mass Effect you will have Mako flashbacks.

Shepard radios Vasir about it and she says to find a switch to active the fire suppression systems. Vasir mentions that she is on her way down, so move up to meet her.

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  • Don't cheat on the Shadow Broker. (Minor spoilers)

The fire suppression room is a good location to save your game for the upcoming sections. On the upper level, be prepared for more combat with three more Agents. Use the limited cover to take them out, and have your squadmates flank, then head into the room they were guarding. Open the door to continue.

Keep your squadmates in cover at the bottom of the stairway and have Shepard peek around the corner up the stairs at the three Agents once they spawn. The Agents will not come down the stairs and can easily be eliminated by chipping away at them from down the stairway.

Watch out for the Flashbang Grenades that the Agents throw and just go down to the bottom of the stairs anytime Shepard needs to recharge shields. Tela Vasir then shoots the Agent, who falls dead when Shepard and the squad enter. Attempt to defuse the situation, but Liara will mention that Vasir tried to kill her. Shepard and the squad pull their guns, and Liara tells the story about how Vasir signaled the Shadow Broker's Agents and broke into Liara's apartment.

Vasir then killed Saket and took his data, which she probably still has on her. However, Liara throws up a barrier to protect the squad and Vasir makes a run for it. Shepard tackles her, and then they fly out the window.

Vasir cushions their fall with her biotics and has a small scuffle with Shepard. Then Liara leaps out of the office, also using her biotics to cushion her fall while the squad watches. Vasir, now outnumbered, makes a run for it. Liara follows closely behind, blowing past two Shadow Broker Agents in the process.


The squad rejoins Shepard in the plaza where more Agents emerge from the Eldfell-Ashland Energy office, allowing Vasir to escape.

Deal with the guards and continue pursuing Vasir. Pursue Vasir Edit Take out the Agents with haste. There are two Agents and a Heavy to deal with initially, so keep to cover.

When they fall, more Agents and a Vanguard emerge, so use the fountain in the center for cover.

lair of the shadow broker ending relationship

It not only provides effective cover, but allows for a wide field of fire. Indeed, if it happens to be useful for your tactics, you're actually allowed to get into the fountain. When they all fall, the benefit of leaving the power cells alone earlier will become apparent -- make a quick trip up the central stairs to retrieve them, and the ammo of all your weapons will be replenished.

Now head downstairs and into the atrium. Inside, grab the cover provided by the bench to your left -- resist the tempting large circular column straight in front of you, as its shape makes for more difficult aiming and you aren't allowed to slide smoothly back and forth around the pole. Take down the ten or so Agents, the Heavies, and the Engineers that try to stop you the mix appears to vary somewhat by difficulty setting.

They will keep coming from the door in waves, so stick to cover and target them as they walk in. Overload can be used to instantly destroy the Combat Drones that the Engineers produce, and it's a good idea because getting dislodged from cover by a drone with this many enemies nearby can produce deadly results.

You can prevent most waves of enemies from spawning by getting to the far corner of the room where the Heavy is. This is most easily done by an Engineer, who need only send the Combat Drone to that side of the room. Vanguards can charge over, Infiltrators can sneak over, etc. This entire battle can be completed without staying into the room to be overwhelmed by the shadow broker mercs.

Place Shepard on the second set of stairs looking out into the large room. Have Shepard walk down the stairs to flush out the first of many mercs in this area. Watch out for the Flashbang Grenades that the Agents throw and just walk backwards up the stairs anytime Shepard needs to recharge shields. Walk back down the stairs and chip away at the mercs in the room until they begin to fall. As you kill a merc, another will spawn out of the doorway to replace the dead merc. Watch out for the Engineers as they will spawn Combat Drones.

When this happens, have Shepard go back up the staircase past your squadmates and have them take the combat drone down to conserve ammo. Sometimes the mercs will stay in cover that will require Shepard to move out into the room to take them down. Watch out for the Shadow Broker Heavy in the back left corner! The Heavy will stay stuck in cover and will not move out of cover until Shepard goes out into the room after the Heavy.

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When the mercs are all finally down, gather up ammo and head out the door to find Liara and Vasir engaged in a firefight. Save before you enter the door as you will be unable to save until after the sky way chase. Vasir calls her X3M and then jumps into it. Liara then grabs a taxi, followed by Shepard. You can only select one squad member to come with, but remember that Liara is a biotic so pick carefully.

On the other hand a squadmate with Warp to detonate Liara's Singularity is quite handy. Since Miranda has both Warp to combo with Liara and Overload to take down shields, she makes an excellent pairing. Other notable strategies include Thane who combines Warp combo powers with Shredder Ammo for all the upcoming organic enemies, and the easily-forgotten Morinth whose Dominate can run all the organics in circles attacking each other.

Use the left stick to navigate, the right to steer, and the left trigger to boost. Use your mouse and normal movement keys to move forward and steer default W, A, Dand the spacebar to boost. Keep following Vasir through the skies, and watch out for the traffic, and every other obstacle. Just keep in mind that boosting reduces the amount of control you have.

If you lose Vasir, the chase will restart. Your boost is more effective if you use it in bursts, especially right after changing directions, rather than simply holding it down. Liara will be commenting the whole time, which Shepard usually replies to, and the conversations are usually funny. Sometimes, however, her conversations help with direction. After a period of time, Vasir will start dropping proximity bombs, so avoid them, lest you lose speed.

You do not have to repeat the entire sky way chase if you fail right at the end. Once you get far enough into the chase, if you fail, you will respawn in the middle of the chase. Keep following Vasir and try to avoid a head on collision. Eventually, you are treated to a cutscene where Vasir tries to ram Shepard and the squad out of sky, while dodging traffic, but only succeeds in colliding with another skycar, and damaging hers.

Shepard and the squad see the crash and land their intact cab on the top of the building to pursue Vasir, who radios for backup.

lair of the shadow broker ending relationship

Rooftop Chaos Edit You now have Liara as a squad member. She is armed with Heavy Pistols and Submachine Guns. Save your game before you move! This is very important as the upcoming battle can go wrong very fast and you will have to redistribute Liara's squad points all over again.

It also instantly destroys the flying drones you will encounter from time to time, and of course it has its traditional ability to simplify a combat by temporarily removing a flanking enemy, with the added bonus that the enemy falls down at the end of the stasis. For these reasons fully upgrading Liara's Stasis with the Enhanced Stasis evolution is strongly recommended, particularly on higher difficulty levels.

Fully max out Asari Scientist and split your points up to get as much Stasis and Warp you can and don't waste any extra points on Singularity.

The upcoming Shadow Broker Base mission will require quickly killing Vanguards at close range and a nasty section with multiple rocket drones at once. You can't redistribute Liara's points once you've selected them and while the upcoming rooftop battle isn't fun, the Shadow Broker Base multiple wave battle is much worse and you wants your points spent correctly for that battle.

Head up the stairs only to be ambushed by three to five waves of Shadow Broker Agents and Engineers. The first wave will be to your front, the second and third off to either the left or right on the upper platform, or behind you on the lower platform, so plan your cover appropriately.