Lafiel and jinto relationship problems

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lafiel and jinto relationship problems

The largest issue comes from their often irregularly shaped heads and . But this is just the beginning of Jinto and Lafiel's relationship, and. Crest of the Stars follows the story of Jinto and Lafiel as they get themselves on the developing relationship between Jinto and Lafiel against the backdrop of an . the Abh's original home was one as well before they cracked the FTL issue. The show probably makes up for that by throwing Lafiel and Jinto into Crest definitely impressed me by presenting a real relationship where the He and Lafiel would be cruising along, and they'd run into some trouble, and.

Do we feel like climbing up the hill to meet them halfway? She picked up the bottom of Shyori's bikini from where it lay and dropped it strategically on her. When she was tripping on pica root, she was eying my tits like the only thing she cared about was guessing their mass and density.

It was sort of disappointing, she's really hot. I'll be good, I promise, I promise! Having made her point, Emery lay back down in her lounge chair. She held Shyori's hand. Those United Mankind assholes kept telling everyone that the Abh were all the same, but could you imagine a council of Lafiels running the Empire?

Still, you'd look hot in blue hair. Would you wear a wig and be my Abh fantasy proxy? She appeared to be full of energy, the men just all looked dirty and tired. On closer inspection she could see that Jinto had also met some success, though Lafiel definitely had the lion's share of the catch.

Geith was carrying much of the gear and dad had the blowgun. She did look quite pleased with herself. I am still mystified by your notion of gender roles.

But I draw the line at modding weapons. Lafiel really seemed to want to know why such an energetic woman had no interest in shooting things. Suddenly it looked like some idea had come to her. You need not answer if you wish. That seemed to catch Lafiel's interest. Until I met you I had not really appreciated how pregnancy hinders mobility.

If you used a birthing chamber, wouldn't that solve the problem? I was raised by my father. It just usually ends up being done by women. Artificial birthing chambers really wouldn't change that. Three men just spent a day crawling through the mud so that you could shoot birds. Looking a bit puzzled, Lafiel got up and walked over to crouch down at her other side. Emery also walked over but stood aside. Chisha took Lafiel's hand and guided it to a place on her abdomen.

After a moment her eyebrows came up. That must feel odd, I mean from the inside. Lafiel smiled warmly and took her hand away. Lafiel had just learned the game, but as with everything she was a quick study and a focused player.

She was always a good sport but Emery could tell that she took every mistake she made seriously. She would always apologize to her partner when she lost a trick for them. She did seem more relaxed in the past few days, not beating herself up quite as she had been before. Emery suspected that she and Jinto had spoken and had held a mutual confessional.

Still, there was no mistaking Lafiel as somebody who had always had much expected of her and expected even better from herself. Emery had an idea how she felt, her own parents had always expected her to live up to a high standard and that had stuck with her. But to be a scion of the Abriel clan would take that to a new level. If Emery could provide a rare venue where Lafiel could relax for a while, she was very happy about that. It was also good to see Lafiel smiling more, Emery could watch that dazzling smile all day.

Got to admit Shyori's right, she is steaming hot. While Emery was shuffling, Lafiel's wristband chimed. Her whole manner changed in the span of a moment. She looked angry and alarmed, her hackles were up. The others picked up on it too, and there was silence at the table.

Lafiel turned off the display window, but still said nothing, looking very pensive. From the look on Lafiel's face she was expecting to hear of anything from a sudden death in the family to a catastrophic defeat in the war.

Lafiel shook her head. She had politely declined Emery's offer to help her dress. Unlike islander formal wear, Imperial formal wear was very familiar to her, putting it on a ritual done without thinking. Besides, having her friend involved in this matter even in a trivial way felt wrong.

Ranef Duben, second son of Duke Ranef, years old. That much Lafiel had already known, that much could be found in the listings of Abh family lineages. Lafiel knew nothing more and had learned nothing more. Over these past days she had come to forget that he was supposed to be living just a few miles from where she was staying.

His dinner invitation had been as brief as it was excruciatingly polite, but in one respect it had explained much The certification key on the message confirmed it as genuinely from an active-duty officer. Unlike the Space Force combat units, the service records of intelligence service officers was not a matter of public record.

Only Emperors, ex-Emperors and flag officers in the Space Force could request any information on their activities. Not even Lafiel's authority as a representative of the Abriel clan gave her that privilege. She had no idea what an officer of the Intelligence Service was doing on Moruweka island and no way of finding out. Ranef Duben, on the other hand, knew very much about what Lafiel was doing here. His message had been encrypted so that only her personal wristband with biometric confirmation could decrypt it, but the text header had been addressed to the Kamrau household and the obligatory apology had referred to disturbing her furlough.

None of that was necessarily unusual, Lafiel had been obligated to register her travel plans with the Space Force, which would have been forwarded to Intelligence. But unless Ranef were making specific inquiries for the information, there should have been no reason for his being aware of her presence here. Her wristband would be just an anonymous node on the local network, Ranef must have received his information from the headquarters in Lakfakalle.

Two other things had disturbed and angered Lafiel even more. If Ranef knew she was here then he would also know Jinto was here, yet the message made no mention of him at all. The text also made no mention of her hosts, even though it had been directed to their home.

The implied message was clear enough in both cases, they were not being invited.

Abriel Lafiel

Lafiel felt insulted on her friends' behalf, but the implications of this oversight were more disturbing. Ranef had to know that with this slight he had risked insulting an Abriel, not something to be done lightly by anyone.

A senior intelligence officer with a century-long career had found a reason that would justify offending her and then inviting her to talk over dinner. Whatever the reason, because of the deep links between their clans turning down the invitation was not an option.

Lafiel's text response had been equally concise but courteous, indicating the suggested time and date would be fine. Lafiel touched the wall, and the opaque windows went transparent. The cruiser floated in its cradle, waiting for her. She could see Geith at the deck helm and Thom waiting at the pier. She had wanted to rent a water taxi but Thom would have none of it. On the other hand, Thom had insisted only he and his son would accompany her on the short trip out to the House on the Hill.

Lafiel agreed that was best. She opened the door and stepped out into the hot, humid afternoon air that she was now acclimatized to and had even learned to appreciate. Today it felt oppressive, and that had little to do with the heavy robes she wore. She walked quickly out to the cruiser. Thom nodded in greeting and escorted her up the gangplank straight into the enclosed cabin.

He raised the plank and closed the door behind them. Just a moment later, Geith was working the jets and getting them underway. Thom sat down with Lafiel in the lounge. He was no longer hiding the look of grim wariness she had only seen hints of earlier.

As far as the rest of the family was concerned, Lafiel was only upset about the implied insult to her hosts and the prospect of an awkward dinner with a pompous recluse. But Thom clearly knew better. The soldier now addressed her with the cold precision of laser targeting. Lafiel did not bother asking if he also knew Ranef was in intelligence, of course he would know. Most of it was routine.

But he also wanted to know in great detail why I was turning down the offer of a peerage. But for any of the forces that do investigative work in collaboration with them, Intelligence has special privileges allowing them to ask pretty much whatever they want to.

I was very frank with him, I gave him pretty much the same reasons that I gave you when you asked about it. But there was one more thing he insisted on my telling him.

lafiel and jinto relationship problems

He wanted to know what it would take for me to change my mind. But he made it clear that he was not going to let me go until he got a serious answer. So I gave him one. I told him I would accept a peerage if I got to decide whether or not any of my kids got genetic enhancements. But that just led to the new question, what would it take for me to change my mind and have all my children receive the Abh enhancements.

lafiel and jinto relationship problems

By that time I really wanted to bring the interview to an end, so I gave him this answer. His voice was no longer the respectful one of a soldier addressing a friend and compatriot but the vitriolic one of a master addressing an imbecilic subordinate. He was all little smiles and polite inquiries about the family's health, you know the routine. I've had no other contact from him nor from anyone else in Intelligence.

I still have no idea what he was getting at. Maybe he's doing his own research, wants to write a book. He actually moved in here before my dad did. It was quite the little land grab going on back then, people from all over were arriving. You'd be surprised how far and wide some of the folks here came from, literally right across the galaxy.

Or for all we know his job used to be conducting all these interviews. She regarded Thom closely. I promise that any move against you will bring down the righteous wrath of the Abriel in all its fury.

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You said I have three reasons for everything I do, I'd wager he's got at least seven reasons for everything he does. He doesn't do his work just because he's ordered to, I think his work is his life.

You could see it in his eyes, he wants to know everything. A piece of information denied to him is an affront. He's been hunting secrets for a very, very long time. Concentrate on what he is doing, avoid both distraction and scrutiny. Thank you for this, Thom.

Jinto Linn

They continued in silence while Lafiel digested what little information she had. She resolved that the anger she had entered the boat with would remain here. This man does not outrank you but he is your senior five times over. He cannot be bullied or provoked. If he wants something from you, then you must listen and understand why.

Looking out the window, Lafiel could see that they were turning in towards the shore again. The boat intercom chimed. I'm getting an auto-docking handshake signal. This guy's got his own umbilical. My Lady, you won't even need to come up on deck. She and Thom got up and moved to the debarkation door just behind the lower cockpit.

Its display was slaved to the open cockpit up top, Lafiel could see it flashing the sign for hands-off operation. Geith's usual smooth seat-of-the-pants docking gave way to a turnkey set of precise, mechanical moves. She did not approve, this seemed like an affront both to the ocean and to their beautiful boat. She looked out the panoramic window that faced the shore. Sure enough, as soon as the boat was anchored at the pier, a glass-sided umbilical emerged from the cliff. It angled down to the side of the boat and a green light came on over the door.

Thankfully he knew enough not to wish her a pleasant dinner. There was a bare corridor lit by rows of lamps, presumably it did dual duty as sleeve for the umbilical. At its end was yet another door which slid open. The man standing the correct distance behind the door wore the correct white formal robes of Abh nobility, very similar to her own. She recognized the Ranef family emblem. The man was unremarkable in every way, medium height and build, wavy medium blue hair worn to moderate but practical length, a pleasant face with a friendly smile.

So he has come to greet me himself. She had expected no less, but still she was a little disappointed. Had he sent some lackey she would have been justified in marching straight back to the boat and sending a letter to the Duke protesting his son's rudeness.

Lafiel held her poker face and saluted. Thank you for your invitation. The lobby was of modest size but richly appointed and tastefully decorated. It could have been the entrance to the estate of a family in the capital. At the back of the lobby there was an open elevator that he now led her towards. Thank you for indulging me. In all things, he being correct to a fault. Did my father ask you to look out for me?

My motive was entirely selfish. Your career in the Space Force has been a remarkable one. I have wanted to meet you for a long time, I simply could not pass up the opportunity.

At the academy did you use the text 'Interpretation of Signal Intelligence in Plane Space' in the comm tech course? I'm sure you remember how dull it was, I like to think that I am at least a little more interesting than it would suggest. Again, correct to a fault. She found that her smile was not forced.

Again, the scale was modest but the decoration was exceptional. When she asked about a painting whose style looked familiar, Ranef confirmed that it had been done by Kamrau Mari. There was room here for a large table, but if there was one it had been removed in place of a smaller more intimate table placed nearer to the picture window. The view was spectacular, a brand new perspective on the bay that Lafiel had come to love.

Seeing this from inside a traditional Abh dining hall made Lafiel doubly comfortable. Two Abh servants stood waiting for them. When they had silently assisted Ranef and Lafiel to their seats, Ranef ordered drinks and they continued to talk. He was not lying about having followed her career, he knew much and wanted to know more. His questions were probing and insightful, always making Lafiel think about why she had made a particular decision instead of another in the field.

He was not interested in the decision itself but in what went behind it. He was always asking questions that Lafiel had not considered but in retrospect made sense, always making her think. She scarcely noticed as servants silently brought in new courses at wide intervals.

Lafiel appreciated having a good listener, but was getting a bit tired of talking about herself. It was the second one that really gave me an appreciation of the limits of signal intelligence. Being a brash young tech officer with some combat experience I thought I could waltz into the intelligence branch, rewrite the book on how it is supposed to be done and show those eggheads what for.

After a few years I did end up rewriting some of the texts. But I only succeeded in introducing a more pessimistic assessment of what we can learn of enemy intentions from the electromagnetic rays we bounce off them or from listening to whatever they choose to transmit. Nevertheless, I was somewhat disillusioned.

I took on some other assignments and started to learn more about work being done within the established realms of the Empire. Most of your career has been after hostilities with the Triple Alliance broke out. In the decades before then we had come into conflict with and conquered some interstellar nations.

But in my day a lot of the operations of the Space Force were really just shows of force within the Empire. Our fleet would show up in a particular system, orbit a planet for a while, then go home. It was usually in response to some suspected or actual insurrection or instability, and only rarely required actual shots to be fired. I began to take an interest in how these trouble spots were being identified, where the information was coming from. Of course you are familiar with the rules we impose upon territorial governments regarding cooperation with the Space Force recruitment offices.

Anyone in the Empire knew that. When any system became part of the Empire, they agreed to allow the Space Force to establish a recruitment office and that the territorial government not interfere with its operation or with territorial citizens who want to contact it. It was the second of the only two restrictions placed on territorial authorities, the first being never to break the Imperial government's monopoly on interstellar travel.

We require full access to all public communications networks within the territory, with the ability both to monitor it and to send out messages of our own. Once interstellar trade with the planet gets under way, that node essentially becomes a hub through which all messages going to ships passing through the local Gate are relayed.

Our monopoly on interstellar travel is also a monopoly on all communications between worlds. But as well as recruiting for the Space Force, our recruitment offices also do much to encourage all territorial citizens to pursue career and commercial opportunities on other worlds in the Empire. We provide a great deal of information in this regard, including contacts for making further inquiries.

lafiel and jinto relationship problems

A surprising number of citizens do make such inquiries, far more than actually end up pursuing work outside their territory. That always leaves a digital signal, if nothing else a location on the local network. That can easily be cross-referenced with local traffic. But every message still leaves a signature on the network when it passes through each hub. We know who exchanged messages with whom, when and how often. And you would be surprised how much seemingly private business gets discussed in publicly available network spaces.

Very few people have the same concern with privacy that we do. Landers are particularly fond of expressing displeasure for authorities in public forums.

That becomes another datum in a picture that can identify potential trouble spots. Much of it is left to the local offices since they have culture-specific expertise.

But we still do a lot of work on the aggregated data looking for general trends. My own specialty has become tracing familial relations. A surprising amount of political activity on lander worlds takes place within extended families.

Even in democratic institutions family dynasties are very common. Among the Abh, the clans exist to serve the Empire, just as the ancestors of each clan had a very specific role on the mother-ship. It is the Empire which is primary, the clan secondary. On lander worlds it is the opposite, family relations are primary and political institutions are made to serve them. I have to say there was much in their government institutions that I found objectionable.

But it was clear they prided themselves on how their government owed no loyalty to particular people or their chosen successors. All offices were open to all candidates. The reality is much different. For most landers, their first loyalty is always to their family. When I speak of family I mean it in the most general terms. Biological parentage has a large role to play, but it is not always primary. In the simplest terms, a family is any small, tight-knit group of people who have a common identity and have spent years forming a network of very close bonds.

Landers form and maintain these bonds far more readily than we do. The strongest of these are romantic relations which lead to lifelong pair-bonding.

That usually leads to the second most important relation, that between parent and child. It is a bond that usually remains close, even long after the child has grown. But I am not sure I see how that translates to the political realm. I cannot tell you the number of times we have identified such a relation from an offhand comment like 'he is like a father to me' or 'she is like a daughter to me'.

Patterns of intermarriage are a telltale. Members of such a family will often do much anything for each other, even commit treason. When groups of separatists or insurgents are found out, invariably they are people who have close relations going back generations. Is it not simply out of necessity? The Empire is our shared project, it cannot succeed unless our first loyalty is always to the Empire. We all understand that. As always the real insight comes in pointing out the why of the matter.

It is something so basic that we rarely even think of it. The answer is in our genes. As you well know a member of the nobility betrayed me then tried to kill me. Certainly loyalty is not a phenotype that can be engineered into our genes, I am not suggesting any such thing.

Abh can go renegade just like anyone. It rarely happens but our Space Force has had its share of mutinies staged by Abh officers. None of them ever committed treason because they put loyalty to family ahead of the Empire.

They always acted for personal reasons. Like sociopaths, they are something that crop up here and there and it occasionally leads to unfortunate consequences. But it is not something that would develop into a conspiracy. Again, I have recently come to see that more clearly. But is that not just because our culture has a radically different background?

We have been obliged to survive in space for a thousand years, we had to adapt or die. Have you ever looked at the text listing of your own genetic mods? It goes on for hundreds of pages.

I think you will find it interesting, but for today could you accept the premise for argument's sake? Is your analysis used to direct our counter-insurgency operations? Ranef's knowing smile confirmed her fear. I'm certain he has described our exit interview to you. Please be assured I bear him no ill will, quite the contrary. I only met him a handful of times but as you suggested his work has been done in close collaboration with our own analysis. He is one of the finest officers whose work I had the opportunity to observe.

That was why I was so interested in knowing what we could do to bring him into the gentry. Can you imagine what his response might have been?

Do you mind if I ask him? In preparation for our interview I found out all I could about his father Ernst, another very remarkable man who turned down a peerage. I'm afraid it became something of an obsession with me to find out why.

lafiel and jinto relationship problems

I pressed Thom too hard and he made his displeasure known in a most emphatic way. I'm certain that both her husband and her son gave us an honest answer. They feared the very things you and I have been talking about tonight, the things that make us different. They feared losing the lifelong bonds that made them want children in the first place. My division does not just look for troublemakers, the flip-side is that we spend much time looking for people with potential who might accomplish things for the Empire given the opportunity.

When a peerage is offered, our input often figures prominently. I still do a lot of high-level analysis of long-term trends, that kind of work can be done anywhere. But I am intrigued by this enclave as a case study. It is a concentration of people who have just three things in common: I would love to know what else they have in common. But the motivations of people for coming here are quite simple, they prefer the easy company of the ocean and each other to the demanding company of the stars and the Abh.

I doubt there is much here of interest for somebody whose life work is to seek out those who could either harm or help the Empire. Perhaps it is high time we spoke of the real reason I am here. She and Kathryn had worked together investigating the conspiracy in the Hania Star Fleet that had led to the Mimic rebellion.

Lafiel had come to know her quite well, but despite their friendship Kathryn had never spoken much about her children.

Normally Lafiel would not consider that an oversight, Abh did not necessarily even maintain much contact with their grown children. Now suddenly Lafiel was thinking she should find that unusual or wrong even though she did not. That she turned out to have children with only the second member of the Intelligence branch Lafiel had ever spoken with at length strained credulity, especially since this man seemed so different from her in every way.

Ranef seemed to read all this in her face. Fear not, I shall not embarrass you with the details. I have read all of your reports and hers from the Vensath affair, that and Kathy's own letters assure me you two became fast friends. So I am certain she would not mind my telling you this much. When I expressed my surprise at her proposal, her comment was that she wished to have three sets of three children.

Her first six children were grown, and she holds to the rather conservative view that every child should be the mixing of two genomes. So she wanted me to help complete the set for her. She raised our children, and very well too. Our youngest is even in the Service now. One in three, not a bad average. Such relations are very common. But I can see where such a thing would appear too coincidental to somebody not accustomed to the sort of analysis I do.

Perhaps I could convince you with a little game. It will also give you some insight into the sort of work I am doing that lends itself to isolation. Highness, I would like you to name somebody in the nobility whose name you know but with whom you have not met or communicated with. But is that something you really should be showing me?

I believe you will find the exercise insightful. The lights dimmed and the windows went opaque. A holographic projection filled the room, their table and chairs appeared to float in black space. Between them a data display appeared. Exactly as she had expected, it was a diagram showing chains of mutual acquaintances between the late Prime Minister's son and her, and also between he and Ranef Duben.

The chains were surprisingly short and varied. Ranef prompted her for a few more names, and she gave more. In each case, she was quite surprised by the links.

But when she would direct her gaze at an icon indicating footnotes, rather than opening it would flash red. Beyond my level of clearance. After a while Lafiel leaned back and regarded Ranef under the latest maze of linked data windows.

You have also succeeded in deflecting my query about my real reason for being here. It is a matter of some delicacy. I would like to show you a relation diagram similar to the ones we have been looking at. It is a local copy I made, with all links fully visible. Please bear in mind, I have the authority to show you this information but it is in technical violation of the secrecy acts. If you examine the information, I think you will understand why I wanted to show it to you.

There was danger both in seeing and in not seeing. She made her decision quickly. Lafiel's heart began racing. She saw her worst fears being confirmed. Lafiel took the time to review the material very carefully.

It was all there, all the steps she had taken to cover her tracks, all the meetings in obscure places, all the messages and materials sent through intermediaries. Ranef had sifted through it all to discover what Lafiel had really done. At the end of the Vensath war she had been ordered to wipe the memory of Miriam Hender, the Mimic who had aided in Lafiel's investigation in Hania. She was to be terminated along with all the other Mimics that had been downloaded into artificial brains and trapped in robot bodies, as per Imperial decree.

Lafiel had terminated her friend as ordered. She had also taken a backup of her brain and sent it to her vassal Seelnay, along with a specialized neural net it could be downloaded into and a robot body that could support it.

In violation of Imperial law, a Mimic was being allowed to live.

lafiel and jinto relationship problems

Miriam had kept a very low profile as she had been warned to, disguising herself as a standard-issue maid robot. Her only mistake had been to raise the priority level on a message she forwarded to Seelnay because it indicated a disgruntled business associate was going to be showing up at her office.

That was something no maid robot would think to do. He has you and he knows it. They were on an unknown world, with possibility of rescue slim but present and she had never spent time on the surface of a gravity bound world with an atmosphere. Jinto was thus required to assist in explaining to oddities, like sparkling stars, to the Princess.

Now began perhaps the most physically demanding trail of her military life; Planet Sufugnoff. Jinto managed to lead her to the city and assist in providing himself and her provisions and shelter while remaining concealed to the enemy.

Their time undercover was limited though. Their move to an urban area somewhat gave away their position, but they could not have survived in the wilderness for much longer.

An Anti-Imperial Lander, Marca; who was disguised as a maid, revealed their position first to her fellow Anti-Imperial members. Lafiel, despite how Jinto attempted to defend her, immediately captured the lot that attempt to take her and the Earl hostage. They negotiated their escape to a location that would be more secure. Little did they know though that at the moment the United Mankind was doing a general activist crack down and one of the members of the party would almost get them captured.

Lafiel though came heavily armed with high powered grenades and two small arms for herself and the Earl. She then, with the rest of the group, retreated into the woods and with some Anti-Imperial Lander help escaped through some volcanic tunnels.

They continued fighting and Lafiel with Jinto continued to rack up casualties for the enemy. They were closely and hotly pursued by the United Mankind regulars until escaping a fantasy park they left heavily battle damaged. Lafiel was about to engage the 50 to 60 police officers at the entrance only to be stopped by Jinto who understood that their intentions were entirely different than that of the United Mankind.

Cyte; however, had other intentions for these prisoners. As they relinquished their arms to local detective Entryua Rei, Cyte begins a racist and mad rant to Lafiel and Jinto stepping in to protect the Princess is shot through the shoulder.

Lafiel is enraged to a degree perhaps unrivaled until Lobnas and wishes to kill the Lieutenant, but is restrained and rescued by the Anti-Imperial Landers who provide first aid to Jinto and assist in their escape from the planet surface. Edit Lafiel was ultimately able to complete her mission thanks to being picked up by Admiral Spoor. Upon their arrival at Lakfakalle, Lafiel learns of the fate of Hecto-Commander Lexshu as the first casualty of war: This new war she trains for as already a veteran of two engagements, Febdash and Sufugnoff.

She is sent to an academy as is Jinto, but to separate branches. Where Jinto Linn will train in supply and logistics, Lafiel will be trained in leadership and command. The pair shall not meet again until three years later just prior to the start of Operation Phantom Flame. Lafiel is put through further training before given an assignment and the crew and Jinto witness her potential as a commander.

It is clear she will accept nothing less than absolute victory.

Falling under the commander of new Baroness Febdash AtosuryuaAbriel Lafiel receives her first orders of battle to engage an enemy patrol contingent that has arrived from Wimple at Aptic. Her unit endures relatively moderate casualties when the order is given to stand down and let the mine-layer craft finish off the patrol vessels. Lafiel hates the order but goes along leaving the battlefield.

Deca-Commander Lafiel and her crew enjoy a brief reprieve before orders from the Commander-in-Chief arrive. Their forces need to recon some key areas to determine enemy movements and fleet size due to the ferocity of the recons of the enemy.

Lafiel and a fellow commander, Deca-Commander Ragash, are weighed down by debris of the enemy vessels and are moderately damaged. They are forced to trail behind while going back to Aptic.

It is here where suddenly both she and Ragash are propelled into a survival situation. The ships had too little fuel for each to proceed alone and one had to be scuttled. Rakash gave his life, which bothered Lafiel intensely but she had to ensure the safety and survival of all of the people now on board her ship.

Lafiel was able to survive the engagement with no other casualties. Her unit by now had been severely depleted. Many of the commanders they started with were replaced being killed or wounded in action. After returning to Aptic, her struggle helped provide the location of the enemy main fleet.

Her crew is given some time to resupply and recover after over two and a half days of pure attrition. Lafiel continues to collect experience in battle and attain one difficult victory after another, but soon enough the critical engagement of Phantom Flame will be fought.

Hecto-Commander Atosuryua gives a parting toast to her commanders pledging to those that return they shall finish the bottle they were sharing. Lafiel about to issue the order to abandon ship during her command of the Basroil.

The Basroil continued to fight on longer than the Kidroil, which is shot down during the battle by separation mines. The Basroil fought on for considerably long time, running low on fuel, fighting United Mankind vessels. The hull of the vessel went critical and the only option left to Lafiel was to abandon ship.

Lafiel gathered the colors of Basroil and during the evacuation turned them over to her subordinate, flyer Sobaash. Lafiel searched the ship for her Supply Officer Jinto Linn, who she had been informed, has stayed behind to rescue a crew member.

She was luckily able to find him and provide him an emergency suit helmet and get them to a pod as the vessel finally gave out. The battle for her unit continued and following at least an hour of drifting their pod was retrieved by Hecto-Commander Atosuryua.

Following Aptic, it is apparent that of her unit, the only notable surviving commanders of Atosuryua's command are the Baroness and Lafiel. Surrender of Aptic Edit The official surrender of Aptic would happen a few days afterward. It was there that both Princess Lafiel and Count Hyde were given the duty to accept the surrender of Aptic to the Empire.

Jinto reads the official conditions of surrender to the President of Aptic as Deputy Ambassador to Aptic. This would not be their last roles as diplomats, for the following operation would require the pair again to serve as Ambassadors to a colony captured by the Empire. Edit Following the end of Operation Phantom Flame, Operation Hunter was set to capture cut off Mankind territories and destroy any remaining enemies within the area.

Deca-Commander Lafiel retained command of the new Basrogrha replacement built, but bore a new role along with Jinto. Both would become diplomats to newly conquered worlds rather than continue fighting during Hunter. After Lafiel restored the colors to their proper place on board the Basrogrh II, she sets course for their first assignment of Hunter: Lafiel immediately upon arriving is given a complex and delicate political picture of a United Mankind penal colony.

Four Prime Ministers have been elected and she has to attempt to negotiate between them all upon arrival. Lafiel officially recognizes Geomaiden as the Director of Lobnas II and sends her deputy to the ground to continue negotiations of evacuation and re-supply of Lobnas II.

Among these issues discussed, artificial reproduction is discussed as an option for human sustainability of Lobnas II since large sections of the colony are separated by gender. Ekuryua questions Abriel about giving up on Jinto. Lafiel is strained, being posted above ground unable to personally monitor Jinto, who spends a considerable amount of time on the ground.

Soon thereafter, the situation becomes catastrophic. Lafiel awaits the safe return of Jinto, assuming he would have ensured his escape from the planet, but it never happens. Once she is shown Jinto being held hostage by the ring-leaders, she is obviously upset but only shows this to Jinto Linn.

If she manages to capture them, she would sentence them to Abh Hell. This causes Yuri and Angusson to turn against each other in which as Lafiel wished for Yuri is killed. Lafiel reporting her situation to Admiral Admiral Spoor. Jinto remains on the planet, his status from then on unknown, but it can be assumed he was labeled as missing in action. Lafiel then speeds up evacuation plans, planning to evacuate all peaceful and loyal prisoners from the planet.

At this point only the women remain which by the thousands must be ferried on makeshift rafts to Abh transports with some leadership on the ground on the part of Lala Bei Shanga the elected Prime Minster of the Western Detention Sector. Lafiel needs time for she is soon informed on an oncoming enemy fleet. Just at the same time Admiral Spoor arrives to ensure the area was cleared of all friendly presence.

Lafiel immediately begins to negotiate with Spoor reasons why she should remain to assist Lafiel in buying time for the prisoners escape. This is no way glorious for either of them but she proclaims that this must be done for the Honor of the Empire.

Spoor soon concedes and agrees to protect Lafiel only on her terms.

Lafiel | We Remember Love

The ensuing battle rages overhead as Lafiel goes planet-side to personally oversee the evacuation and status of all events there. Tomasof remains behind with his men attempting to defend his position with his life even though all enemy leadership has broken down and now general civil war wages on the planet now.

Lafiel and her currently stationed crew are never able to locate the Count and are forced after 5 plus hours of evacuation to leave the planet. Enemy ships push through, but she has no choice but to go on.

She orders them to get as close as possible so they can be fired upon. Her entire task force of transports and light escort make it through intact.