Kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship test

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kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship test

REVIEW: The – 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships' (Dirty Hit . Having stood the test of time without being yet bested – except With their roots in Dublin, My Bloody Valentine was started in by guitarist Kevin Shields and . Bilinda Butcher describing the consequence of this said: “Often. Kevin Patrick Shields (born 21 May ) is an Irish musician, . Conway was replaced by vocalist and guitarist Bilinda Butcher, with whom Shields split .. During the late s and early s, Shields and Bilinda Butcher were in a relationship. Pittman had test-driven the music format by producing and hosting a. Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher do guitar and vocals, Colm Ó Cíosóig If Loveless was a cozy, musical relationship of plus years, then m b v even if all you're doing is taking an aural equivalent of the Rorschach test.

There were a couple of places, Nottingham Palais and Matlock Bath who arranged all-dayers instead. You went there in the morning, listened to music and danced all day.

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship test

What type of area did you live in? We were living in an area called Golden Valley, it had one pub and a couple of houses and it was all very conservative. A friend of mine dyed his hair green one day. When my mother saw him she forced him to wash it with Ajax before his mum would see it. Probably pretty embarrassing for you? She was a bit special. To dye your hair was very uncommon at the time, it was something you would perhaps do if you lived in the city centre of Nottingham or Derby.

In Golden Valley, I was considered a weirdo. My clothes were different.

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For a long time, I only wore clothes from the s that I bought in a shop called Penny Feathers in Nottingham. My friend Dian — the guy who dyed his hair — had a portable gramophone that we used to bring to the forest where we listened to records. My mother thought I was up in the clouds.

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship test

I never watched the news or read the papers; it was like I lived in another era. Everybody was into punk and I was living in the 20s and 30s. How old were you?

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship test

Then I went to London to study and to go to gigs. I saw Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and loads of other Goth bands.

Bilinda Butcher

I went to dance classes too but had to quit because I got sick. I had a chronic urinary infection. It was a nightmare to get in and out of the tricot. McGee was really excited by us, but he was never around. We were his biggest bet.

Instead of us including him and bringing him in, we just sort of pushed him away. We were all homeless until after Loveless got made. The way I saw it—because I was the producer and kind of in charge of everything—I was a bit of a tyrant.

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship test

I would just really be strict. It got to the point where I lived with these songs for more than a year, and the melodies were only in my head.

kevin shields and bilinda butcher relationship test

The average My Bloody Valentine track is about one or two guitar tracks: I could only get away with having one or two guitars at any one point because if you put a few on, then it took away from the effect, it sounded smaller and smaller. The one effect I would use was this reversed reverb effect, which is very reverb-y, all of these things I was against, right?

But the irony was that with these effects, you could actually play harder and it sounded really different.

If you played softer, the sound changed dramatically. I would work with a tremolo to get this other dynamic and suddenly had a language I could kind of express myself with, which I never really had before. I found a voice, and I could do it well. After a while, I was playing in such a way that people thought it was some weird effect or studio manipulation. Virtually overnight, thanks to 's Isn't Anything album, he was championed as the latest indie-rock saviour.

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However, while dreaming up Lovelesshis aural obsessions began to run away with him. He sat in the studio for six months testing out drum patterns. The band's drummer, Colm O'Ciosoig, apparently suffered a nervous breakdown. When Creation's Alan McGee first heard Shields's intended single, To Here Knows When, it sounded so woozy and otherworldly that he initially thought he'd been delivered a faulty recording.

To Here Knows When - that's what it was, a timeless, backwards thing. Mine and Bilinda's relationship was pretty much charted through all those records. We made some good records at first, but then we went through a lot of strain and stress. It seemed to make sense - Loveless.

My Bloody Valentine: barbed wire and aliens in the garden

What happened over the years at Island has never been clarified. It took a year of fighting with the company to get our money back. It was that kind of rubbish. The garden was surrounded by sandbags and barbed wire.