Karma and nagisa relationship quizzes

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karma and nagisa relationship quizzes

Quiz Image. Assassination see our: Top 40 Quizzes. Where did At first, why did Karma used to despise teachers? Who are the two people that is fond of teasing Nagisa? What was the relationship of Yukimura and Koro-sensei before?. Assassination classroom boyfriend quizIncludes - Nagisa, Karma, Maehara, Isogai, Maybe yes, Maybe no (Rizumu: I am not buying you're sweet personality. Karma and Nagisa's relationship in a nutshell. Discover ideas about Nagisa And Karma. Karma and Nagisa's relationship in a nutshell. Nagisa And.

After that incident she revised her ways and stared being a better mother. Kayano Kayano was one of Nagisa's closest friends and the two sit next to each other in class.

They get along well and are often seen together. They were paired together during the Assassination Test of Courage. When Korosensei later attempts to remove Kayano's tentacles, Nagisa uses a special kissing technique on Kayano to distract her from her bloodlust so Korosensei could remove the 2 tentacles from her neck. I find them an adorable couple! Karma Unlike many people, Nagisa is doesn't care about Karma's violent behavior.

Karma x Nagisa Mad hatter

They met in their first year of middle school and quickly became friends. Noting that Nagisa will always attack at the most unexpected time, Karma also tries to remember why he was so irritated at Nagisa.

At the same time when the blue team takes control of the area with only Maehara of the blue team surviving, Karma witnesses Nagisa emerge from his hiding spot and take out Nakamura, Terasaka, Muramatsu and Yoshida in an instant, obliterating their whole attack strategy. After taking out Maehara, Karma challenges Nagisa to a one-on-one duel, and after reminiscing about their past friendship, their earlier fight continues.

The two resume their melee duel but Karma's knack for combat gives him the upper hand over Nagisa.

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However Nagisa was able to disarm Karma of his knife until the latter returned the favour. His beatdown of his friend, and allowing himself to get hit, makes Korosensei hypothesize that for Karma to unify the class to kill him, he has to ensure complete victory over Nagisa, and make him concede defeat. Karma eventually knocks Nagisa off balance with an uppercut and seemingly finishing him with an axe kick. Karma retrieves his knife and approaches his foe to end the duel, until Nagisa suddenly performs the stun clap technique.

Expecting this, Karma bit his tongue to weaken the shock as Nagisa stands back up to retaliate. However the latter catches Karma off guard by throwing the knife filled with his bloodlust at him, causing Karma to focus on it and get caught into an arm choke hold, intending to make Karma lose unconsciousness. In a vain attempt to throw Nagisa off, Karma finds his discarded knife but chooses not to strike him, much like how Nagisa chose not to gun him down when Karma challenged him.

Instead he surrenders and Nagisa wins the war for the blue team. The two friends reconcile their friendship, dropping the honorifics they used for the entirety of the series in the process, though Karma still continues to tease him. Karasuma decides the honor the agreement but on the condition that come February the class resume their original goal to kill Korosensei should they fail to find a way to save him.

Renewed Resolve Later in the month, the class came across information that could lead them to save their teacher. However they need to obtain the data by hijacking the International Space Station. The students infiltrate a launch site and delegate Karma and Nagisa to replace the crash test dummies and hijack the space station. Launching into space, the pair successfully took control of the station but the inhabitants agree to copy their findings over on amicable terms.

Karma also helped unload the supplies and was impressed enough to state that he will support an increase in the space budget when he grows up.

With Ritsu and Korosensei's help the two boys landed back at their mountain classroom. The class then learn that Korosensei would not explode in March as initially thought, that the chances of it occurring is less than one percent.

Although knowing of a solution to save him, they agree to at the very least continue their original mission assigned by the government until graduation. As the entrance exams approach, Karma decides to stay at Kunigigaoka, knowing that with his academic skills he can get any job he wants and that he likes having to compete with equally academic students like Gakushu Asano.

The pair slyly confront her about it, and asked if she intended to give the chocolate to a certain someone. While Kayano tried to brush it off, Karma's photo of Nagisa kissing her immediately embarrasses her into silence.

He and Nakamura decide to help Kayano pluck the courage to confess to Nagisa, though their motive was so as to psychologically torture them as their pets. He takes Kayano to spy on other student couples for ideas. When seeing Hazama hand over her bar to Terasaka and his group, Karma lamented that he had not done so sooner as a trick, which involved the chocolate he received from Okuda.

To ensure that Korosensei did not get any love gossip from Nagisa and Kayano, Karma secretly baited their teacher with a photo of Aguri Yukimura in a swimsuit. This worked well enough to be considered to use for an assassination attempt.


After the completion of the entrance exams, Karma soon got into another fight with a couple of men. However Korosensei intervened and apologised for his student's behaviour. Korosensei lectured Karma about not letting pride take hold in a conflict, that it was sometimes better to walk away, saying that it is a relevant skill in both assassination and in his future as a bureaucrat.

When Karma, Nagisa and a few of Class E students saw Toka Yada surrounded by a group of men, Karma was quick to provoke a violent response. However he realised that the men would easily overpower them, and instead bowed down his head as an apology for his hasty judgment. Both sides walked away with no harm on either side, and Nagisa acknowledged that Karma had indeed changed. Assassination Time, 2nd Period Five days before the deadline, Korosensei is trapped by the government's Earth Shield and would be killed by its satellite weapon on the day of the deadline.

Class 3-E including Karma were quickly captured by the same men that accosted Yada and held in isolation by the government for their "safety". However, following subtle hints from Karasuma, the class begun planning and training for their entry into the mountains.

Karma requests command of the class from Isogai should they enter the mountains, which Isogai agrees. On the night of the deadline, the class escape their confinement with the aid of Irina-sensei and quickly headed to the mountain to see Korosensei one last time. At the forest Karma took command of the class, directing the students in taking out the mercenaries one by one.

After recognising one of the men who insulted him, Karma personally tortured him with wasabi, sour spices and cockroaches, so as to lure more prey. The mercenaries' leader Houjou proved to be more troublesome as Karma rushed in to take him out but was knocked back. However the class's hit and run tactics began to wear Houjou down until Nagisa surprised him with the stun clap technique. Karma and Nagisa both attacked the stunned Houjou together, knocking him out.

The two celebrated, but Kaede notes that Houjou is still moving and Terasaka berates the two for celebrating too early. After tying the leader up, the class reunited with Korosensei inside the barrier. Their reunion however was brutally interrupted by Shiro and the faux God of Death, who is now a tentacled monster. The two begin battling Korosensei and their superhuman powers made Karma and the class realise how helpless they are despite an entire year's worth spent on training to become assassins.

To exploit Korosensei's true weakness, Shiro orders the God of Death to attack the students. With Korosensei unable to counterattack whilst saving the students, Kayano intervenes but is quickly impaled through the chest. As Korosensei retaliates, Karma calls on everyone to run away from the fight. Graduation Time Eventually Shiro and the God of Death are defeated and disintegrated and Kayano is healed by an exhausted Korosensei, who collapses afterwards. At their teacher's urging the entire class reluctantly pin him down by grabbing all his tentacles rendering him immobile.

Nagisa volunteers to perform the assassination itself. Before dying, Korosensei conducts a final roll call, with Karma first to respond. After Nagisa finally kills him and Korosensei disappears in particles of light, everyone starts crying including Karma. Unlike the rest of his classmates, Karma chose to remain in Kunugigaoka Institution after the graduation ceremony which he want to duel against Gakushu again for the next three years.

Seven years later Karma had just passed his government official entrance exams and arrived to commence work at the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Investment.

Privately he slyly remarks to himself that this is where he'll start accumulating his wealth and continuing his ambition to become bureaucrat. Karma is capable of utilizing and leading his classmates, making use of their abilities in the most suitable way to the corresponding situation. He demonstrates this ability in bits and pieces throughout the series, such as when he planned to subdue Itona at the natural pool, but only fully begin to demonstrate this in Chapterwhere he guided each of his teammates to positions best befitting them.

Karma is one of the smartest characters in the series, being capable of maintaining top grades with little effort.

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He assets his cunning, mischief yet considerable objective nature to assassinations attemps, as well as other scenarios that may require it, such as saving his classmates or others. He also is often the first person to notice any oddities that may occur around and within Class E. Besides his intelligence, Karma a knack for battle and enjoys it. He has good fighting skills such as having a high mobility and reflexes, and also has a mind suited for pranks, and foul play. He is also the physically strongest student in Class E as he has no trouble subduing Terasaka who has the most muscular build in the class, and it took both Maehara and Isogai struggling to physically restrain him before he could have injured Nagisa.

Karma is also stated by Kimura that no one could compare to Karma at direct hand to hand combat, to the point of fighting toe-to-toe with a full-fledged assassin like Grip, and his reflexes allow him to pinch down an enemy's attacks, though he isn't so stealthy as Nagisa.

Who is THE ONE for YOU ? [ Assassination Classroom ]

Karma is ranked 3rd for marksmanship, boys' side, being the fourth among all the class. Nagisa Shiota Nagisa is Karma's first and closest friend. The two of them have been classmates since their first year at Kunugigaoka and as a result, they know each other well. The two often hang out together and seem to enjoy the same things like movies. Karma also enjoys teasing Nagisa and often has many creative methods to do so; many of which poke fun at his androgynous appearance.

Despite that, Nagisa really doesn't mind it and isn't very offended by Karma's teasing. In the official character book, it was stated that Nagisa is the only person to have visited his house. Nagisa has once stated that he envies Karma's easy-going, brilliant personality, and Karma is sometimes seen asking for Nagisa's advice or intel. It has also been noted that Karma considers Nagisa a prodigy and has high respect for his skill, admitting to Okuda that he was a bit jealous of his friend's assassination skills.

However, despite their friendship, the two never got to removing the '-kun' suffix when addressing each other until the end of Chapter Chapter reveals the history of their friendship as the two friends had a sour disagreement.

karma and nagisa relationship quizzes

While Nagisa admires Karma for his intelligence and positive personality, Karma saw Nagisa as "a nice and honest yet harmless little animal" who he could afford to be less cautious with, thus trusting Nagisa to spend time with. This changed after Karma did not know how to respond to the mysterious feeling hiding within his friend after a surprise poke from behind that felt as though he had been violently stabbed in the back.

He described this as a 'mysterious something that he wanted to drag out of him and destroy, just to be safe'. However, with his good grades, his homeroom teacher had supported him and sided with him. But that changed when Karma had defended an E-Class senior from the main campus bullies. That had gotten Karma into a lot of trouble and caused his homeroom teacher to turn against him and had Karma suspended. After that incident Karma has developed a strong hatred towards all teachers.

Soon Nagisa was also moved to 3- Class due to his grades dropping. Ever since Karma had found out about Nagisa's love for 'sonic ninja'; A comic both Karma and Nagisa enjoy reading, they started hanging out more often and that's when they their friendship started.

But as second year rolls by, Karma and Nagisa started hanging out less until it reaches the point where they stopped hanging out.

karma and nagisa relationship quizzes

That was it until both Karma and Nagisa reached third year and were both moved to E class. After they were both moved there and when Karma had returned from his suspension they both started hanging out again.