Justin roiland rick and morty relationship problems

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justin roiland rick and morty relationship problems

Justin Roiland. Mortimer "Morty" Morty is shown to have repressed anger issues which is most notable seen in "Look Who's Purging Now". These anger Rick is Morty's maternal grandfather; he and Morty have a close relationship overall. He is voiced by Justin Roiland. Not much Rick and Morty have a strong bond, though their relationship is strained due to Rick's cynicism, alcoholism, lack of. Commentators: Justin Roiland (co-creator, voice of both Rick and .. In the context of Rick and Morty's conversation, no one ultimately had a problem with deeper into how different their relationship is than Rick and Morty.”.

He first killed a small, baby-like blob creature he kept, hoping to cure the space AIDS which the alien apparently suffered from.

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After Beth and Jerry let Blim Blam escape, Rick lost his chance to find the cure, hence his decision to euthanize the small alien. He thawed it out with a serum, comfortingly petting it as it cried out and screamed.

He turned it to ash with the death ray before he sat down under it as it was about to fire again, only to pass out at the last moment while the death ray overloaded and fried. He remained slumped over his workbench, passed out, for the majority of the day and night.

Rick and Morty then visited Beta 7's world, where Unity is staying. Rick demanded to see Unity, but Beta 7 informs Rick he is considered a "hostile entity" and threatened to attack the two unless they left, which Rick reluctantly did at Morty's urging. Substance Abuse Rick, very drunk, tries to set off a neutrino bomb to "get a fresh start".

justin roiland rick and morty relationship problems

Originally, Rick's consumption of alcohol is presented more from a comedic viewpoint throughout the series' run, but in the Season 1 finale " Ricksy Business ", Bird Person claims that Rick is in "great pain" citing his catchphrase "wubba lubba dub dub" as meaning "I am in great pain. This is most likely due to his genius intelligence, and the traumatizing effect that his continuous adventures may have on him, in the past and present in " Rick Potion No. Criminal Record Throughout his numerous adventures with Morty, Rick has been shown to be ready and willing to disregard rules, laws and social norms if it is necessary to complete a task or escape a dangerous situation.

Season one has Rick resorting to assault, battery, vandalism, smuggling, corruption of a minor, home invasion, reckless endangerment, terrorist threats, indecent exposure and even murder and arson in order to get the job done.

The most common crimes committed are driving or flying under the influence, drug abuse, and public intoxication.

His full criminal record is displayed on a monitor. Although in an alien language and unreadable, it is shown to be quite long. After he is placed under maximum security, another prisoner asks him "What are you in for? Also in the pilot episode, Rick slaps a bystander alien in the face while fleeing from airport security, causing the alien to cry Bioterrorism: In the episode Rick Potion 9Rick made a dysfunctional love potion that spread a flu-like virus to everyone in the world, which caused them to rip apart and mutate into giant praying mantis monsters.

He attempted to fix this, by using another potion, but this only made them mutate again, cronenberging the entire world. He couldn't fix the mutations in the end, and just left the dimension with Morty, leaving all of the mutated humans behind. Breaking and Entering Burglary: Goldenfold's house while he was sleeping with the intent to brainwash him into giving Morty an A in math by invading Mr.

Goldenfold's his dreams and incepting the idea. In the episodes Rixty Minutes and Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting FateRick used an interdimensional cable box to stream an infinite amount of TV channels to his own television and the intergalactic hospital television.

In most episodes of the series, Rick takes Morty along with him on all of his adventures, sometimes against his will. He often endangers his life as well as leaving him traumatized and mentally scarred by exposing him to scary and horrible things, such as watching himself get killed and having to bury his own body or being forced to kill clones of his family. Morty is also the victim of lots of physical damage such as breaking his legs in three places.

In the episode Total RickallRick was even seen pushing Morty down a stairwell, simply as a practical joke, in a flashback montage, along with other ways Rick has mistreated him. In " Pickle Rick ", he ripped apart the bodies of multiple rats and cockroaches and reassembled them into a suit. Rick is drunk throughout the majority of most episodes of Rick and Morty and he's seen driving the space cruiser while he's drunk.

justin roiland rick and morty relationship problems

Most notably in the Pilot episode, when Rick was visibly intoxicated while he flew the space cruiser with Morty and it almost led to him destroying the world. Through the course of their adventures, many people have died as a direct or indirect result of Rick's actions. These deaths were usually during the commission of various other serious crimes he was committing, including felony evasion, smuggling, fraud, etc. Rick has also induced Morty to kill people for him, such as making him shoot the security guards to aid their escape in the Pilot episode.

In the episode The Ricks Must Be Crazyin order to keep the inhabitants of the microverse producing power for his spaceship, Rick smashes the container of the Miniverse. This causes the Miniverse, and the Teenyverse a miniature universe within the Miniverseand its two races of inhabitants to be wiped from existence. In the episode Big Trouble In Little Sanchezit was revealed that Rick had been cloning and growing other versions of himself in vats in his bunker under the Smith Family garage.

Although it remains unclear where cloning fits into Intergalactic law, it is at least illegal on Earth. In " Rickmancing the Stone ", he cloned himself again, along with Summer and Morty.

In the episode Mortynight Runit was revealed that Rick has been selling weapons to a hitman for a long time, possibly also hiring him to kill various living beings.

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When Rick's concoctions in the episode Rick Potion 9 mutated everyone on the planet not biologically related to Morty, the two traveled to a new dimension whose versions of them had just died in an explosion seconds before their arrival, and assumed their places as if nothing had happened.

The corpses are currently still burried in the Smith's backyard. Kidnapping and False Imprisonment: In the episode Auto Erotic Assimilationit was revealed that Rick had kidnapped an alien and kept it imprisoned in the basement against its own will for an amount of time, so that he could perform multiple tests on him.

Outside of all of the hostile aliens he's killed, Rick has killed multiple innocent beings too.

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  • Morty Smith

In the episode Meeseeks and Destroyhe blasted King Jellybean with a laser gun just as he was leaving the dimension although it was justified, seeing as how Jellybean attempted to rape Morty and was shown to be a serial rapist pedophile. In the episode Big Trouble In Little Sanchezhe ran around with an axe and killed several living versions of himself at different ages, including a baby, a young child, a young adult, and a full adult although this could also fall under suicide, since they were his own clones.

In Look Who's Purging NowRick and Morty partake in the Purge, and Rick kills a large number of government officials, although this was in a successful effort to remove the Purge.

Prison Escape - In " The Rickshank Rickdemption ", Rick broke out of the Galactic Federation Prisonkilled many of the guardsand finally, blew the entire place up, which in turn, must have freed any other prisoners, assuming any survived the explosion.

justin roiland rick and morty relationship problems

In the episode The Ricks Must Be Crazy, it was revealed that Rick's spaceship battery was powered through a microverse, containing a whole planet of people forced to generate his power originally through deception, later through fear of destruction. In the Pilot episode, Rick attempted to smuggle Mega Seeds past Intergalactic Customs security, by having Morty shove them up his butt to avoid the scanner detecting them.

However, when the security guard told them they have a new machine that would detect things up there, Rick grabbed Morty and took off running from them. At the end of the episode The Ricks Must Be Crazythe inhabitants of the microverse are forced to step on gooble-boxes to power Rick's spaceship for fear of their planet being destroyed see above: In the episode A Rickle in TimeRick froze time for the equivalent of six months which caused time to start splitting and dividing multiple times, to the point where a Fourth Dimensional Being from the Galactic Federation came and tried to arrest him and his grandkids, also revealing that Rick may have done before.

At the end of the episode Auto Erotic AssimilationRick revealed to be in possession a living, albeit frozen, being unclear on the sentience of said beingwhich was horribly suffering after thawing outand then he shocked it with a superheated ray, reducing it to ash.

This was apparently to test his suicide machine. Rick destroyed multiple things in Intergalactic Customs in the Pilot episode.

In the episode Something Ricked This Way ComesRick had a store and soon got bored of it, so he doused it with gasoline and lit it on fire while people were still in it. Prior to the start of the series, Rick was part of an organization that attempted to overthrow and destroy the Galactic Federation, along with his old comrades Squanchy and Birdperson.

Relationships Morty Rick trying to comfort Morty after a run-in with Mr. He hesitates to outwardly show any love or appreciation however, making sure Morty doesn't get cocky. He then becomes very drunk and threatens the real Morty with a knife, demanding to know whether or not he is another simulation before passing out.

Morty is possibly the stabilizing influence in Ricks life that keep Rick from doing things that could end up doing a lot of harm though this does not work on many occasions. When Rick messes up, Morty is the one who convinces him to fix things.

Rick and Morty burying their dead alternate selves. Though Morty often frustrates him, Rick seems to get very upset at the idea of not being able to have adventures with Morty.

He repeatedly attempts to help Morty escape from his other obligations to free up more time, in order to have him continue to be his assistant, such as pulling him out of school, manipulating Mr. Goldenfold 's dreams to give Morty A-grades in math, allowing Morty to lead an adventure of his own, and creating a serum of vole oxytocin to force Jessica into loving Morty, just so Morty would hand him a screwdriver.

Rick and Morty fist-bumping. Rick's and all Ricks in other realities reason for bringing Morty along with him is that all Ricks give off a very distinct brainwave pattern due to their genius, making them easy to track by their various enemies.

The only way to camouflage the brainwave is to stand near someone with "complementary" brainwaves, which Rick calls "Morty Waves". Despite this, Rick seems to do things with Morty for reasons beyond needing camouflage, such as watching TV with him in " Rixty Minutes ", taking him to an alien pawn shop in " Raising Gazorpazorp ", and infiltrating Mr. Goldenfold's dreams in " Lawnmower Dog ". It can also be pointed out that Rick can be spiteful to those that have genuinely upset Morty, such as in " Meeseeks and Destroy " when King Jellybean assaulted Morty, which not only caused Rick to attempt to cheer Morty up but also murder King Jellybean once he figured out what happened.

Rick believes that Morty is "as dumb as he Rick is smart", but still insists that Morty focus on science in " Rick Potion No. He claims that Morty will "be like him Rick someday", and that he has a "special mind". He also takes offense when Jerry insinuates that Morty has some kind of disability. Summer Rick and Summer training to take revenge on Mr. Needful Rick initially cared very little for and paid scarce attention to his granddaughter, saying her opinion meant "very little" to him.

As time went on, however, the two began to bond and go on their own adventures, making her, in a sense, Rick's second sidekick. Rick is also disgusted by the sight of a dream version of Summer dressed in sexual clothing in " Lawnmower Dog ", and having her ask Rick and Morty to "make an inter-generational sandwich" makes him want to vomit. Beth Rick praising Beth's cooking. It appears that Rick loves his daughter, and for the most part is kind to her.

Jerry claims that Beth was "raised like a reptile by a mentally ill scientist" in " Raising Gazorpazorp ", suggesting that Rick's method of raising Beth was unorthodox.

Rick also treats Beth with more respect than he does the rest of the family. He often will curse at the other members or mock them but he is never seen doing this to Beth. He also has called her "Sweetie" a few times. While the exact details have yet to be revealed, it can be assumed that Rick was absent from a majority of Beth's life due to his adventures and terrorist acts against the Galactic Federations, most notably with Birdperson and Squanchy.

Once this is pointed out, it becomes a recurring theme throughout the commentary. In early drafts, the classroom scene in this episode was supposed to devolve into an orgy that involved Morty, Jessica, Mr. Goldenfold and other students.

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The creators seem fascinated by what transpired between Jerry and simulated Beth between the moment he begins kissing her and the next time we see them, in bed. The would like to see the story of how Jerry got Beth up stairs to bed in one of the Rick and Morty comic books. There was a big debate about the size of the Meeseeks.

Tom Kenney Spongebob voices Mr. Originally the end of this episode felt more like a season finale, but they had also considered doing it second. The creators have an affinity for the dynamic between Summer and Rick. Much to the surprise of the creators, much of this episode went over smoothly with Standards and Practices. Even the design of the sex robot was fine, except for the design of the mouth. This later resulted in Marc Jacobs International tweeting an image of Summer.

Perhaps it comes from an alternate universe. Because in a later episode she needs a ride to work. Where did her pink spaceship go? Roiland and a bottle of Hennessy were responsible for the bulk of it, though. Dan Harmon does the voice of the SNL announcer. Is that what you all want to hear? But it also undermines your futility.

If the universe has no center, then everywhere is the center. The basis for this episode is around the archetype of an old man with a shop selling creepy wares, a la Friday the 13th The Series, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Needful Things, etc. The original pitch for the show included a hard rule about the B-stories about the family always being rooted and domestic.

This is the first episode in which Harmon and Roiland were comfortable enough with the show and characters to throw that out the window.