Joe cheng and ariel lin relationship trust

Top Asian Drama: Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Interview after the series They Kiss Again

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship trust

Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Interview after the series They Kiss Again She is giving her whole % to her marriage and love. In order to be I really want to act well in it and I trust Xiao Zhong very much. But when I was. Much as I think Ariel Lin is never going to end up in real life with another actor with the loss in trust marking the end of an already rocky relationship. Ariel I hope she should just hook up with Joe Cheng (i kno am being too. Joe Cheng was spotted acting intimately with a male friend, leading to According to the source, Ding Yi is already married and has a child. Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng Reminsce "It Started with a Kiss" 10th .. (35); Only a Monthly Allowance: Michelle Reis' Late Father-In-Law Puts All Money in Trust Fund(25).

He additionally featured in a few phase play which as indicated by Joe he especially delighted in doing. He could work on a phase play for Design for Living with a few renowned performers advertisement on-screen characters including David Wang Sylvia Chang.

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship trust

Joe Chang and Ariel Lin Relationship. Yes, Ariel was his girlfriend once.

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship trust

Joe Chang and Ariel Lin Where in a Relationship The two have been supposed to be on and off screen sweethearts which every one of their fans is truly glad about. Ariel is presently hitched to Taiwanese agent Charles Lin. Any chances we get to see with his wife soon? In numerous online web journals and destinations that contains a few meeting points of interest with Joe and Ariel, they two beforehand conceded they thought of each as other a perfect accomplice.

He is flabbergasted by how genuine Ariel is with regards to the contents and the part doled out to her which unquestionably rises above in all her arrangement and films. As a young fellow, he is much the same as a few of us, completely entranced with the possibility of cheerfully ever after with his princess.

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship trust

In any case, as he developed into a grown-up and got occupied with his displaying, singing and acting ventures, the underlying thought was briefly rejected.

If in the second part, Xiang Qin still continues to pursue the love of her life and still failed while Zhi Shu continues to be the most popular students in school then it will be meaningless to film the second part at all, because the characters' personalities didn't have any changes.

In order to be well-matched with her Lao Gong husbandshe wants to become a nurse, this type of cute personality is really hard to get. Full concentration on intimate scenes Reporter: Did you find it awkward, when both of you have to film intimate scenes between a couple? Didn't think too much about it during the actual filming, because this is work. I really want to act well in it and I trust Xiao Zhong very much.

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But when I was watching the series at home, I shouted when I saw those scenes, it was really intimate, my face was burning hot and if I have to film those one more time, I may not be able to accept it. We really turned into our characters during the filming, sometimes I heard that when people wanted to film the kissing scene, they will discuss it with the opposition first, mentioning about the place that will be kissed and so on; but Yi Chen and I didn't do any of these rehearsal.

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We just concentrate fully into our characters. If everything is already firmly set, it will look less professional and not realistic enough and the most grateful of all will be the trust that Yi Chen had in me.

Let the viewers to think about the ending Reporter: On the internet, there are a lot of [They Kiss Again] viewers who were full of concern because the story goes on about how both of them are hoping to have a child of their own and it turns out that Xiang Qin's night blindness is getting more and more critical and afraid of passing on the disease to their next generation.

The ending didn't mention whether the both of them will be expecting their child or not, instead it was showing the arrogant Zhi Shu doing a gesture that represent his love.

And that will be helping Xiang Qin to wipe away the manure that she has stepped on. Happiness ] So I am the reporter eager to ask the both of you, are you content with the ending?

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship trust

Is it a way to leave a path for the future part 3? We already knew that this might not be the perfect ending in the hearts of the viewers. Everyone wants to see Zhi Shu, Xiang Qin and their next generation lives happily ever after; but isn't it much better to leave a deep impression in everyone with this ending? Leave it to the viewers to imagine the ending!

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It can continue to be a beautiful ending or it can be a sorrow ending but to Xiang Qin, having the arrogant Zhi Shu who are willing to wipe the manure off her shoes, that's already the her biggest happiness of all. Not filming Part 3 for the time being The main reason will be because the author of the manga passed away due to sickness when she was writing the ending. Everyone had discussed about whether they should continue on with the story?

joe cheng and ariel lin relationship trust

But to respect the author and trying to follow closely to the original plot of the story, so for the time being it will be impossible to have Part 3. Maybe after 10 years we will remake [It Started With A Kiss] again, I will reprise the high school student role and Yi Chen will become the cute and silly Xiang Qin and see whether we could used our acting skills to make up for our age?

That time we may have to act as the parents instead!