Jody and yvette relationship counseling

jody and yvette relationship counseling

Find Marriage Counseling Therapists, Psychologists and Marriage Counseling in Albany, Gentry County, Missouri, get help for Marriage Counseling in Albany. Yvette Hamilton-Hawkins, Licensed Professional Counselor. Yvette Hamilton- Hawkins. Licensed Professional . Jody Fixman Hansen, Counselor. Jody Fixman. For a long time, Jody and Yvette's relationship in the movie “Baby Boy” . Ugly and tagged advice, african american relationships, Baby Boy. Still, there's a distinct irony to Jody and Yvette's messy union being exalted as “ relationship goals” by fans of this cult classic considering how.

They yelled and screamed, broke up and got back together, not to mention all the infidelity. With all of those things as factors, I found myself drawn to Jody and Yvette—and consequently, though not intentionally, the many messages about Love in that movie. I had no idea back then that the course of my relationship with Mr. Jody, Yvette, and young Jo-Jo relax on the couch. The character Jody had two different types of women in his life—his main course and his side dishes.

And Yvette mostly accepted this. He fixed her car, helped her pay bills, and picked her up everyday from work. The other girls got nothing more than a wet back. So I learned to distinguish between girls that play wifey and girls that play side dish. He ignores her initially but the insults get worse and worse. Or more accurately, the sex IS the resolution.

It ends the argument and both parties are more than satisfied. Jody never acknowledges his cheating, his lying, his selfishness, or his arrogance. And Yvette just saves the arguing for another day.

Baby Boy Kind of Love | The Misadventures of Ms. Not-Right-Now

When she starts to feel frustrated again, they simply repeat the process. Argue, have make-up sex, cook tacos. The stress-relieving properties of sex prove this can actually work for a while. This method has worked so well for Jody, in fact, after he hits Yvette his apology consists of an oral sex session. A frustrated Yvette eventually leaves Jody. Jody hitting her served as the last straw.

jody and yvette relationship counseling

Tyrese said that the process of making Baby Boy was draining. I keep my energy up. If Singleton had his way, Ice Cube would have been in every last one of his movies.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making of “Baby Boy” | MadameNoire

But thankfully Snoop held his own. J Johnson get the role? When John Singleton and the crew were casting for this film, A. Johnson was in a wheelchair with two broken feet. So needless to say, she was focused on getting well, not going on auditions.

jody and yvette relationship counseling

He explained that they were looking for a mother who was physically young but still authoritative. Johnson came in and read and got the part.

Baby Boy Kind of Love

But that was only half the battle. She also had to portray a romantic relationship with Ving Rhames. Johnson said initially she was intimidated by both his physical size and his acting experience. But eventually the two sat down and worked out how they wanted to present the characters.

jody and yvette relationship counseling

They agreed they wanted to showcase black love in a way it had never been seen before. See how Johnson prepared for the role, which was completely unlike her, in the video below. Were Tyrese and Taraji together for real? The chemistry between Jody and Yvette had quite a few people wondering whether Taraji and Tyrese ever had a thang going on. Both have denied the rumors, several times. Taraji told Vibe Vixen that Tyrese is more like family.

That would just seem really weird for the two of us to suddenly get together. We dated for a couple of years.