Jinkx monsoon and ivy winters relationship

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jinkx monsoon and ivy winters relationship

RuPaul's Drag Race's new queen Jinkx Monsoon and fellow contestant Ivy Winters recently transformed into Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn for. CelebMix had crossed paths with Jinkx Monsoon – the Drag Queen Superstar now, or has your relationship with Roxxxy, Alaska and Detox changed? On Drag Race you mentioned your little crush on Ivy Winters; after the. Ivy Winters is the drag name of Dustin Winters, a contestant on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. She placed 7th overall, Jinkx Monsoon · Manila Luzon.

Ivy Winters: Drag Race

But I told them that I [had] worked as a clown for eight and a half years and I put on makeup and a costume to entertain people. And they completely got it. They came to a show of mine and they loved it.

They completely support me now. Some of the queens on the show opened up about how getting involved with drag, or even just coming out as gay, had created a rift with their families. I came out really young, freshman year of high school. And I was super nervous. I told my mom and it was super late.

I had a juggling club in my hand as a comfort blanket. Which is strange [laughs]. But I told her, and she cried. She was upset by the thought of how hard it was going to be for me to go through high school and through life, period, with ridicule and people making fun and not accepting me for me.

A Chat With Jinkx Monsoon

After that talk, they supported me percent. My sister came out a year later, and my older brother a year after that. So both my siblings are gay and we have a very supportive family. Since I first told them and they saw my first show, they understood why I liked to do it.

She loves Drag Race and loved watching me on [it]. The recent mom-written open letter on Huffington Post about drag queens being better role models than Disney princesses made me so happy. Have you read it? So yeah, I can see why kids would look up to drag queens.

A lot of my fans are 12 or year-old girls or boys.

jinkx monsoon and ivy winters relationship

Then it skips a bunch, and then a lot of middle-aged women [laughs]. Yeah, Fusion set up a play date between Manila Luzon and year-old, Joselyn, after the letter was published and it was so cute! Manila and I go way back. Is it intimidating to know that more and more young people are now looking up to you as a role model?

I think of it as a blessing because I like to do drag to inspire people, no matter what their age. It gets stressful at times, to have all eyes on you, and you really have to watch what you put on the Internet. So I have to ask: Well, my first time watching it was live on TV. I had no idea being there that he thought that.

Bianca Del Rio's Really Queen? - Jinkx Monsoon

He never acted that way when we were filming. I just talked to him a week ago! And you can start having feelings for someone. Were these terms common in the drag community before Drag Race, or did RuPaul popularize them?

It depends on some of the terms. Michelle [Visage] hates that! Why does it have to be fish?

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You look like a real girl! Can you tell me more about this? Ever since I was little, I was in love with stop motion animation or Claymation. I loved anything Tim Burton and I would always work on these little play sculptures and puppets and make these short little films. She was an anacronism herself.

We didn't fully realize how wonderful she was until she passed away, when she became the style icon that she is today. She's an American enigma. I relate to a woman who didn't really get her moment in her own time, and I've been lucky enough to have my own moment to shine because of her. Were you shocked that so few of the other contestants knew about her?

jinkx monsoon and ivy winters relationship

I was for a moment. I think she's someone everyone should know. She's up there with Judy Garland, Cher, and Madonna as far as gay icons go.

Another highlight was your mind-blowing lipsynch to Yma Sumac's 'Malambo 1'. Do you feel that maybe the producers of the show made you a favor by choosing this song? I had never heard that song before, and we only get about a day's warning when they tell us which song we have to practice. If you look at the Top 4, this song would have been perfect for all of us.

Detox and I have very different styles, but she's hilarious, and she knows what she's doing when it comes to lipsynch. The same goes for Alaska. And I'm sure that you could give Roxxy anything and she would perform it out.

So that song could have sent anyone home.

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I wouldn't have done as well if I had to do Rihanna. Even though there were fights and crazy moments, I have a wonderful relationship with all the contestants. I'm the closest with Ivy and Alaska, we talk on the phone all the time.

Roxxy and I grew very close too. Sometimes fighting will bring people closer than they ever could have been if they had been nice to each other the whole time. Did your crush on fellow contestant Ivy Winters materialize into anything more serious?

I knew that I had had that conversation with Alaska about liking Ivyand I had no idea that it was going to air. I was actually terrified because it was such a situational thing. It's not something I held on to after we finished filming. I texted Ivy before the episode aired and I said 'You were so great with me, I think I may even have had a crush on you at one point' and she just replied 'Oh really? Oh, you know, whatever! He and I get along great, so there's no hard feelings about any of that.

Since we're on the subject, do you have a boyfriend? I refer to myself as 'chronically single'! I'm focusing on my drag career right now, and I want to give this opportunity my full attention. It wouldn't be fair to anyone who would want to date me right now. They would have to put up with never seeing me, and when they do, always seeing me dressed like a year-old woman. I'm just going to wait until it happens naturally.

jinkx monsoon and ivy winters relationship

And now for the Miss America question: What do you hope to stand for as America's Next Drag Superstar?