Jag harm and mac relationship tips

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jag harm and mac relationship tips

Episode guide, photos, cast and crew information, and more. This is a pictorial journal of Harm and Mac's relationship as it's progressed through the seasons. I learned alot from watching the relationship of Mac and japancarnews.info and . been happy leaving his career and in many ways, his ego behind. The Navy lawyers for the Judge Advocate General (JAG), Lt. Rabb and Lt. .. an abrasive civilian investigator, buys Harm's claim that his relationship was strictly platonic. Harm and Mac investigate a female fighter pilot's charge of sexual.

The dynamic duo of the JAG Corps. Plus with all the tension of working so closely together, it would make a helluva good drama.

JAG was certainly promising. Unfortunately, good things do come to an end. Mac did approach Harm on confronting their feelings as early as in Season 4's "Silent Service" when she mentioned there might be 'some deeper issues'.

She wanted to talk about it but Harm merely brushes her off saying 'This is not a marriage. Again in Season 5, Mac tries to make Harm connect the dots. On a ship sailing the Sydney Harbour. I think TPTB gave the shippers an answer. It seems eternity is how long they have to wait. Thus from there began the decline and the breaking up of the partnership. There was Mic Brumby who apparently pulled all stops to get Lt.

Col Sarah Mackenzie's love and Renee Peterson who saw something in the charming grin of the handsome flyboy. Thank god it all ended.

No Mic and no Renee.

JAG clip: "I love you, Mac"

Mic realized that he is Mac's second choice, packs his bags and returns to Australia. Renee left Harm too. Who wouldn't, seeing how commitment-phobe Harm is? But most of all, I like to thank the writers for redeeming Mac He and Joe went through the checklist one last time before landing.

When they were fifteen miles out, Harm contacted the tower for instructions. The instructions were pretty routine: When they were twelve miles out and Harm had the runway in sight, he disengaged the autopilot and took control of the plane.

Bring the flaps back to the neutral position. I'll work the throttles until we touch down and then hit the retarders. You engage the speed brakes as soon as you feel the wheels hit the ground, and then help me with the brakes, okay? At the threshold Joe called out, "20 feet, 15 feet, 10 feet" while Harm began to pull back on the yoke, and the plane touched down hard.

Harm kept the nose up as long as he could to create as much aerodynamic braking as possible while he retarded the three engines. Joe had the speed brakes deployed immediately, and they both leaned on the brakes. They landed 15 knots faster than recommended along with being heavier than they should have been because of the extra fuel; it was going to be difficult to stop.

They had to get off the brakes a little or they might catch on fire. So they started pumping the brakes, but that just used up more of the available runway. Finally, they just stood on the brakes because there was a ravine at the end of the runway. They went passed the end of the runway and into the overrun area. There was only ' of concrete left before they hit the grass. And then they were in the grass, and there was another ' before they got to the edge of the ravine.

Luckily, the high grass and soft earth slowed the huge to a halt about ' short of the ravine. Harm and Joe looked at each other, and they both cracked a little smile. They had safely landed at Tel Aviv. Harm and Joe began shutting down the engines while the stewardesses opened the cabin doors. The Thai station chief came aboard first and checked on the sick pilots. Next medical personnel came in with stretchers and loaded the three pilots for the trip to the hospital.

Then a Thai Airways pilot came into the cockpit and congratulated Harm and Joe on the great job they had done. Harm got out of his seat and let the Thai pilot take over.

A fire truck came and kept an eye on the tires and especially the brakes. Then a tug came and pulled the back onto the concrete overrun, then to the taxiway, and finally to the gate. Rabb, I know you want a scotch. What do you want, Mr. They weather was good, the flight was smooth, and the plane arrived right on time. Mac had managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep, and so she felt good. She could hardly wait to see Harm.

She had dreamt of him while she napped on the plane. She knew they would finally work things out between them. She got up from her seat and grabbed her carry-on bag and followed the rest of the passengers off the plane. When see got to the gate area, she looked for Harm. There weren't many people there except for the ones deplaning. She walked around and around looking for Harm, but he was not there. She waited until everyone from her flight had gone and then she went to find the Thai Airways gate.

The Thai gate was just three gates down the concourse. When she got there, she went up to the gate agent and asked, "Did the flight from Bangkok arrive? I believe my husband is on that flight. The two gate agents started conversing in Thai for what seemed like an eternity. This frustrated Mac to no end. Then she said, "Mrs. Rabb, thanks to your husband everyone is safe. The plane lost an engine; all three pilots were stricken with a debilitating illness.

Your husband and another passenger landed the plane in Tel Aviv. Another crew is flying another plane with all the passengers to Rome as we speak. They should be arriving around L. Is there anything I can get you? If you want anything, just ask. When he lands we will bring him to you, okay? Harm was her hero. She wasn't surprised that he had saved the day. He had done it many times.

Pretty darn good for a part-time pilot! But what impressed her most was the way the Thai people addressed her as Mrs. She liked the way that sounded. She hoped — no prayed — that this bit part she was about to play would lead to a lifetime role.

She sat back and tried to relax, but to no avail. Her thoughts were on Harm and how he would react when he saw her. Mac was more in love with Harm than she ever thought possible. She prayed that Harm still loved her.

How could I have treated him so badly in Paraguay? What the hell was I thinking? The clock seemed to just crawl by.

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One of the agents came to Mac and announced, "The plane should be arriving in about thirty minutes, Mrs. I'll bring your husband to you just as soon as he deplanes. If you give me your baggage tag, we will bring your luggage to you. Is there anything else I can do for you? You have been very helpful already. She didn't read much of it, but she was impressed with the beautiful pictures.

Pictures of Bangkok and the countryside were so colorful. And the women, they were so beautiful. She had remembered hearing some of the older officers talk about how Thai women that they were the most beautiful women in the Orient.

She wondered, "Was Harm there long enough to find one? After all, I had hurt him. I guess I couldn't blame him. Damm it, quit thinking like that.

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Rabb, the plane is at the gate, and your husband should be here in a few minutes. The anticipation was almost unbearable. She paced back and forth trying to think what to say when she saw Harm. As much as she had tried to rehearse what she would say, her mind was clouded and confused.

She heard the door open. She turned around and saw him and he saw her. She ran to him and threw her arms around him. Harm, I love you. But he was happy. Then Harm loosened his hold on her and put his finger under her chin.

He tilted her head back and then brought his lips to meet hers. His tongue traced her lips and they parted willingly. That kiss had so much emotion and passion that words weren't necessary. When they finally broke, they just looked into each other's eyes. She said in a soft voice, "Harm, I need to sit down; my legs feel like rubber. He settled down next to her. Their eyes fixed only on each other. Finally, Harm spoke, "Mac, I got your message the other day.

I can' t begin to tell you how much those few words meant to me. But seeing you now and hearing you say them has overwhelmed me. I have been such a bitch. Mac's eyes were glassy as she fought back tears of happiness. He noticed the wedding and engagement rings on her finger. These were part of the costume for the part she and he were going to play. With his left hand holding her left hand, he reached into his pocket and retrieved the padded pouch. Mac could see and feel his hand tremble slightly.

Her flyboy hero, the hotshot fighter pilot and skilled attorney, was visibly nervous. She removed the rings that the CIA had provided her, and Harm placed the rings on her finger. They shared another passionate kiss, still unaware of their surroundings. After a moment of just gazing in to each other's eyes, they got up from the couch and went to get a cup of coffee. He expected us an hour ago. I guess my mind was on other things. He told him what had happened and that they would be there in about an hour.

Morganti told them to take their time. They agreed to meet at L. The Thai Airways people were very appreciative of Harm's heroics. They insisted that Harm and Sarah be their guest at the Hotel Imperiale. They arranged for transportation to the hotel after they cleared customs. The Thai Airways station chief also presented Harm with a voucher for two round trip tickets from anywhere to Bangkok and fifteen days worth of hotel vouchers in Thailand.

He thought, "Thailand would be a nice place for their honeymoon. They checked in as Mr. They smiled at each other as Harm signed the register. The clerk saw the expressions on their faces. They were like so many other couples who had come to Rome for their honeymoon. They entered their room on the fifth floor. It had a wonderful view of the piazza below. It was a deluxe room with Queen size bed and a large bathroom, which had a full-sized tub. Harm tipped the porter as he closed the door.

Harm walked over to Mac as she was looking out the window. She had an almost surreal glow about her from the sunlight that was streaming into the room. He came up behind her and put his arms around her. He began to kiss the side of her neck with small sweet kisses, which elicited a sigh from Mac.

His hand gently caressed her breast, which brought forth a low-pitched groan from her. His hands tingled with excitement. She turned and lifted her lips to meet his. Their kiss was deep and passionate as their tongues darted in and around each other's mouth.

It was as if all the years of frustration and denial could be swallowed in their kiss. Then they finally broke for air. Harm in a labored voice said, "I love you, Sarah, more than life itself. This feels like it must be a dream, Harm. Tell me I'm not dreaming.

jag harm and mac relationship tips

I want us to have the time to savor it. We have waited all these years. What's a few more hours? Let's go get something to eat and walk to the embassy. They walked down the street toward the embassy and stopped at the ristorante next to the hotel for lunch. Mac ordered lasagna and Harm ordered fettuccini primavera.

They each had a latte after lunch as they held hands and looked at each other with starry eyes. They reminisced about many of the good times they had shared. The Sudanese Reception that almost went bad and their time in Russia. But most of all they talked about the night at her engagement party.

They each wondered how it took three years for them to get this point after that night. The night they had each expressed their love for one another. It seemed as if there was some hurtle always getting in the way.

jag harm and mac relationship tips

I wanted to tell you to just let him go that I wanted you and that I loved you. Those sad eyes of yours were trying to tell me not to go. I wish I would have stayed. I was being pulled in two directions, and I made the wrong choice. If Renee's father hadn't died, we would have been together.

I was prepared to tell you I loved you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. The timing was awful. I told you we would talk when you got back from the funeral, and then I took off before you got back.